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An early morning 'Tour de Shortwave Meter Bands'   
Sunday, May 08 2022

An early morning 'Tour de Shortwave Meter Bands'
in North America on May 8 at 11:00 to 12:15 UTC time slot.

11904.993 AUS RBA Reach Beyond Australia (HCA / HCJB) Kununurra in Burmese
to Myanmar target, S=7 fluttery at 11.52 UT.
12009.963 AUS RBA Reach Beyond Australia (HCA / HCJB) Kununurra in Dzongkha
Sundays only at 11.43-11.58 UT, S=7 fluttery at 11.56 UT.

6000even CUB RHC La Habana in Spanish via Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250kW
bcast center. S=7-8 on Rochester-NY state SDR unit at 11.05 UT
on May 8. And also generates a physical harmonic at 12000 kHz
channel, S=7 signal traced at 11.56 UT.
6069.991 CAN CFRX Toronto, rather much poor signal in NY state at 11.13 UT
only -116dBm signal under low threshold level.
6159.942 to x.948 kHz UNSTABLE variable TX signal amateurish mainpower
of WBCQ Monticello ME USA. Varying 6 Hertz steady up and down at
11.18 UT, TOM BS ministry sound with totally funny bleating,
like in an oxen stable. Same TOM archive program also heard on RMI
Okeechobee-FL state on 5800 and 5850 kHz for example.
Religious content is incomprehensible for an European audience.
S=7 at 11.20 UT.
7505.002 USA WRNO English singer group like Soul mx, S=9+10dB at 11.23 UT,
12 kHz wideband audio block visible on browser.
9399.973 PHL FEBC Manila from Iba bcast center in Mandarin Chinese
of Radio Liangyou program, poor -112dBm signal at 11.28 UT.
9410even SNG BBC London En via ENC Encompass Digital Media Services, at
10-12 UT scheduled, S=6-7 in NY state, and 11945 S=6 11.55 UT.
9444.970 KRE Voice of Korea Kujang site in Mandarin Chinese, S=6 at 11.31
9490even TWN RTI in Russian scheduled 11.00-11.58 UT, S=7 in NY-USA,
via new 300 kW Ampegon unit at Pao Chung bcast center. 11.33 UT.
9534.998 CUB RHC La Habana Spanish sce to MEX,GTM,CLM,EQA Latin AM sce
via Bejucal 100 kW unit, S=7 at 11.37 UT on May 8th.
9700.008 NZL R NZ Pacific program from Rangitaiki bc center, S=8 much
fluttery across Pacific Ocean, guitar and drums mx program
at 11.39 UT. 11.4 kHz wideband audio block visible on screen.
9709.997 CUB also on lower fq flank, RHC Spanish morning service via
50 kW unit of former USSR shortwave relay site Bejucal, at
11.40 UT on May 8th. Target is Antilles, Tobago, Suriname azim.
9739.996 TWN R Taiwan Internat in Japanese via Pao Chung 100 kW TX site
S=7 at 11.42 UT.
9794.975 PHL FEBC Manila in Vietnamese via Iba bcast center, poor S=6
in NY state at 11.46 UT.
9839.975 VTN Voice of Vietnam from Son Tay site, English sce at 11.48 UT
poor S=6 in NY state.
13635.007 TUR Voice of Turkey, Turkish scheduled 06.00-12.58 UT at 12.02
13740even CUB RHC from Bauta site in Spanish, S=8-9 Spanish singer
and accompanied Saxophone music program, at 12.05 UT on May 8th.
13845.006 USA WWCR Nashville TN, English sermon talk '... on Temple ...',
S=9+30 proper signal into Rochester-NY SDR installation at 12.08
15140even CUB RHC Bauta Spanish, S=7-8 at 12.10 UT in Rochester-USA.
15230even CUB RHC La Habana in Spanish morning sce towards North AM,
central Latin AM, Caribbean, South AM. Via Quivican San Felipe
TITAN 250 kW bcast center towards Brazil and Argentine target,
S=7 in NY state at 12.14 UT.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 8)


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