Re: [HCDX] [shortwaveworld] Dxing in Clewiston
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Re: [HCDX] [shortwaveworld] Dxing in Clewiston

Hi all

Correction on my 5940 Russian.  Correct that to 
Radio Liberty being relayed via
Lampertheim, Germany.

Sorry for the mix up


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  Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2008 11:59
  Subject: [shortwaveworld] Dxing in Clewiston

  Russia, 5940, Radio Rossii, 0425-0442, Noted a 
good signal here when
  the frequency was clear of any other stations, 
at least listening here in
  Clewiston. Noted a couple of males in Russian 
language comments
  during the period. Signal was fair to good. 
(Chuck Bolland, December 4,

  Bolivia, 6134.79, Radio Santa Cruz, 0958-1020, 
Initially noted a program
  of Bolivian music which continued through the 
hour mark. At about 1005,
  a series of promos and ID's heard, all of them 
canned; then at about 1010,
  back to music. Signal was good. (Chuck Bolland, 
December 4, 2008)

  Peru, 4826.46, Radio Sichuan, 1021-1040, Mainly 
heard Spanish comments
  from both a male and female during the period. 
Some music heard, but only
  as a "bridge" so to speak. Signal was fair to 
threshold during the period.
  1040, it was evident that the signal was fading 
out for the morning. (Chuck
  Bolland, December 4, 2008)

  Indonesia, 4976.02, RRI Pontianak, 
(Pres)1058-1105 At tune in noticed music
  progress. Gotta make this a "presume" since no 
break on the hour or comments
  during the period. Signal was poor. (Chuck 
Bolland, December 4, 2008)

  Peru, 4835.45. Radio Maranon, 1115-1120, 
Surprised that this is still
  because of the late time, but noted a female in 
Spanish language followed by
  a male. This signal is cycling in and out as it 
fades into the noise trying
  to hold
  on for just a few more moments. Unfortunately 
that doesn't happen as
  it fades down to nothing. (Chuck Bolland, 
December 4, 2008)

  Unident, 4865.03, 1120-1130 Noted a female 
talking joined by a male at
  Signal was barely audible over the noise. The 
nuance of the speech sounds
  like Spanish, but can't be sure? Could this be 
that elusive shadowy Radio
  Station called Logos that hasn't been heard here 
in Florida yet? Signal is
  audibly gone
  by 1130, but I can still see it on the scope. 
(Chuck Bolland, December 4,

  Clewiston, Florida USA
  WinRadio G305/pd

  Disclaimer: My "Spell Checker" has a tendency to 
change words
  without asking. For example, it changed RRI in 
the above email,
  to RARE; so I may miss some of it's corrections 
at times which
  are incorrect. For this I apologize if and when 
it happens.


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