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Glenn Hauser logs November 15, 2019   
Friday, November 15 2019

** CANADA. 223 kHz, Nov 15 at 0717 UT, dash and YYW, 1000-watt NDB at
Armstrong, Ontario, which is 150 miles north of Thunder Bay (Glenn

** CANADA. 284 kHz, Nov 15 at 0720 UT, dash and strange beacon ID .-.-
/ ... which I would never have IDed as 500-watt QD in The Pas,
Manitoba, were it not for this recent thread on the WOR io group; i.e.
for those who have not seen it:

``UNIDENTIFIED. Arguably the strangest thing I've ever heard in 50
years of LW dial-twisting. Nov 9 at 1057 UT, heard on the Kaneohe
(Hawaii) SDR, 284 kHz (via USB mode), using Canadian format (CW ID,
followed by solid tone for several seconds, all at 400 Hz). Repeated
Code ID was: [ ._._ ... ]. Obviously the second character is 'S'. But
just what the hell is [ ._._ ]?? Internet Morse-to-text translator
shows it as, 'AA'. Googling "AA S NDb 284 kHz" goes nowhere. I don't
drink or smoke anything anymore, for a number of years now. Listened
for 3 or 4 minutes to verify the CW ID I was hearing; by 1109 UT the
signal had faded to where the CW ID was indiscernible. I was hearing a
smattering of NDbs from BC at the time, most notably Vancouver and
Prince Rupert. Nothing comes close to that CW ID, in any info to which
I have access. I am clueless -- what say you? -- (GREG HARDISON, CA,

If not miskeyed, could be Russian Morse code for the letter ``ya`` =
backwards R -- so try to find a reference for Russian beacons.
Of course, ... is the letter spelt C equivalent to our S
(Glenn Hauser, Nov 9, ibid.)

Glenn: -- As always, I appreciate your DX-wisdom! I must admit Russia
was one of my first thoughts upon hearing this thing; I guess the
"Canadian format" threw me off that track. I was also hearing NDbs and
DGPS-markers from the Aleutians at the time, but couldn't find
anything (and they don't necessarily even exist) from nearby Russia.
(On a semi-related note I will always miss the ex-Russki LW
broadcasters we used to hear in California!) That's the cool thing
about DXing. One can twist the dials for literally over a
half-century, and still be completely mystified by something bouncing
off the ionosphere. I definitely must dig further for a good source of
Russian LW-info. Are there any DXers working for Trump, hi?? :^)>
(-- GREG H, ibid.)

This is QD in Manitoba. It has been keying this pattern now since
September (Steve. VE7SL, McDonald, ibid.)

--.- -..
.-.- ...

It`s hard to figure how QD could be transformed into YaC. QD is in The
Pas (which could be construed as `not this` (gh, ibid.)

Interesting. I did see QD on the beacon list, but didn't consider it,
as the only other signal I was hearing from anywhere near that part of
the world was 50 kW CBK/540. Also, I didn't think anyone would let an
NDb get that far out of whack -- and for that long a time period. I
could imagine that happening in this country, but certainly wouldn't
expect that in Canada! Many thanks anyway for the info (-- GREG H,
ibid.`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 13700, Nov 15 at 1414 tune-in to dead air, shortly Spanish
modulation cuts on with somebuzz; but no spurs today. Something`s
always wrong at RHC. 13700 was not on before 1400 (Glenn Hauser, OK,

** CUBA. 11760, Nov 15 at 1446, RHC absent uncovering a VP fluttery
signal, probably from E Asia; i.e., CNR1 jammer against VOA Tibetan
scheduled this hour only via Philippines. Something`s always wrong at

** IRELAND [non]. 7290, Nov 15 at 1925, 1940, again today like Nov 12
last check, no signal from IRRS hour via Romania into UTwente SDR; or
rather a JBA carrier vs huge splash from 7295 China. Nothing else is
scheduled and IRRS signal had always been very strong (Glenn Hauser,

** KOREA SOUTH. 4890, Nov 15 at 1355, Korean drama, on today`s
frequency of Echo of Hope - VOH, for Korea North; the best Asian
signal holding up this late on 60m (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 2008 first airings: Friday Nov 15 at 2300 on
WRMI 9955; UT Sat Nov 16 at 0130 on WRMI 5010, 5850, 7780. See

** U S A. 5085, Nov 15 at 1357, WTWW-2 is on way later than usual,
maybe ran all night? ``We love our hams, 73 from 5085`` and WTWW
singing ID, classic rock. S9+20 and JBA spur carriers circa 5072 and
5098. Still going at 1438 when I also find WTWW-1 active on 5830

UNIDENTIFIED. Trans-Atlantic LWBC carrier search, Nov 15 at 0713: I`ve
had little luck with such high-power DX rather than 25-watt NDBs, but
at this time I detect JBA carriers on 189, 198, 216 and 252 kHz, which
could be Euro broadcasters rather than beacons or something else: i.e.
Iceland, UK, France, Ireland (unless RTE off again audiblizing
Algeria) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This report dispatched at 1944 UT November 15


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