[HCDX] Radio Heritage Christmas 2008 News
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[HCDX] Radio Heritage Christmas 2008 News

In case you didn't see this recent newsletter, here it is again! Many
thanks to those who've already responded with updates for the PAL
Radio Guides, book orders and donations towards our radio heritage
work. If you also get more than one copy, please bear with us, we
manually maintain our mailing lists! Happy Holidays!

Radio Heritage Foundation
Christmas 2008 Newsletter 

Bangkok Crisis

    If you were one of hundreds of thousands of tourists stuck in
Bangkok in the past few weeks, and told to listen to local radio to
stay informed, how would you know where to find a station with
programs in other than Thai? Our PAL AM Radio Guide would have
directed you to 918 AM for English, French, Chinese and Japanese
programs including hourly BBC News.

    Just one of the benefits of using one of the free radio guide
services at our website www.radioheritage.net, and one we know we
have to upgrade in 2009 with the addition of our much delayed PAL FM
Radio Guide. 

    Floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, coups, riots, terrorists and
civil disturbance are all possible in the region, making it so
important to know where to quickly find a local radio station with
information in English that could save your life.

Yes we can upgrade our radio guides. Here's how you can help!

    Can we do more to improve our PAL Radio Guides? Yes, we 
can! Can you help us? Yes, you can! 
    Here's how....email us if you find out of date or plain 
wrong data in our guides, tell us of new stations and programs 
in non-local languages for visitors and foreign residents,
and make a donation to help us upgrade our guides in 2009.

    Hello, I'm David Ricquish from the Radio Heritage 
Foundation, and I'd like to tell you a little about what's 
shaping up for 2009, and how you too can get involved to 
celebrate our radio heritage!

Thanks for helping in 2008

    Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone for helping to find a way to
keep radio heritage safe, alive and interesting in 2008. Some radio
stations have already picked up our 'Ten Top Ways to Save Your
Station' tips and we'll make this program more widely available in

    Secondly, a special thanks to those who buy books, CDs and
merchandise from us, and who have made donations in 2008. We have a
very small budget, in fact our income in the year ended March 31 2008
was just US$3774. 

    It goes nowhere near our basic running costs, and I can 
assure you, even a quarter a day from each of you in 2009 would 
help us upgrade our services and keep our bank manager from looking 
too closely at our credit line!

Make a donation this holiday season

    Would you like to make a donation today? You can use your VISA
or Mastercard at the donation button on every page of
www.radioheritage.net and I can also assure you that 100 cents of
every dollar goes straight into protecting radio heritage. 

Popular Culture  

    During 2008, we've been working behind the scenes to redesign
how we tell the stories of radio, people, events, music and places
within the bigger picture of popular culture. 

    A bit like Wikipedia, you'll see we have some 'stubs' or
introductory articles online about the radio dial in Australia 1931,
California 1928, Shanghai 1941, New Zealand 1931 and 1978. If you
haven't been to the site lately, go to www.radioheritage.net, look at
them and then email us to tell us what you think of them.

'Expanding 'stubs' in 2009'

    The idea is that these will expand to cover other places and
periods, introducing even more stations on the radio dial. In 2009,
we're looking to build a volunteer team that will begin to expand
these 'stubs' even further, unpeeling more layers of radio and
popular culture for us all to enjoy.

    Have you seen our Art of Radio series? Currently we've got
three similar 'stubs' covering Australia and New Zealand, Japan and 
Hawaii. These are scheduled to finally expand in 2009 and have the 
capacity to move offline into real exhibitions such as already 
successfully tested with the Art of Radio Japan Exhibition.

'We want to commission articles'

    Will you help us in 2009? We already have a number of people
standing by to work on several of these projects, but we need more.
If you can volunteer research and write about the links between radio
and popular culture, we want to commission articles from you.   

Radio Archives

    You can see that we're more than just another radio 'archives'
locked into the past! It's still vital though to collect the audio, 
images, art work and stories and we've been doing a lot of that this 

    Major new collections have added many thousands of new items
and we're about to start a major cataloging and digitizing project in
2009. Our funding applications for this will be lodged in early 2009. 

    Our new software lets you upload and send your own materials
directly into our new database. Other archives and libraries will
partner us in this exciting move which finally unlocks their radio
heritage collections too! We'll let you know when you can start
uploading your own content.

'Radio stations can also safely store
their audio archives with us too!'
    As you can see, behind the scenes, it's been a busy year, and
before I leave you for 2008, here're some things you probably didn't
know about us:

1.  We're now registered with the Charities Commission [New
Zealand CC25951] and you can see our registration at
www.charities.govt.nz. Each year, we'll be lodging an annual report
including our latest accounts.
    Registration as a non-profit in Australia and the USA is under
consideration so that donations can be tax deductable as they are in
New Zealand. 

2   We produce regular radio heritage documentaries for broadcast
over Radio New Zealand International [www.rnzi.com] and during 2008,
produced nearly 90 minutes of special programs for their 60th
anniversary celebrations.

3   During the year, NZ On Air, funder of public broadcasting in
New Zealand invited us to tender as an approved archive for the
management contract to manage their national Sound Archives which
have until now been run only by Radio New Zealand. Work continues in
this area.     

4.  Our Kiwi Radio Campaign has been tested now for a full year,
and has resulted in discoveries of many thousands of new audio and
other items, help with a major social history radio exhibition with
Te Manawa Museum in Palmerston North, plans for three major regional
radio retrospective exhibitions in 2009 and much more. 

    The campaign is designed for local versions to be rolled out
in Australia, California and Japan before 2015. 

5.  We produce the entire Pacific region content of radio
broadcasting data for the UK based annual radio guide World Radio TV
Handbook [www.wrth.com] published since 1948. This involves data from
over 25 separate countries! 

A Word From Our Sponsors!

    We acknowledge the special help of our sponsors in 2008 -
www.2day.com for website hosting services, www.pcwiz2u.co.nz for
computer hardware, software and troubleshooting services, ProCopy in
Wellington for printing services and www.apexrentals.co.nz for supply
of a rental car to support the Kiwi Radio Campaign.

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

    As a New Zealand based non-profit, we take a broad Asia-Pacific
approach to all our radio heritage activities. This is because the
stories of radio across the region are so interwoven. It's also what
makes our website www.radioheritage.net so popular with many hundreds
of thousands of visitors including almost 20% returning visitors!

    Our local programs are being tested in New Zealand from where
the best can be rolled out in Australia, the USA, Canada, Japan,
China and India and elsewhere.  
Remember, please make a donation this holiday season!

    We can do much more with your help, as our budget of just
US$3744 needs your support this holiday season and throughout the 
coming year. Please use your VISA or Mastercard and donate today via
the donation button on any page at www.radioheritage.net.

    Again, we look forward to sharing more radio heritage good news
with you in 2009, and wish you all the very best for Christmas,
Holiday and New Year seasons!

    David Ricquish
    Radio Heritage Foundation
    PO Box 14339
    Wellington 6241, NZ 
    Email: info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Web: www.radioheritage.net

    Sharing the Stories of Pacific Radio
    Connecting Radio Heritage & Popular Culture

PS.....since April 1, almost 20,000 hours have been spent online by
visitors at www.radioheritage.net. Have a look yourself today and use
our own Google search to dig deeper into the site and find out more!

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