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Voice of Tibet (via Dushanbe)   
Saturday, August 14 2021


Re Voice of Tibet, and accompanied xxx0 or xxx5 jamming spacing.
August 13, logged in southern Germany / Switzerland,
at Greece and Perseus SDR unit at Delhi India.

Sign on at 2300UTC

2300-2308: 7496kHz

7496 kHz VoTIB til 23.08:30 UT
7495 kHz CHN jammer last longer til 23.10 UT

2308-2328: 7476kHz

7476 kHz VoTIB from 23.08:35 UT S=8 -78dbm in Greece.
7475 kHz CHN jammer from 23.11 UT S=9+5dB in Delhi India.

2nd TX on 7486 kHz PARKED at Yangi Yul Dushanbe TJK:
from 23.20 UT start strong empty carrier on air,
parked empty, no modulation til 23.29:35 UT,
7486 kHz stronger than 7476 kHz, in Europe, Greece and Delhi.

2328-2335: 7486kHz

VoTIB px modulation here from 23.29:35 UT S=9+10dB
7485 kHz CHN jammer from 23.32:10 UT - 23.40 UT S=9+5dB in Delhi India.

Another WHITE NOISE scratching jamming observed on
7477.5 and 7500 kHz far away apart distance,
each broad 8 kHz wideband noise string.
But did not disturb the various SDR signals of Voice of Tibet tonight.

Nearby China Tibetan station
7450even kHz PBS Xizang in Chinese from Lhasa Baiding Tibet center
S=8 or -81dBm in Europe,
S=9+5dB or -70dBm in Delhi India.
So the China jammer power against VoTibet
seems also in the 100 kW power range.

2335-2341: 7491kHz

23.35:30 - 23.42:30 UT VoTIB on 7491 kHz.

23.40 UT CHN CNR jamming OFF-air !
Did not appear anymore tonight.
So, to state, CHN jamming on xxxx.0 or xxxx.5 kHz accompanied
noted only 30 minutes(!) tonight from 23.11 til 23.40 UT.

2341-2359: 7486kHz and sign off

23.42:30 UT VoTIB moved again from 7491 to 7486 kHz channel.
VoTIB close-down modulation at 23.59:45 UT,
7486 kHz Voice of Tibet TX Dushanbe Yangi Yul
switch-off at 00.00:20 UT.

7489.833 kHz odd fq at 23.45 UT much tiny poor of -115 dBm string
of WBCQ Maine USA fade in to Europe, heard at KiwiNet Switzerland

7480 kHz at 23.46-23.47 UT a short 40 seconds lasting
test of 1000 Hertz tone, most likely from US AGM Udorn Thani site
in Thailand, which scheduled here at 00.00 UT VoA Tibetan then.

23.58:20 UT 7465 kHz BBC pause signal started
of three tones from ENC Singapore Kranji site.

23.59:30 UT 7480 kHz VoA Udorn Thani Thailand in Tibetan started.

73 wb df5sx

----- Original Message -----
From: "Glenn Hauser via groups.io" To: <bdxc-news@groups.io>

Cc: "WOR DXLD" <wor@groups.io>
Sent: Friday, August 13, 2021 6:54 PM
Subject: Re: [bdxc-news] Voice of Tibet (via Dushanbe)

Hi Franck,
I wonder if you had any sign of Chinese jamming, which would normally stay
on frequencies in -0 or -5? Also WBCQ has quite a variety of programming
during that hour on 7489.9v. Anything of it over there?


Also I wonder if VOT follow exactly the same jumparound pattern from one
day to the next?
73, Glenn Hauser

On Friday, August 13, 2021, 12:04:34 PM GMT+1, franckbaste
<f4lkc@orange.fr> wrote:

Hi all,
here are my observations about the radio station Voice of Tibet (via
Dushanbe) from last night (12th August)

Sign on at 2300UTC
2300-2308: 7496kHz
2308-2328: 7476kHz
2328-2335: 7486kHz
2335-2341: 7491kHz
2341-2359: 7486kHz and sign off
Good signal at my home (Center France)
Rx: Perseus SDR Ant: Dipole 2 X 10m.
Best 73
Franck Baste (BDXC 1467)

----- Original Message -----
From: "Glenn Hauser via groups.io"

Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2021 2:24 AM
Subject: [WOR] Glenn Hauser log roundup August 5-11, 2021

U S A. (7489.9v), UT Sat Aug 7 at 0000, WBCQ webcast of 'AAAWWW'
sounds familiar, going to do a "tutorial on freedom" as if we need
that from him; usual opening fiddling with mikes, praising Angela's
appearance, for his eyes only. And then about the 175th anniversary of
Monticello "tomorrow", so this indeed is a repeat of last week's
show, and John Carver agrees; no further monitoring needed.
(Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

U S A. (7489.9v), Aug 9 at 2329, after listening to the secret
repeat of the first half of 'UBMP' on WBCQ webcast, Monday at 2300, a
spot commercial for Progressive Insurance, immediately followed by the
regular 2330 show 'Camp Constitution Radio'. It's hard to believe that
a major advertiser such as P.I. would intentionally be sponsoring such
an obscure political SW show. What is going on? Have they bought some
spots on WBCQ and one happens to be inserted here [as I noticed once
before: maybe every week]? Spot advertising on US SW stations is
exceeding rare, not to be confused with commercials within a
totally-sponsored syndicated show; tho some appear amid otherwise
unrelated musical filler on WRMI. (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

Hard-Core-DX mailing list


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