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Log May 11 - 12   
Friday, May 12 2023


Log May 11 - 12:

surprise, surprise
ALASKA KNLS Anchor Point religious channel on much odd frequency
this UTC afternoon May 12

9579.903 ALS KNLS WCB Anchor Point, Russian, May 12 17.48 16.43 UT
much ODD fq aligned today.

and Rangitaiki NZL on lower sideband flank:

9699.984 NZL R NZ Pacific, pop mx, S=9+30dB, May 12 17.53 UT

73 wolfie df5sx

TAIWAN/CHINA Taiwan Sound of Hope; and other subject of China mainland

SOH Taiwan A-23 Shortwave Frequency list of 2023,
monitored by wb on May 11 - 20

Also on log noted some other China CNR1 jamming broadcasts

Log of May 11 checked some Asian target outlets on remote SDRs in
Hiroshima, Akitaka, as well as at northern Tokyo Japan Far East

CNR1 Beijing program compared during monitoring against web player

<http://www.surfmusic.de/radio-st ion/cnr-1-voice-of-china,10555.html>

5829.938*UZB Iran International TV, RRTM Telecom Tashkent-UZB
Persian, S=8 in Japan on May 11 - 12 19.05 UT
5857.500*KOR HLL Seoul Meteorological stn Seoul, Korean 19.31 UT
5919.993*KRE Jam against Voice of Freedom, Korean,S=9+15dB 19.36 UT
BUBBLE and other machine heterodyne audio signals, equal
level. 888 Hertz accompanied string on lower and upper side
5995.029*KRE Jamming of North Korean S=9+45dB May 11-12 19.40 UT
KOR KOR Echo of Hope, Korean, 19.05 UT May 12.
11.2 kHz wide audio.
6015even*KOR KBS Hanminjok, Korean, ditter bubble jammed, not strong
S=9+25dB in Hiroshima-Akitakata-JPN 19.46 UT
6099.997*KRE KCBS Kanggye, S=9+40dB powerhouse, alignement tone
heard already at 19.48 UT, 300 / 500 / 700 and main 1000 Hz
tone up to 30 kHz wide audio block, on May 11 19.50 UT
May 12 01.23 UT
6140DRM*mode digital KCBS Pyongyang Kanggye, Kor,S=9+25dB 19.55 UT
6160.003*KRE Pyongyang BS, sweet female soldiers army chorus S=9+30dB
powerful, 9 kHz wide audio block, 21.00- 01.26 UT

6214.949*TWN SOH Chinese, S=9+5dB level, May 12 19.09 UT
6249.995*KOR Echo of Hope, Korean S=9+35dB May 12 19.11 UT
6250.600*KRE jamming against EoH, various scratching machine
bubbler noise, S=9+10dB, May 12, 6220 to 6280 kHz 19.13 UT
6340.166*TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen, Miaoli, S=9+15dB 19.14 UT
6346.700*KRE jamming against ???, various scratching machine
bubbler noise, S=9+10dB, May 12 00.13 UT
6350.031*KOR Echo of Hope, Korean S=9+35dB May 12 19.16 UT
6369.965*TWN SOH Chinese Mandarin, S=9+5dB May 12 19.17 UT
6520.017*KOR Voice of the People, and KRE jamming S=9+35dB 19.19 UT
6600even*KOR Voice of the People, and KRE jamming S=9+40dB 19.20 UT
May 12.
6850.021*TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen, Miaoli, S=9+dB, May 12 19.21 UT
6865.119*TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen, Miaoli, S=9 May 12 19.23 UT
6900.019*TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen, Miaoli, S=8-9 May 12 19.26 UT
6970.094*TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen, Miaoli, S=9+5dB May 12 19.28 UT

7209.911*TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen, Miaoli, S=8-9 May 12 19.30 UT
7280.105*TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen. 0000-2359 Chinese Miaoli
S=8-9 in Hiroshima-JPN. May 12 19.32 UT
7310even*CHN CNR1 jamming signal against TWN SoH services 01.08 UT
7310.058*TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Sheng. 0000-2359 UT Chinese Miaoli
S=8 in Tokyo-JPN. May 12 19.33 UT
7365even*THA VoA Udorn Thani Ban Dung, Korean, S=9+20dB 19.36 UT
and also covered by heavy
7365 *KRE jamming, 40 kHz wideband jamming block from NoKorea.

7419.989*CHN CNR PBS Nei Menggu Hohhot, Chinese May 12 00.25 UT
7600.051*TWN SOH Mandarin S=7, 0200-0100 UT. 00.27 UT
7644.968*TWN SOH Mandarin S=8, 0200-0100 UT Codar May 12 19.42 UT
7710.187*TWN SOH Mandarin S=6 May 12 19.44 UT
7719.998*KOR EoH VOH Korean Clandestine stn program from
Suwon?Seoul-KOR, much fluttery S=9+20dB signal on SDR unit in
Hiroshima-Akitakata-JPN. May 12 19.47 UT 00.30 UT

7750.166*TWN SOH Miaoli Chinese S=5 poor 19.48 UT 01.00 UT
7810.036*TWN SOH Miaoli Chinese S=7-8 May 12 19.49 UT
7820 harmonic of KRE heavy scratch tone jamming *May 12 19.50 UT
7860 harmonic of KRE heavy scratch tone jamming *May 12 19.51 UT
7898 - 7985 kHz Codar wipe signal 19.52 UT

