[IRCA] International Reply Coupons
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[IRCA] International Reply Coupons

	As a former Postal Clerk, I was surprised at Terry Palmersheim,
KC7LDP, Helena, MT (as posted to the Hard Corps DX List)being unable to buy
International Reply Coupons at his post office. Since most post offices have
a regional center that answers all phone calls, I am unable to check
locally, so I checked online:

>From "Postal Explorer" ->  United States International Mail Manual

Source:  http://pe.usps.com/text/imm/immc3_007.html#npLZq39wats

372 International Reply Coupons

372.3 Selling Price and Rate of Exchange

a. The selling price of a reply coupon in the United States is $1.85. One
coupon is exchangeable in any other member country for a stamp or stamps
representing the minimum postage on an unregistered air letter. Unused U.S.
coupons (that is those with the U.S. selling price stamped on them) may be
exchanged only for United States postage stamps by the original purchaser at
a discount of 1 cent below the purchase price. 

b. With the exceptions noted in 372.4d., international reply coupons
purchased in foreign countries are exchangeable at U.S. Post Office
facilities toward the purchase of postage stamps and embossed stamped
envelopes (including aerogrammes) at the rate of $0.84 per coupon
irrespective of the country where they were purchased. 


372.4 Processing Requests

d. As of January 1, 2007, the following international reply coupons issued
by foreign countries are no longer redeemable at U.S. Post Offices: coupons
issued before 2002, and coupons bearing an expiration date of December 31,
2006. The pre-2002 international reply coupons are approximately 2.5 inches
by 4 inches and do not have a barcode on the back. The latest versions of
the international reply coupons printed by the Universal Postal Union are
approximately 3.75 inches by 6 inches, have a barcode on the back, and have
an expiration date of December 31, 2009. Customers should return
foreign-origin pre-2002 coupons and coupons with the December 31, 2006,
expiration date to their correspondents in the country of issue for
replacement or redemption through the issuing postal administration. This
policy is only for international reply coupons issued by foreign postal
administrations - U.S.-origin coupons are not affected. 

e. Reply coupons formerly issued by the Postal Union of the Americas and
Spain are no longer valid. These coupons are printed in green ink and bear
the caption Cupon Respuesta America-Espanol. Customers possessing any of
these coupons should return them to their correspondents in the country of
issue for redemption through the selling post office. 

	Hope this helps....Terry, I have no idea why the IRCs can't be sold
at your post office, but a knowledgeable Clerk, Supervisor or the Postmaster
should have an answer for you. 

	Very 73 de Mike Hardester, Jacksonville, NC

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