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Fun & Games at HFCC B-21   
Wednesday, October 20 2021

Looking at projected B-21 skeds from Oct 31 now available from HFCC:

** ALASKA. KNLS B-21 English, FWIW in HFCC, tho abrupt changes happen:
08-09 6075, 10-11 9680, 12-13 9580 9625, 14-15 6110

** ALGERIA. TDA mixes in real schedules via FRANCE with extensive
imaginary 24h schedules via own sites Ourgla and Bechar, possibly
still under construxion?

** ANGUILLA. Did you know there is a broadcaster called ``Plummer
Applications``? 6090 & 11775 ex-Caribbean Beacon have been gone for
years but DOCTOR Jerry Plummer of WWCR must still think he`s the
frequency manager, on the payroll of PMS:

** BRAZIL. This country has been totally AWOL from HFCC, not even RNA,
but B-21 has a place for R. Inconfidência complete with accents!
Except there are no entries for this 6010v & 15190v station; a thing
to come?

** INDONESIA. Perhaps the greatest laughingstock is RRI which keeps
registering a huge totally imaginary schedule for external and
domestic transmitters, all in English! Including the only one which
exists, 3325, but for only one hour at 02-03 and as from Playa de
Pals, long-abandoned R. Liberty site in SPAIN, complete with its
coördinates! Really should be Palangkaraya, of course:

** MALAYSIA. RTM keeps on the books five long-gone imaginary
frequencies along with two more-or-less active ones:

** POLAND. Here`s an interesting new entry, not yet active?
SPW Radio Warsaw - Transatlantic Radio Station Cul [sic].
10 kW ND from Babice, 07-10 on 7430, 07-13 on 7415

** RUSSIA. The once-great R. Russia [sic] is shown with two Moskva and
one Khabarovsk frequency; maybe worth checking for DRM or something?

But also a huge totally imaginary sked for Voice of Russia:
Wow, we`re so impressed by this major broadcaster!

** SPAIN. Would you believe that REE is 100% in Spanish?
Whew, 9690 is coming back for North America

** THAILAND. HSK9 B-21 sked shows the `traditional` times for English
rather than 30 minutes earlier as recently monitored. Mistake? Which?

** U S A. We see that WBCQ is supposed to be on 5130 for 24 hours,
even tho it was abandoned months ago in favor of 4790, and AW has said
he`s not going back to 5130. They must have forgot that when
registering; or changed the plan?

** U S A. Would you believe that WHRI is still registered B-21 for an
extensive schedule despite being totally off the air and for sale?
Probably just copied from a previous season, when known as LeSEA:

** U S A. Same old frequencies for WRMI Okeechobee, but note the other
site, Issoudun for certain target/clandestines not specified. And
besides 9490 for R. República, an alternate appears, 7225 from France,
which would violate the exclusive 40m hamband in Americas. But not
until 1 March which is not a time change date

** U S A. WRNO still registered for an imaginary daytime frequency
15590 at 16-22, and much longer hours on 7505, 22-16, which is
sometimes on air at 01-04 only:

** U S A. Needlessly complex WWCR sked on same old frequencies except:
12180 at 12-24, also 12160 at 15-21 both on 85-degree antenna.
Possible alternate?

** VANUATU. VBT shows a neat schedule on four non-overlapping
frequencies at 01-24: 7260, 3945, 2485, 3945; and also 5040 at 20-23
only, which is apparently its only active frequency currently at any

** VATICAN. International Radio for Disaster Relief is still
registering 24/7 schedules on one frequency in every band 11 to 50
meters, all as if from SMG, surely place-holders; despite never having
done anything for all the disasters we have been suffering:
O, each noted as: ``!IRDR! Dummy Req.`` OK! LOTS more dummies above
(Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)
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