[HCDX] Dec 25-26 Logs
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[HCDX] Dec 25-26 Logs

** BRAZIL. 11765, Radio Tupi, Curitiba, 0040-0105, Dec 26, religious  
sermon in Portuguese. ID at 0100. Fair to good. Weak // 9564.93. 
(Brian  Alexander, PA) 
** BRAZIL. 11814.98, Radio Brasil Central, 0050-0110, Dec 26,  
Portuguese pops/ballads, xmas music. Portuguese announcements.
// 4985 -  both frequencies weak but readable. (Brian Alexander, PA) 
** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. 5005, Radio Nac - Bata, 2245-2301*,
Dec 25,  Afro-pop music. Spanish talk. Sign off with National Anthem 
at 2258. Weak.  (Brian Alexander, PA) 
** ETHIOPIA. 6889.89, Radio Fana, *0255-0310, Dec 26, Sign on 
with IS.  Opening ID announcements at 0258. Horn of Africa music 
at 0259. Threshold  signal. Much better on // 6110. (Brian Alexander, 
** INDONESIA. 9525.90, Voice of Indonesia, *0948-1003, Dec 26,
abrupt  sign on with talk in unidentified language. Theme music at
1000 & talk.  Very weak with low modulation making it impossible to
even ID the language.  (Brian Alexander, PA) 
** LITHUANIA. 9770, KBC, 1450-1510, Dec 25, talk about love.
“The Mighty  KBC” IDs. Pop/rock music. Fair at tune-in. Weak-poor
by 1510 due to noisy  conditions. (Brian Alexander, PA) 
** MAURITANIA. 4845, Radio Mauritania, 0810-0843*, Dec 26, 
Arabic talk.  Local music at 0836. Fair. (Brian Alexander, PA) 
** MAURITANIA. 7245, Radio Mauritania, 0853-0900, Dec 26, 
sign on at  approximately 0853 with local music. Arabic talk at 0900.
Fair.  (Brian  Alexander, PA) 
** SYRIA. 9330, Radio Damascas, 1827-1931*, Dec 25, tune-in to 
German  programming with talk, local music, instrumental music and
some xmas music.  French programming at 1900. Abruptly off at
1931. Poor to fair with somewhat  low modulation & hum in audio. 
Must use ECSS-LSB to avoid WBCQ at their  1858 sign on. 
(Brian Alexander, PA) 

Brian Alexander, Mechanicsburg, PA,  U.S.A. 
Equipment: TenTec  RX-340, two 100 foot longwires  

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