[HCDX] brand new domestic DX logging
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[HCDX] brand new domestic DX logging

NA domestic DX:

Heard on the Sanyo MCD-S830 barefoot:

550 WGR Buffalo, NY 1814 EST - out of the poor-strenght domestic caught a live sports announcer with the mention of a team "in Buffalo"; very briefly alone for less than 1 minute before fading back under the rather weak domestic mess. NEW ! I'm lucky CHLN has moved to 106.9 FM rendering both 549 and 550 free for DX ! (BC-QC)

Heard on the Grundig Eton G5 barefoot:

550 WGR Buffalo, NY ??? Well not, instead CHUC Saint-Laurent, QC 1814 - instead of getting the weak domestic mess that included the brand new catche of WGR, got here at an excellent level Arabic dance music, followed by a Celine Dion's personal remake of "Feliz Navidad" with season's greetings in both Arabic and French. This is clearly a receiver-generated local spur ! I get a lot of them on LW ! It's even worse... (BC-QC)

As I showed my mother that, she just couldn't believe how a Hi-Fi entertainement receiver (the Sanyo one) that intentionally might have notoriously bad AM could receive at a poor but clean level an assorted amoutn of distant USA domestics, while on the Grundig Eton G5 we had an overspill from a signal that I showed her could ONLY be received on 1450, AND NOT on 550, while on the Eton G5 it was audible on both 550 and 1450, as well as on various LW channels mixing with CINF-690 and CFAV-1570.

I knew only good things about the Eton G5, I didn't believed it overloads so badly. With the LO button turned on, it still receives the 1450 local on 550 with a very slight background hiss...

Well, seems like I'll only have mediumwave and shortwave to deal with, unless I find SOMETHING GOOD on LW...

I'm so disappointed...I'm always ready for changes (albeit postive ones) in my DX career !

May the good DX bless your ears !
Bogdan Chiochiu in Pierrefonds / Montreal, QC
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