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Glenn Hauser logs September 21-22, 2022   
Thursday, September 22 2022


Re log Sept 21 / 22 on Don Moman_VE6JY installation remotedly
at Edmonton-Alberta-Canada, whole log will send later the day,
few exception:

ALGERIA 13600.002 ? one of the few RTA engineering tests ?
noted S=8 signal from Ourgla new Ampegon unit ?,
later than scheduled at 23.12 UT on Sept 21. Much fluttery and
low modulation signal on backlobe path.

EGYPT noted likely two bcast outlets from Radio Cairo's Abis site,
distorted audio though, hard to tell the languages in use.

9439.995 kHz S=9+10dB signal strength in Alberta at 22.20 UT.

9899.964 Unid likely R Cairo in Portuguese(?), S=7-8 at 22.33 UT.

CHINA a lot of China mainland bcasts of CRI, CNR1, CNR2 Business,
as well as alot of domestics also, heard 'all over the place'
in 31 to 13 meterbands, and in fq range between too.

For example CNR1 Mandarin relay as jammer against TWN SOH and
others swervices too, noted at 23.36 UT on
13920, 14560, 14670, 14920, 15340, 15360, 15380 regular, 15480,
15555, 15740, 15760, 15775, 15920, 15970, 16100, 16160, 17550,
17560, 17580, 17595, 18970, 21530 kHz,
and highest TWN SOH noted on 21799.662 kHz too.

TURKEY 9830.003 TRT Emirler noted like on strong carrier only,
seems no modulation heard at 22.30 UT S=9+10dB in Edmonton,
Glenn, - much different trace when compared to your observation
story down below text ...

CUBA to mention speedy of Sept 21 / 22:
9534.999 RHC Bejucal Sp to CeAM S=6 at 22.22 UT.
9710even RHC Bejucal Sp to Antilles Suriname etc. S=8 at 22.25 UT

11669.995 kHz was REE Noblejas instead til 23 UT // 11940.009, both
French (!) sce 22.30-23.00 UT, but Cuban RHC Spanish appeared on
11670even kHz higher from 23 UT onwards.
REE Noblejas on 17855 kHz noted at 00.06 UT on Sept 22, S=8 in CAN.

11760 kHz RHC Bauta, but bad mixture with CRI in Portuguese S=9+10dB.
Bauta had a break around 23 UT off-air, but appeared on air again
when checked later at 23.42 UT.

11880even RHC Bauta slewed at 130degrees towards southern AF, noted
all off-modulation at 22-24 UT, though S=9+20dB full power in Alberta.
11950even RHC Mesa Retonda different Spanish sce observed at 22-23 UT
S=9+20dB strong signal.

No signals on 11840/11850/11860, nor on harmonic 12000 kHz.
No signals noted in 22 meterband, nor on 15140 kHz in 19mb.

15230even RHC Quivacan San Felipe TITAN site, towards Brazil
and Argentina in SoAM at 23.41 UT.

Others 9264.989 WINB,
9580even BBCWS Al Seela Oman at 22.24UT S=9+10,
9664.957 and 9818.804, 11815.017, 15189.899 kHz
some Brazilians at 22.29 - 23.30 UT
9979.992 USA WWCR BS TOM S=9+25dB powerhouse at 22.40 UT.

11780.008 Brazilian RNA S=9+35dB powerhouse at 22.50 UT.
12050even USA WEWN EWTN Catholics R from Birmingham,
Spanish sce at 23.03 UT S=9+10dB.
12069.966 FEBC Iba and 12094.975 from Bocaue site at 23.07 UT

13590.002 TWN RTI Taiwan on Korean via Pao Chung S=9 23.09UT
13650even CUB Quivican CRI Portuguese music sce, S=9+10dB,
but underneath heard also NHK Radio Japan World in Vietnamese
via Yamata Ibaragi center. 23.30 UT.
13759.958 odd KRE KCBS Kujang in Korean, S=6 23.16 UT.

15245.241 much odd fq KRE VoKOR KCBS Korean sce at 23.44 UT.
15625.038 and 15685.014 kHz both GUM KSDA AWR Agat in Mandarin

15720.012 NZL R NZ Pacific En Rangitaiki, S=8 at 23.52 UT on
Sept 21, talk on popular traditional songs, then Watergate
hotel theme, ... then Julie Roberts theme ... and
15727 hopping OTHR digital signal to 15731 kHz and back too...
17719.996 kHz GUM KSDA AWR Burmese sce from Agat, sweet
smooth singer performed at 00.04 UT on Sept 22.
73 wb df5sx

----- Original Message -----
From: Glenn Hauser via Hard-Core-DX

Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2022 3:08 AM
Subject: [HCDX] Glenn Hauser logs September 21-22, 2022

ALGERIA [non]. 11985 & 12060, Sept 21 at 1907, still no signals
from scheduled TDA relays via FRANCE, checking SDRs in Africa and
Maryland (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

EGYPT. 9439.995, Sept 21 at 2204, R. Cairo is on today, S9+25 into
UTwente, but extremely distorted modulation, useless. This protracted
incompetence at National Media Authority is really remarkable.
Something`s always egregious in Egypt (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

TURKEY. 9830.002+, Sept 21 at 2202, VOT English at S9+45 but just
barely modulated: I have to run UTwente volume at max, a risk if
tuning to anything else, and also local volume at max, just to hear it
at ``normal`` level. 2215 `Review of the Tuerkiyeish Press`; 2344
`Feeling Supreme` repeat about natural remedies for diabetic/insulin
problems. Does not go off circa 2255, but IS, 2300 TS and opening
extra German airing while the sleepyops doze. News, 2314 song; 2334
multi-lingual ID reel, still going past 2344 song. By now mod level
better, can back off a bit, but still under-. 2347 `DYKT` theme and
German version, something about a tower.

Double bonus! Stays on after German too with IS and 2356
Luso-Portuguese IDs, UT Sept 22 *0000 sign-on for another broadcast
not supposed to be on SW at all. I quickly notify the radioescutas io
group that brasileiros are in luck tonight! Sign-on only heard giving
satellite parameters. Too busy to listen closely but usual mix of talk
features and Turkish music, still 0043; 0053 IS and finally cut off
the air as if this were an intentional emission. Bet it won`t be on
tomorrow, but sporadically (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 0108 UT September 22
_Hard-Core-DX mailing list

Hard-Core-DX mailing list


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