[HCDX] BBC Radio announces two appointments
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[HCDX] BBC Radio announces two appointments

BBC Radio announces two appointments   
 Indiantelevision.com Team   
 (21 December 2005 6:00 pm)  
  MUMBAI: BBC Radio and Music Interactive controller
Simon Nelson has made two new appointments to his
senior management team: 

Radio Interactive head Chris Kimber becomes Radio and
Music Interactive managing editor. Kimber's new role
will involve management of interactive output on music
radio networks ? Radios 1, 2 and 3 and digital
networks 1Xtra and 6 Music ? as well as the Music
Interactive team, the /music website and Music
Learning projects such as One Music. 

Ayesha Mohideen, a senior business manager, has been
appointed as the head of Speech Radio Interactive.
Mohideen will take charge of all activity for BBC
speech radio genres, including management of the
interactive teams in Radio 4, BBC 7, Asian Network,
Radio Five Live and Five Live Sports Extra. 

Both will start in their new roles in the New Year and
will continue to report to Nelson. 

Radio & Music Interactive manages BBC Radio output on
DAB digital radio, digital television ? Freeview,
cable and satellite - mobile devices and online ?
including the BBC Radio Player, downloading and
Via www.indiantelevision.com/ 

Regards & 73?s
Mukesh Kumar

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