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#242 Reception in Ibiuna SP, BRAZIL - June 28, 2020   
Monday, June 29 2020

June 28, 2020 (Times in UTC)
Rx: Sony ICF2001D + RGP3 Ferrite Loop Antenna
(Brazilian stations: Portuguese language).
BRAZIL: 730 kHz Radio Sagres, Goiânia GO, 28/06 0040. 'Conexão Sagres', Sport News: 'Verdão, Wagner Mancini...' advs Amanco, Center Pisos. ' Radio Sagres AM, 730 kHz...'. 34543 (RG).
BRAZIL: 760 kHz Radio Canção Nova, São José do Rio Preto SP, 28/06 0102. Male voice communication, id 'Radio Canção Nova', advs about Catholic books. 35553 (RG).
BRAZIL: 760 kHz Radio Manchete, Niterói RJ, 28/06 0057. Id 'Radio Manchete AM Stereo, 760 kHz. Christian song. 34543 (RG).
BRAZIL: 760 kHz Radio Nereu Ramos, Blumenau SC, 28/06 0050. Id 'Radio Nereu Ramos, 760 kHz, em breve em FM 88,7'. Mx 'Whisky a go go', 'Radio Nereu, Blumenau, acesse a Internet http://www.radionereuramos.com.br'. 35543 (RG).
BRAZIL: 760 kHz Radio Globo, Juiz de Fora MG, 28/06 0118. 'Alô ouvintes da Radio Globo Juiz de Fora...', advs, male voice talk. 24422 (RG).
BRAZIL: 930 kHz Radio Cultura, Curitiba PR, 28/06 0138. Id 'Cultura, 930 AM', advs, talk by male announcer. 34543 (RG).
BRAZIL: 950 kHz Radio Bandeirantes (via Radio Indy), Bueno Brandão MG, 28/06 0145. Time pips and relay from Radio Bandeirantes 840 kHz, São Paulo. 24542 (RG).
BRAZIL: 960 kHz Radio Deus é Amor, via Radio Caraiba, Aparecida de Goiânia GO, 28/06 0155. YL: donations for poor people, id 'Radio Deus é Amor', Christian song. 35443 (RG).
BRAZIL: 1030 kHz Radio Deus é Amor, Rio de Janeiro RJ, 28/06 0200. Deus é Amor Church projects, pray, id 'Radio Deus é Amor', www.ipda.com.br . 34433 (RG).
BRAZIL: 1330 kHz Radio Clube, Blumenau SC, 27/06 2115. Brazilian song, 'Radio Clube, Blumenau', time checking, advs Hospital Santa Isabel'. 24542 (RG).
BRAZIL: 1380 kHz Radio Frequencia, Garopaba SC, 27/06 2050. Advs from Garopaba, jingle (id): 'Radio Frequencia, mais música'. 35553 (RG).
BRAZIL: 1550 kHz Radio Clube, Itararé SP, 27/06 2015. Advs from Itararé, Churrascaria dos Gauchos, id 'Radio Clube', Brazilian song. 25432 (RG).
PARAGUAY: 860 kHz Radio La Voz de la Cordillera, Caaguazu, Spanish, 28/06 0109. 'Cordillera...'. A sequence from instrumental typical music. 35553 (RG).
PARAGUAY: 920 kHz Radio Nacional, Asunción, Spanish, 28/06 0130. Paraguayan style songs, id 'Radio Nacional de Paraguay...' by male voice. 35553 (RG). Better signal as Radio Nacional Gospel, Cotia SP, 35 km from Ibiuna.
(RG) - Rudolf Grimm PY2-81502 SWL
São Bernardo SP & Ibiuna SP, BRAZIL
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