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Power line QRN from the nearby grid towers is now suspended after a 
2 day rain. It seems that the  insulators have been totally cleaned from 
the dirt. Below you will find logs from 24 ( the first day QRN stopped) 
and later

??  4855 in LSB 1530-32*  music and talks in RR  (Liangas  21 
Thessaloniki Greece) , possibly an amateur relay

[SUDAN]15575 SRS 1530 :a song  You are listening to SRS , listen to 
Sudan with ... Elizabeth ... Eribil Sudan Twatsabeta Sudan .. in 
Cukudum, Refs to  education. Again short prog description with ID 
Elizabeth  etc,  Strong signal S20-30  Nothing on 11665 (Liangas  24 
Thessaloniki Greece)

BRAZIL 4885  Bata on 0625 still audible!  songs S2 (Liangas  27 
Thessaloniki Greece)

BRAZIL 4985 RNB 0625  also still audible 0626  ,old songs S3(Liangas  
27 Thessaloniki Greece)

CHINA 4500 Xinjiang PBS Urumqi  as early as  1451  with nice lively 
organic music. ID at 1452 talks by OM in Mongolian , reading a text. at 
1456, advert at 1457,with music background of 'yesterday   ' till ToH  
with tones. YL with news. short QRM on 1500 from a  Russian 
amateur? with  numbers  S8 35423 (Liangas  24 Thessaloniki Greece)

CHINA 6950 CNR 1 Xijiangzhuang 2146 //4800 with  reports and news 
. QRM from 6948 ARQ-E signal. max S3, 23332 (Liangas  24 
Thessaloniki Greece)

cland 1200 WADR 09??,  a political commentary  followed by Spanish 
like  song  about orthodoxy ID  WADR  transmitting from Dakar  on 
12000 and 17860 ,  a  speech of Mr Mashari Said with mentions abot 
national anthem  S9 43444 (Liangas  26 Thessaloniki Greece)

Cland 5890  Shiokaze 1426  with music followed by talks in Korean 
over it  from man after 1430. Buzzing  audio , QRM from both sides 
22232 max S7 (Liangas  25 Thessaloniki Greece)

CUBA 5025 Rebelde 0627 , lively songs , IS clip and songs continue  
34343 S7 max . Best LA signal  for the time (Liangas  27 Thessaloniki 

IN'SIA  4925 RRI Jambi 2207 with news in IND . 2211 a  hymn , ID by 
YL  then quranic verses at 2230  with analysis of Quran 2239 acapella  
quranic chants  together  with explanations S3 22232 (Liangas  24 
Thessaloniki Greece)

LATVIA  9290 EMR - Radio 6,  0906  mailbag , reception reports from  
Portugal- for first time-  , Sweden . China! followed with country song 
Phone in with Greg a musician .man gave address  POB 600  in 
Scotland Signal 45544
On 27, with RWI prg with songs on  0833 signal is S9+10,  45534. 
(Liangas  26 Thessaloniki Greece)

LIBERIA  5470 R Veritas , 2202  , man with national news  S7 34223 
(Liangas  26 Thessaloniki Greece)

LIBERIA 4760 ELWA 2143 plays of old songs , self adverts with adress 
in NIgeria or Liberia ,( not heard clearly) on 2225 24322 S5 (Liangas  
24 Thessaloniki Greece)

MALAYSIA 15295  VoM 1045 Chinese song , woman over a Malay 
ballad  with talks in Chinese , several mentions of Malaysia , 1053 old 
Malay song joget style . S7 max , 32433 even on LSB mode (Liangas  
26 Thessaloniki Greece)

N KOREA  6250 Pyongyang Pangsong  2120  with operas //6398,8 till 
2130 . Afterwards with YL with news Fair signal for both  though 6250 is 
QRMed  in the upper band from a FSK  signal  (Liangas  24 
Thessaloniki Greece)

OB transmissions: 7780  WYFR English and 6855 again WYFR in 
Spanish (Liangas  25 Thessaloniki Greece)

PERU 4955  R cultural Amauta (?)Huanta 2217  local type stringed 
music , illegible talks by YL  followed by another stringed melody and 
again talks by same YL . Lang seems not Spanish At 2145 language is 
clearly Spanish  followed by harpsichord  type play(a song). 24222 
(Liangas  24 Thessaloniki Greece)

S'PORE 6000 City sounds 1437 , talks by YL/OM songs adverts, phone 
ins  . S7 , Best using AM-N 33333 (Liangas  24 Thessaloniki Greece)

USA 7520 WHRI  0925  religious talks, with a child. Another show on 
0928 show  with Chris, short song interval YL talking addresses etc  
with phone number: 0157429101010 Indiana 0947 with chant  at,  max 
S1 , 14332 (Liangas  27 Thessaloniki Greece)

XIZANG 5240 Xizang PBS 2136 with Tibetan pop songs played with 
electric piano Songs interrupted by short descriptions by YL . S8 43433  
QRM S5 carrier on 5243.4 (Liangas  24 Thessaloniki Greece)

NEW WEB PAGES on my site 
-Pieria-TV.html : my TV channel in Katerini 
-ths-trans.html Transmission sites  in Thessaloniki 
-TVRO.html: Important  TVRO instrallations ( big file+pics) 
-DE1103.html  etc  1102 /PL200 /1103 comparative results 
-Bolong.html  a test o old Bolong radio
-Thesfm.htm Update on Fm on thessaloniki 
-De808A.html , my new MP3 player 
-mp3_comp2.htm   new comparison of MP3/WMA codecs 

Please do not send mesages above 400 kB 
Zacharias Liangas , Thessaloniki Greece 
greekdx @ otenet dot gr  ---  www.geocities.com/zliangas 
Pesawat penerima: ICOM R75 , Lowe HF150 , Degen 1102,1103,108,
Tecsun PL200/550, Chibo c300/c979, Yupi 7000 
Antenna: 16m hor, 2x16 m V invert, 1m australian loop 

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