[HCDX] CRI 1521kHz antenna switch (recording)
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[HCDX] CRI 1521kHz antenna switch (recording)

I managed to make an interesting recording of the CRI (CHN) antenna switch on 1521kHz just before 1200UTC:


A difference is huge. You can hear a complete opening ceremonial at 1200UTC
in Russian (nice signal). Two minutes of silence (1157-1159) were cut out...

This recording was already subjected to a favourable response within MW (AM) mailists so I am sure that some members of HCDX will find it interesting too.

Recorded in the western part of the Czech Republic in the middle of Europe,
some 700km inland.
RX: AOR AR7030, ANT: longwire, 80 metres, dir 70dgr.

The clicks (interval cca 1.7sec) you can hear come from an electric fence
located some 2km from my site in the same direction.


Karel Honzik, CZE, central Europe

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