[HCDX] Pan-American DX logs for the evening of DEC 22 UTC
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[HCDX] Pan-American DX logs for the evening of DEC 22 UTC

Report from:
Bogdan Alexandru Chiochiu
4190 Edward Higgins
H8Y 3M9
Pierrefonds (Montreal's West Island), QuebeC, Canada
(514) 685-0714
Sanyo MCD-S830 w/ ferrite bar antenna

530 TURKS AND CAICOS,   Radio Visión Cristiana Internacional, South Caicos
DEC 22 0151 - Spanish religion with good reception. (Chiochiu-QC)

555 ST KITTS,   ZIZ, Basseterre DEC 22 0153 - great soca tune; fair with
some CHLN-550 splash. (Chiochiu-QC)

570 CUBA,   CMDC, Radio Reloj, Pilón DEC 22 0155 - Morse Code IDs, buried by
short-skyp WSYR. (Chiochiu-QC)

600 CUBA,   CMKV, Radio Rebelde, Urbano Norris DEC 22 0156 - Baseball game
in apparent Cuban dialect, // 670 and 1180. Good on top. (Chiochiu-QC)

670 CUBA,   CMBA, Radio Rebelde, Arroyo Arrenas DEC 22 0156 - Baseball //
600. Briefly poor-fair with some splash due to the ionospheric fading of the
signal, but very loud at 0203 re-check ! (Chiochiu-QC)

890 CUBA,   CMDZ, Radio Progreso, Chambas DEC 22 0126 - End of a show (the
Nocturno AC one if my memeory serves me well), followed by nx - one of the
items mentioned Cuba as the most schooled country in America (false
communist propaganda since Canada is beyond), then Ritmos with great Cuban
jazz and cha-cha-cha (taped some of the music). Good peaks, fadings, some
splash and overspills from WCBS-880 at times. They where more pleasant to
listen to when they came semi-regularly on 640 when WNNZ, YVQO, Guadeloupe
and residual Mojo Radio faded down. My radio isn't too much of a DX receiver
in the 800s and 900s. (Chiochiu-QC)

1180 CUBA,   CMBA, Radio Rebelde, Villa Maria DEC 22 0158 - Baseball in
Cuban dialect, // 670 and 600. Good to very good ! Topped residual WHAM for
about two minutes beetwen 0157 and 0159; my best reception of Rebelde-1180
this season yet ! (Chiochiu-QC)

I see from the Patrice Privat message on the MWDX Yahoo ! Group, that TA
conditions aren't too bad from his WEGP-1390 reception near Paris. Yet, I
couldn't get Spain-585 last night, but Latin America wasn't extremely poor
like a few days ago. CKEC-1320 was also absent and instead heard a VT

At least, Radio Progreso 890 was good at times; they have some excellent
music programs, Ritmos is one of them. They really had some hot Cuban jazz.
Too bad the total lack of Auroral activity prevent me from hearing them on
640 where my radio is having excellent gain !

South American signals were almost inexistent. The "almost" word refer to a
very weak YVKS-750 signal barely noticeable under a good WSB I didn't even
bother to include in this report. Nothing usable from Coro-780 which is
sometimes stronger than YVKS-750 either. On the other hand, I had music at a
somewhat fair level under WWVA, but too much QRM to stay with it. It may
have been the Cartagena Caracol Colombian or something else.

A question I asked on the MWDX chatroom around a week ago that nobody could
answer is what is the earliest fade-in ever noticed for Latin Americans,
particularly north-eastern Venezuela and Isla Margarita's stations. Are they
audible in December, occasionally, before 5 PM ?

I got this November ZIZ-555 at 5:14 PM EST (2214 UTC), so at least foreign
stations from the south are possible before 5:30 PM. Beetwen 5:30 and 6:00
PM EST (2230 to 2300 UTC), I got on a few occasions Venezuela on 640, 750
and 910 (YVRQ in the car-radio around 2245 last season when I did very
little DXing), as well as Cuba, Grenada-535 the same late afternoon-early
evening as ZIZ-555, but what's about the 2100-2200 UTC time slot ? I know
European DXers received TA carrers from Venezuela and Brazil around 2100 UTC
? Did they received audio from the likes of Vibración-1470 before 2200 UTC ?
This is a question that is really playing with my curiosity.

I had my last exam today, on mathematics. Otherwise, I'll have a pretty
buzzy holiday: meetings with a new girlfriend, my third trip ever to New
York and the first one I feel really well, DXing and a probable installation
of a TV-FM Yagi. I hope to be able to log Bahamas, Bermuda or Cuba on it
which aren't impossible on single-hop Sporadic-E propagation from Montreal !
I know someone on the RadioActu site who, despite local adjacent CBF-95.1,
got Bermuda on 94.9 during the 2004 summer, via sporadic-E-skip, of course !

I'm also looking toward rejoining the NRC for making my reports available to
a wider amount of people. I wonder why Bruce Conti isn't publishing IDXD
over the Internet anymore like ex. editor Jim Renfrew used to. I also wonder
if my Venezuelan article is worth to be published on Popular Communications.

I'm still a bit unfortunate to learn Bjorn Malm's death. He was such a great

Before I leave, I'd like to invite any of you, if interested in chassing
Latin American and / or Caribbean MW signals, to join LatinMWDX. For those
of you already there, I wonder if any of you found the music clips of
several styles in order to improove the Latin reception reports and expand
the musical knowledge. I haven't received any feedback related to this. If
it isn't a great idea, I may always delet them. We are using well over half
of the space allowed for our Yahoo! freeware group. I found them a bit
different from the Henrik Klemetz and Jay Novello web-site; for instance the
llanera/joropo and gaita styles aren't included on their site.

That's it for now,
Be the good DX stuff with you !

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