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Re: [HCDX] Mike's DX archive

Thanks Mike,

re-Radio Sandino, Nicaragua

it's nice to listen to their outlet  a g a i n  after some 30 years passed
Thanks for the UPLOAD.

I came across to that revolutionary voice in mid December 1978 in central

Noted R Sandino for the first time on shortwave approx. 7325 kHz on my south
african Barlow Wadley set. This happened during a 5 week touring journey to
Cozumel, Belize, Chichicastenango, Antigua and Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

In Antigua we suffered a sudden earthquake-terremoto on an early December
1978 morning, and left the hotel sleeping room expressly. We were sit down
on the terrace and looked to the tall active vulcano on the horizon.

I switched on the Barlow Wadley set and came across of Radio Sandino
broadcast - for the very first time - on approx. 7325 kHz around 7 to 8 a.m.
local Guatemala time.

When back to Europe, I informed Arne Skoog at Radio Sweden DXers program
broadcast from this revolutionary radio station which originate in Nicaragua
and across the border at Costa Rica border district. Item appeared on Radio
Sweden's SCDX bulletin # 1516 on Jan 23, 1979.

North American DXers noted R Sandino around 7588 kHz in March 1979 [stn
wandered from 7315 to 7702 kHz]. See report on p604-605 in WRTH 1983 by
George Wood.

73 wolfgang df5sx
wwdxc topnews


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Subject: [HCDX] Mike's DX archive

I've been converting some some of my vintage DX cassettes to mp3's.
Unfortunately some of my cassettes are now unplayable after being stored
for three decades in less than ideal temperature and humidity conditions,
and many of them were cheap quailty anyway, e.g.Maxell Low Noise, Radio
Shack Concertape, or no brand at all.  Some are so old that they have the
"Compact Cassette" logo printed on the label.

I have uploaded the following at

Radio Sandino, Nicaragua-7318, July 1979 - Sandanista clandestine station
heard in midst of revolution that overthrew US-backed tinpot Anastasio

All heard on relatively unsophisticated equipment - Panasonic RF-2200
(which I still have), using only the built-in whip, "GYRO" (externally
rotating ferrite stick), or simple longwire.

This project is still a work in progress.  More vintage DX from the Carter
and Reagan eras will be uploaded on when I get the chance to
listen and determine which cassettes are salvageable.

Clips are in Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) format.  Playable with Winamp, and should
be compatable with other mp3 players.
Mike Brooker
Toronto, ON

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