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[HCDX] Mike's DX archive

I've been converting some some of my vintage DX cassettes to mp3's. Unfortunately some of my cassettes are now unplayable after being stored for three decades in less than ideal temperature and humidity conditions, and many of them were cheap quailty anyway, e.g.Maxell Low Noise, Radio Shack Concertape, or no brand at all. Some are so old that they have the "Compact Cassette" logo printed on the label.

I have uploaded the following at http://www.box.net/shared/fuue3o65ku

Radio Canada International DX Digest, July 1978 - portion of a special program hosted by Ian McFarland for the ANARC convention, held at Maison de Radio-Canada in Montreal.

Radio Sandino, Nicaragua-7318, July 1979 - Sandanista clandestine station heard in midst of revolution that overthrew US-backed tinpot Anastasio Somoza.

Federal Radio Corp. of Nigeria-Enugu- 6025, Aug. 8, 1981 - this actually can count as Biafra

Nigerian Broadcasting Corp., Lagos -4990, June 29, 1977 - many local ads, with prices in naira and kobo.

Voice of "Free" Chile - 15150, Aug. 1977 - some sad propaganda from the Pinochet era

"Argentine Annie" - Falklands War propaganda station, April 1982 (I've long since lost my paper logbook from 1982. Does anyone remember this station's frequency?)

Radiodiffusion Nationale du Mali-7110, Jan. 1978

WFAT-1620.  Pirate station from New York area, Jan. 1, 1978

KNBI-1530 Norton, KS.  DX test, March 20, 1978

WKMC-1370 Roaring Spring, PA.  Sign-off with SSB, April 3, 1978

KOAM-860 Pittsburg, KS. June 28, 1977

All heard on relatively unsophisticated equipment - Panasonic RF-2200 (which I still have), using only the built-in whip, "GYRO" (externally rotating ferrite stick), or simple longwire.

This project is still a work in progress. More vintage DX from the Carter and Reagan eras will be uploaded on box.net when I get the chance to listen and determine which cassettes are salvageable.

Clips are in Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) format. Playable with Winamp, and should be compatable with other mp3 players.


Mike Brooker
Toronto, ON
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