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Myanmar Radio now on 5919.0 kHz.   
Friday, January 12 2024

MYANMAR It is a problem within Myanmar country now at present ?

of electro energy shortage and clashes with special forces near China border

and ceasefire between with insurgents and military junta

with the help abd pressure of China P.R. government?

Latter reported the other day...

Last night checked Nay Phi Taw

still on their usual 5914.979 odd transmitter on air.

Likely around 12.45 UT an older unit as of Yangon-Yegu site

or northern Pyin Oo Lwin site

is in use to compensate the power shortage ?

73 wb df5sx

ps. on Japanese Aoki Perseus userlist1

a large inflation of Nay Pyi Daw transmitters is listed, this is totally wrong.

Nay Pyi Daw contain only a single fixed fqy 591^5 kHz tx.

All other MMR SW TX are located

at Yangon-Yegu or northern Pyin Oo Lwin site.

in year 2010 still on Shan state opposition radio ?

Defence Forces Broadcasting Station, Taunggyi:
0030-0430, 0830-0930, 1130-1530 5770 kHz.
(Alan Davies-THA, dxld Nov 19, 2010)

and in 1997

MYANMAR A quick check between 1230-1330 UTC reveals very good signals
from Defense Forces Unit in Taunggi on 6570 kHz to s.off at 1330 UTC.

Myawadi is on 5973 kHz doing good at 1230 past 1330 usual s.off at 1530.
4725 the local dialect sce is strong, but has been having a loud hum for a
couple of months now. s.off at 1330 aprox. Yangon continues to be on
5985.85 to 1600 UTC.

(Victor Goonetilleke-CLN 4S7VK, UADX, Oct 12, 1997)

MYANMAR Myanmar Dxing.

MRTV Myanmar, 711 kHz Tha Pyay Radio, from Nay Phi Taw, in Burmese 13.00

past 14.15 UTC to sign off 14.30 UTC, listed as the 2nd programme of MRTV.

a news and information channel. Tha Pyay Radio could have several possible

English meanings and the most likely one is Victory Radio, if its directly

translated from Burmese, 29 Dec 2023.

Myanmar Radio 729 kHz Yangon, Minority Service programme, news and infor-

mation with a few excerpts in English around 13.00 hrs past 13.30 UTC on

25 Dec 2023. Entirely different programmes to the minority service on 5915

kHz from the administrative capital Napytaw and to the main service on

576 kHz, 594 kHz and 5985 kHz.

I suspect 729 kHz targets thousands of ethnic nationals living in Yangon

and the surrounding areas while 5915 kHz from Napytaw aims to reach ethnic

communities across the country and even beyond. Two-thirds of Myanmar's

population are Burmese. They are the ruling majority ethnic group.

The remaining inhabitants hail from over 135 diverse ethnic groups, offi-

cially recognized by the government. These groups include the Shan, Karen,

Karenni, Mon, Kachin, Chin, and Rakhine, among many others. They speak a

staggering array of over 100 languages and dialects, contributing to the

country's rich cultural tapestry. 73

(Sarath Weerakoon_4S5SL, Mt.Lavinia Sri Lanka beach,

via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 1, 2024)

MYANMAR 5985 kHz Myanmar Radio, Yangon-Yegu relay txion center on former

British empire colony capital in the south. 1528+ UT, Jan 6. Significant

QRM from Turkey on frequency, but it faded out by 1545 UT; the usual

English segment from 1530+ UT; some adjacent light QRM. My audio of COVID-

19 PSA and interesting "Public notice for the elimination of violence" is


The county is currently experiencing a lot of unrest. Noticed in the news

today, that a rebel military group has taken control of a city -



(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wor and via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 6)

Jan 10 - Formerly Myanmar Radio was on ex5915, where CRI was also broad-

casting with a strong signal. Today heard from 1220+ UT, with a much

better signal than heard underneath CRI.

(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wor and via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 10)

Checked the reported 5919 kHz channel oddity today Jan 12 at 01.00 UT:

settled back Nay Phi Taw single TX site on 5914.979 kHz, S=8 or -84dBm

signal observed in Doha Qatar SDR remotedly.

CRI Huhhot #694 ChinaCom site, CHN mainland is on 5915even.

But NOTHING heard from MMR on 5914v nor 5919v kHz around 13.05 UT Jan 12.

Only 5915 kHz even CHN mainland CRI Huhhot #694 ChinaCom signal in

Eastern India and Doha Qatar Perseus SDR net remotedly.

(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 12)

5915 kHz Myanmar Radio, Nay Pyi Daw site, Dec 26; fair signal already 'in'

and fqy clear from 1237 UT with OM in Burmese in talks, perhaps nxcast or

commentary. Peak signal 1310 UT with YL in Burmese. Good but hash under-

neath from neighborhood Christmas lights. Not a peep from Myanmar on 5985

kHz this morning, though, with too much spillover QRM from blaring 5980 kHz

USAGM Radio Marti Greenville-NC-USA site.

(Ralph Perry, Wheaton-IL-USA, NASWA Electronic Flashsheet #1133 Jan 07)

From: Chris Mackerell
Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2024 1:48 PM
To: WOR@groups.io
Subject: Re: [WOR] Myanmar Radio now on 5919.0 kHz.

Good signal into my KiwiSDRs at Marahau, New Zealand around 12:45 UTC

Cheers, Chris

On 2024-01-12 01:32, Ron Howard wrote:

Jan 11 - Again heard Myanmar Radio on their new frequency of 5919.0 kHz. (ex: 5915), from 1045+ UT.
Thanks to Mauno Ritola, in Finland and Rob Wagner, in Australia, who have also been able to hear the
new frequency. Will this change be permanent? Please continue to monitor!

Hard-Core-DX mailing list


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