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Glenn Hauser logs June 17-18, 2020   
Thursday, June 18 2020

** CHINA. CNR1 jammer survey, June 17 at 1335, despite a new line
noise level 12.3-13.4 MHz peaking about 12.8: JBA carriers on known
frequencies 12550, 12800, 12880, 13130, 13160 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** NORTH AMERICA. 6925-USB, e-QSL received June 16 from Texas Radio
Shortwave for my reception May 23 at 0024, with apology for delay:
now #90 via
thanks (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** OKLAHOMA. See FMDX report 104.5 and 96.5 items

** TURKEY. 9830, June 17 at 2247, quick check for VOT finds it`s on
today, but I can still remark ``something`s always awry at Ankara``,
as just as I tune in, the YL is claiming this is the 1230 broadcast on
15450, into IS (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 28300-CW, June 17 at 1839, K6FRC/B beacon overtakes a couple
much weaker ones slightly lower. First time I`ve heard him on 10m, but
numerous times on 13565 with 1.8 milliwatts and no /suffix.

10 m beacon roster does not show that exact call, rather two others:
``28.300 K6FRC/B3 TRACY, CALIFORNIA 10W, VERTICAL QRT prior to 2016
change 8 July 09
28.300 K6FRC/B2 TRACY, CALIFORNIA 10W, VERTICAL Backup transmitter for

Tracy is further up I-5 toward Stockton, from Patterson, the 13565
QTH. Sporadic E opening.

From 1808 I was trying to copy some JBA beacons on 28299 and one just
slightly lower above 28298. At 1828 I almost got the higher one: VVV
DE K4J__ and more ending with SK. But there is no K4 listed around

28380-USB, June 17 at 1813, one phone ham audible, N6OPR, Bob, in
Gilbert AZ; and his 10-10 number is 45715. QRZ.com:
(Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 2038 monitoring: confirmed JBA Wed June 17 at
2100+ on WBCQ 7490v. Missed checking UT Thu June 18 at 0100 on WRMI
7780; did anyone hear it? Next WOR 2039 should be ready by early UT
Fri June 19 for first WRMI airing at 2200 on 9955 (Glenn Hauser, OK,

** U S A. 17775-, June 17 at 1822, KVOH is S9+10 steady with gospel
song in Spanish, but just barely modulated (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. DXMAP shows sporadic E MUF above 100 MHz in one spot NE of
here, so time to head for the car to tune for DX, June 17 at 2100 UT.

It takes me a lot longer to research the info and write these reports.
Main resource is the WTFDA FM Database. See its headers for what the
various parameters mean: separate H&V kW ERPs and metric HAAT towers
altho they are almost always the same. Distancefromto.net are
city-to-city approx., not to coordinates.

2114, 93.1, CCI to weak Kansan might be DX and so it is, atop now with
ID ``93.1 WZAK, Cleveland`` R&B, ads:

``WZAK 93.1 CLEVELAND OH USA 27.5 27.5 189.0 189.0 41-16-50 81-37-22
1508 km = 937 statute miles

2126, 96.5, PSAs about a religious event on E Pittsfield Rd canceled,
AC 570; ballots in western NY; ``a community service of WPEL``, fax
570-278-1442. VG full quieting brief peak; 2129 TC for 5:30 and SRN
News starting before it`s really 2130. WPEL in NE PA, close to NY:

``WPEL-FM 96.5 MONTROSE PA USA 57.0 57.0 140.0 140.0 41-51-16 75-51-50

2130, 96.7, unID local weather, too cool for OK!

It must be 90+F here; then I go inside where it`s a little cooler and
more comfortable, with the DX-398 whose telescopic I can manœvre vs
lots of ACI and CCI from KS and OK.