9099.997 KOR EoH VOH Korean Clandestine stn program from
Suwon Seoul-KOR, much fluttery S=8 signal heard on SDR unit in
Hiroshima-JPN. August 19 12.57 UT, 11.33 UT 03.03 UT
16.30 UT also jammed from North KRE co-channel
9119.974*TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen, S=8 May 12 00.58 UT
9119.986*TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen, S=9+5dB8 May 12 17.30 UT
9155even*CHN CNR1 jamming S=9+25dB May 12 16.03 UT
9155.007*TWN Sound of Hope Taipei, S=7 16.04 UT
9179.951*TWN Sound of Hope Taipei, S=8 May 12 16.06 UT 00.50 UT
9215.001*TWN Sound of Hope Taipei, S=7-8 May 12 00.49 UT
9229.966*TWN Sound of Hope Taipei, S=8-9 May 12 16.07 UT 00.48 UT
9230even*CHN CNR1 jamming S=8-9 May 12 16.04 UT
9254.860*TWN Sound of Hope Taipei, S=8 May 12 17.34 16.05 UT
9255even*CHN CNR1 jamming S=9+15dB May 12 16.10 UT 01.15 UT
9280.112*TWN Sound of Hope Taipei, S=9 May 12 16.14 UT 00.47 UT
9299.941*TWN Sound of Hope Taipei, S=8 May 12 00.48 UT
9299.952*TWN Sound of Hope Taipei, S=9+5dB May 12 16.17 UT
9300even*CHN CNR1 jamming S=9+5dB May 12 16.16 UT
9355even*CHN CNR1 jamming S=9+5dB May 12 16.19 UT
9355even*TJK USAGM relay Dushanbe Orzu, Uighur May 12 16.20 UT
9390even*TJK BBCWS Kor, IS sig from 16.24 UT via Orzu 17.37 UT
S=9+10dB started earlier 16.30 and 17.30 UT Mon-Fri only
9420DRM mode*digital CNR1 Qiqar site NoEaChina, S=9 in Tokyo00.47 UT
9420.003*CHN CNR13 Lingshi, Uighur, S=9+10dB May 12 16.24 UT
9425.014*KRE Voice of Korea Kujang, German, S=9+30dB 16.29 UT
TX center location INTERMODULATION mixture with various
D.P.R. North Korean jamming services, at Kujang.
9435even*KRE Voice of Korea Kujang, French, S=9+15dB 16.30 UT
KCBS Korean from Kujang, May 12 17.40 UT
9499.989*SWZ TWR Africa, Manzini, Oromo sce 17.40 UT 16.31 UT
9514.994*KOR KBS World Radio, Kimjae, En 16-17 UT S=9+10dB 16.34 UT
9530even*CHN CNR11 Baoji Sifangshan RTC #724 site, S=8 01.11 UT
9540.012*TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen, Miaoli, S=9+5dB May 12 16.36 UT
9540even*UAE underneath IBRAHIM Amharic, 16.15-17.00 UT 16.37 UT
9579.903*ALS KNLS WCB Anchor Point, Russian, May 12 17.48 16.43 UT
much ODD fq aligned today.
9620.003*IND AIR Bangalore, Persian sce 16.00-17.30 UT,S=8 17.49 UT
9645.107*UAE IBRA/Ibrahim R, Silte, HoAF mx, S=8, May 12 17.51 UT
9674.991*ARS R Saudi Internat Riyadh,Turk./Indon.ID, S=8 17.59 UT
9699.984*NZL R NZ Pacific, pop mx, S=9+30dB, May 12 17.53 UT
9719.942*UZB Furusato no Kaze, Jap,viaTashkent, S=9+25dB 18.00 UT
9720even*CHN CNR2 Business Radio Baoji-Xinji S=9 on May 12 01.37 UT
9729.958*VTN Voice of Vietnam, Son Tay, Spanish 18.00-18.30 UT
S=8-9 signal 18.02 UT
9750even*CHN PBS Nei Menggu, Mongolian, May 12 01.35 UT
9765even*CHN CRI Shijiazhuang, Russ, heavy BUBBLE JAMMING, S=9+25dB
May 12 18.13 UT
9779.991*CHN PBS Qinghai Xining, in Mandarin, S=7 May 12 00.42 UT
9819.926*TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen, Miaoli, S=7 May 12 00.39 UT
9849.895*TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen, Miaoli, S=8 May 12 00.35 UT
9874.997*KRE Voice of Korea Kujang, French,S=9+15dB May 12 18.45 UT
9970even*CHN CNR1 jamming signal S=9+15dB, Chinese Firedrake music
against RFA Mandarin Chinese, May 12 18.50 UT
9969.980*MRA RFA Saipan Agingan Point, S=9+40dB May 12 18.53 UT
9969.973*TWN SOH Xi Wang Zhi Shen, Miaoli, S=7 May 12 00.37 UT
9989.976*MRA US AGM RFA Korean sce via Agignan Point, Saipan,
Korean 17-18.58 UT, S=9+35dB signal level. May 12 18.56 UT

[selected SDR options, span 10.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 11 - 12)
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