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[HCDX] PX anouncement, Alfa Lima on 30 and 31 dec 15074

PX anouncement, Alfa Lima on 30 and 31 dec 15074 
trying to be on air whole day (maybe have to close down if we create interfierance in the area),
starts around 15.00 utc till 19.00?? also maybe we will be on early around 07.00 utc if the band is open on 15074,
email us at info@xxxxxxxxxxxx or hop to the webpage
http://www.alfalima.net where is also acces to the sw pirates chat room and an easy way to the most popular irc chats
Freqencie will be 15074 and maybe //  in the 48 mb again between 6200 and 6350 or 21860 all in AM
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