2149, 97.3, ad for something on Rt 13 between Ithaca and Dryden; 2150
mention Ithaca again; 2218, adstring including Airhard (Erhard?)
Energy.com, something in Newfield; JonRayhomes.com,
fingerlakestopten.com; Democratic DA candidate in Tompkins Country;
Finger Lakes forecast: 54/86 and next day 61/86 F, from ``WENY News on
97.3``. What?? WENY-FM is on 97.7 in Big Flats NY! O, they refer to
WENY, the unrelated(?) *TV* station in Elmira. The other clues all
lead to Ithaca, i.e:

``WYXL 97.3 ITHACA NY USA 26.0 26.0 268.0 268.0 42-27-54 76-22-23 HD
9669 WYXL97.3 LITE ROCK 97.3 TODAY'S VARIETY 97.3 Adult Hits ADULT
CONTEMPORARY LITE ROCK 97.3`` 1950 km = 1211 stmi

2153, 104.5 rap in Spanish, but signal is too steady and there are no
known SS in the PTA, just three translators in far New England. Rather
than a DX capture I guess it was really our semi-local, since it then
went into English promo for KZZW 104.5, ``we deliver the hits``,
English rock but there is CCI from something else in English.
Would be second EE Okie I`ve heard mixing in SS songs, after Oasis.

2201, ``Hottest music in the Tri-State Area, KZZW, 104.5,
Mooreland-Woodward``, OK. NYC/CT/NJ may think they own that monicker,
but there are 3-states everywhere, in this case OK/TX/KS. I remember
when this station came on air a few years ago, initially stunting with
classical, sure not to last.

``KZZW 104.5 MOORELAND OK USA 62.0 62.0 365.0 365.0 36-16-23 99-26-45
54A4 KZZW CONTEMPORARY HIT RADIO 104.5 KZZW`` 119 km = 74 stmi

2202, 92.1, ``WOLF-FM, --- [some HD IDs missed], Syracuse`s 92.1, The

``WOLF-FM 92.1 BALDWINSVILLE NY USA 25.0 25.0 99.0 99.0 43-09-10
76-11-35 84A5 COUNTRY 92.1 THE WOLF`` Baldwinsville just NW of
1982 km = 1231 stmi

2204, 96.5, Dollar Bank Loan Experts ad; plug iHeart Radio podcast
from 10/16/72, Non-IDs at 2205 & 2208 as ``Mix 96.5``. May be mixing
with KRAV Tulsa fringer which is Mix 96.5, but we never heard of
Dollar Bank in OK. Search indicates it operates only in OH, PA, VA.

There are too many iHeart stations everywhere, but Wikipedia shows no
96.5s in PA, NY; there is one in Cleveland OH, WAKS, branded as KISS
FM, so maybe that`s it. 1508 km = 937 stmi

Searching everywhere for slogan as Mix 96.5 on 96.5, gets 5 hits, not
including KRAV-FM Tulsa, none in this opening`s PTA. That`s because
the Slogan field for KRAV shows merely Mix 96, altho 96.5 does appear
as part of PS Info and Radiotext fields. 171 km = 106 stmi

2210, 93.3, Roswell Park Cancer hospital ad; 2212 Litehouseauto.com,
Ike`s Auto Repair, phone 763-8945. Roswell Park is in Buffalo, but
Lite House Auto is in Lakewood NY, and the phone matches Pikes (not
Ike`s) Auto Repair of Ashville NY, both of which are just outside
Jamestown in western NY, so this is:

``WWSE 93.3 JAMESTOWN NY USA 26.5 26.5 196.0 196.0 42-05-06 79-17-22
A998 WWSE-FM No Program Type or Undefined ADULT CONTEMPORARY SE 93``
1721 km = 1070 stmi

2213, 93.1, adstring, attorney at 800-565-7187; Zero Draft Insulation;
``This is KNN, the Kia News Network`` being cute, really an ad for Kia
of East Syracuse. RDS captured on this one: static 93Q plus 5 blank
spaces, nor sure if sent that way or incomplete; more ads, Plato`s
Closet; PSAs alz.org-cny, Boys` & Girls` Club of Syracuse. Therefore:

``WNTQ 93.1 SYRACUSE NY USA 97.0 97.0 201.0 201.0 42-56-48 76-01-28 HD
78FA 93Q The #1 Hit Music Station 93Q Title & Artist CD name Top 40
CONTEMPORARY HIT RADIO 93 Q`` 1993 km = 1239 stmi

2227, 99.5, 1-800-663-7636, Insight for Living, addresses in BC and
TX; 2229 Financial Moments with Tom Copeland, the gospel-huxter take
with Biblical quotations; 2230, ``You are listening to North America`s
most powerful Christian radio station, WDCX``, next g.h. In Touch with
Dr. Charles Stanley. Strong but no RDS.

