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antenna books
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In our business we are often asked to suggest the best reference products for Antennas.
Items listed here can all be recommend, some depending on what kind of antenna you are interest in.

ARRL Antenna Book
By American Radio Relay League

The ARRL Antenna Book is a modern classic. Although this book is angled toward radio amateurs ("ham" radio operators) it would be of interest to all interested in antennas.
If you are a veteran amateur radio operator, this book has top flight, rock solid information on antenna construction, design, evaluation, and applications for all bands of amateur radio communication. But if you're a beginner, this book is also a great place to start. It's a very solid introduction to antenna theory, but is also loaded with practical hints on long wires, dipoles, beams, stealth antennas, tuners, home-builts, QRP antennas and more.
Highly Recommended5 stars
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The Right Antenna
By Alvis J. Evans

The Right AntennaThe Right Antenna, subtitled 'How To Select And Install Antennas For Entertainment & Communications Devices', lives up to its titles very well.
There are 12 chapters in this well illustrated book which cover such topics as: How Antennas Work, TV Antennas - General, Selecting A TV Antenna DSS Satellite TV Antennas, FM Antennas, Fringe Area And MATV Antennas, TV And FM Noise And Interference, CB And Cellular Antennas, Shortwave Antennas, Antenna Installation, Shortwave Antenna Projects and New Trends In TV Antennas And Amplifiers.
This publication is a useful starter book, though it is aimed more at the person looking for more general information about antennas and may not be for those looking for particular installations.
Buy this Book Today!
or read more about it...

W1FB's Antenna Notebook
By Doug DeMaw

A good book to start with understanding antennas, and it should be on everyone's bookshelf, especially beginners. With over 120 pages of information and notes by the late Doug DeMaw, W1FB, there's going to be something in this book whatever your level of knowledge.
Written in a 'chatty' notebook style there are nine chapters dealing with topics such as: 'Some Fundamental Antenna Data', 'Building And Using Dipole Antennas', ' Single Wire Antennas', High Performance Wire Antennas', Limited Space - And Invisible Antennas' Matching Techniques', Special Receiving Antennas' and the final chapter of 'Simple Antenna Measurements'.
This book may be considered a book for everyone.
Buy this Book Today!
or read more about it...

Radio Handbook
(23rd edition)
By William I. Orr

Antenna HandbookThis book is a must have for any library. If you are interested in homebrewing then you need this book. Its filled with lots of schematics and details.
Written for the advanced engineer, technician, or advanced radio amateur, this popular guide to radio communications presents complete documentation on many technical topics. It studies HF, VHF, and UHF spectrums, covers theory and equipment design in detail, and explains construction techniques.

Highly Recommended5 stars
Buy this Book Today!
or read more about it...

W1FB's QRP Notebook
by Doug Demaw

An excellent practical book on designing simple low power ham transmitters and receivers. A little short in design theory but a good book nonetheless. If you want to build simple radios and want them to work, this is the book for you.
Buy this Book Today!
or read more about it...

Vertical Antennas
By William I. Orr

If you prefer the vertical style of antennas, this viewpoint is well covered in this book. There are eight chapters in this book on vertical antennas, but that does not mean it's short on ideas. Information covers from theory to practical designs for h.f. to v.h.f. There are designs for vertical 'beaming' antennas to designs for multi-band use in space limited locations. The final chapter is how to improve the working of your antenna.
Buy this Book Today!
or read more about it...

The Radio Amateur
Antenna Handbook
By William I. Orr

Antenna HandbookWithin the 180 pages you will find ten chapters covering most topics that will be of interest for any ham operator.
Topics dealt with are: An Introduction To DX Antennas That Work, Antenna Location As A Factor Of Performance, Antenna Performance And The Famous SWR Meter, Antenna Towers And Rotors, All About Baluns, Popular Vertical Antennas, Quads Delta Quads And Other Loop Antennas, Horizontal And Sloping Wire Antennas, HF Beam Antennas and VHF Beam Antennas You Can Build.
Although the authors reflects their American origins, their 'no nonsense and let's get on with it' style take the reader step-by-step through the topics. It is a sensible book, it does not overwhelm the reader but instead it's more likely to fire you with enthusiasm.
Buy this Book Today!
or read more about it...

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