[HCDX] "Monday, Monday" Logs
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[HCDX] "Monday, Monday" Logs

Russia, 5960, Radiostantsiya Tikhy Okean, Vladivostok,
0947-1000 Noted man in Russian comments until
0953 when a woman talks briefly.  She is followed by a
Romantic Russian ballad.  Just one song, then
back to comments by a couple of men.  Just before the hour,
closing comments and then off, carrier
and all.  RTO was fair in strength.  (Chuck Bolland,
December 26, 2005)

Guyana, 3291.14 Voice of Guyana, 1010-1020  Noted a man in
English comments briefly.  When
finished, a woman takes over the microphone with comments
and music presented.  Signal was
fair.  (Chuck Bolland, December 26, 2005)

Australia, 2310, ABC, Alice Springs, 1017-1025   Noted music
at tune in. Man in English comments
between tunes.  Signal was fair.  (Chuck Bolland, December
26, 2005)

Bolivia, 4650.21,  Radio Santa Ana, 1027-1035  Noted a man
in Spanish comments at tune in and
he continues to talk.  At 1032 promos or ID presented.
Signal was just over the noise.  (Chuck Bolland,
December 26, 2005)

Peru, 4835.43, Radio Maranon, 1040-1050  Noted Huaynos music
with a man in Spanish comments
over music.  At 1045 canned promos.  Signal at noise level
this morning.  (Chuck Bolland, December
26, 2005)

Indonesia, 4874.50, RRI Sorong (pres), 1050-1100 Noted pop
music with a woman in Indonesian comments
between selections.  No break on the hour other than news
presented by same woman.  Signal
was poor to fair.  (Chuck Bolland, December 26, 2005)

Myanmar, 5040.40 Myanmar Broadcasting,  1110-1119  With just
a shadow of audio every once
in awhile, heard a person in comments.  Station's carrier
was good however.  (Chuck Bolland,
December 26, 2005)

Clewiston, Florida
NRD545, Dipole

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