``WDCX-FM 99.5 BUFFALO NY USA 110.0 110.0 195.0 195.0 42-38-07
WDCX Serving Buffalo, Toronto & Beyond-Now Playing PROGRAM/S
So the power is 110 kw ERP, rather than the usual limit of 100, why?
Grandfathered like Grand Rapids? Big deal; I can think of several SW
stations with more than that, but never mind them! 1775 km = 1103 mi

2232, 106.9, traffic report from ``570 WSYR now also on 106.9 FM``::

``WSYR-FM 106.9 SOLVAY NY USA 9.0 9.0 124.0 124.0 43-00-10 76-11-58
HD 1681 - 'CKNX' WSYR NewsRadio 570WSYR Now on 106.9FM WSYR NewsRadio
570WSYR Now on 106.9FM Talk NEWS/TALK FM NEWS RADIO 106.9 WSYR``
1988 km = 1235 stmi

2238, 96.5, CCI including RDS 96.5 and four spaces; then AC/DC_/_, and
aurally ``Mix 96`` again, so at least part of that KRAV Tulsa.

2241, 95.1, Ads for Ron Burgundy podcasts from iHeart; attorney vs
robocalls 1-800-300-2990, Kenneth Wallace; Palmer`s Direct-to-You
Market, with unlimited Angus beef; 900 something Henryetta; Allstate;
JCP.com; Bob John`s Used.com cars; has RDS icon but blank at first;
Rochester weather; Tom Wall`s restaurant; iHeart Radio app for
podcasts; now RDS shows I_RADIO_ --- the underscores here indicate a
blank, no underscore really on the RDS. The first blank must be for a
Heart symbol; is that possible? Not on my DX-398; 2245 ``Radio 95-1``

``WAIO 95.1 HONEOYE FALLS NY USA 50.0 50.0 146.0 146.0 43-02-01
77-25-18 HD 1437 (KBPN) RADIO 95-1 RADIO 95-1 RADIO 95-1 RADIO 95-1
Classic Rock CLASSIC ROCK RADIO 95.1``. Honeoye Falls --- how do you
pronounce that?? is south of Rochester. 1877 km = 1166 stmi

Now the opening seems fading away; I hope so as this is tiring and I
need a break. But at 0040-0050 UT June 18, I`m back at the dials as
there is a 100+ MHz MUF blob to the north, so maybe Manitoba? Nothing.
See also UNIDENTIFIED (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, WOR)

UNIDENTIFIED. 92.1, June 17 at 2104 UT as I am starting a sporadic E
session which turns out to be from OH, PA and NY, a meteor burst of
Spanish music lasting maybe 3 seconds.

96.5, June 17 at 2136 UT another bit of Spanish bursts in to the
caradio, Mexicans likely. These are surprising, as we are nowhere near
any Class I, II or III meteor showers per 2020! info at:

Just Class IV weak MS with spans, peak dates; or maybe just random:
Daytime Arietids (ARI) May 22-Jun 24 Jun 07
June mu Cassiopeiids (JMC) May 18-Jun 15 Jun 08
beta Equulids (BEQ) Jun 07-Jun 30 Jun 14
Northern June Aquilids (NZC) Jun 05-Jul 22 Jul 02
phi Piscids (PPS) Jun 08-Aug 02 Jul 04
Southern June Aquilids (SZC) Jun 09-Jul 17 Jul 05
(Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report despatched at 0345 UT June 18
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