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Radio Progreso - Cuba ++   
Thursday, February 01 2024


and more logs of last UTC night time.

From: DF5SX@darc.de
Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2024
Subject: Re: [WOR] Radio Progreso - Cuba

Febr 1st nigthtime, monitoring in AB-CAN and Detroit MI state USA North

CUBA 5024.994 kHz empty carrier S=9+15dB in AB-CAN province at 01.42 UT,
no programme modulated at this hour;
no RTTY signal QRM nearby v5022 kHz either.

4764.996 kHz S=9 -74dBm low modulation of RadioCuba ‘R Progreso’ music px
on this skip of Bauta or Bejucal towards Edmonton-AB-CAN,
noted some 120 Hertz main power whistle tone too, accompanied at 01.46 UT.

6000even RHC QUI English ‘... next program coming week ...’, at 01.50 UT on
Febr 1,

S=9+30dB powerful, and 12000 kHz hx.

11760even CUB RHC Sp low modulated, but nice audio in clean matter tonigth,
S=9+10dB, ‘... de la noche ...’. 02.00 UT.

15230even CUB RHC Sp towards ARG / BRA SoAM, backlobe S=8 signal in AB-CAN,
at 02.27 UT on Febr 1st.

USA WBCQ around 01.48 UT on 5130.325, 6159.934, 7489.963 kHz.
9264.986 kHz WINB, bible reading religious, powerhouse S=9+35dB at 01.57 UT.

BRAZIL Ràdio Voz Missionaria Brazil, 5940.148, 9665.038, 11749.956 kHz
at 02.03 UT.
11780.010 kHz Rádio Nacional Brasilia, speech like presenter to crowd,

tremendous powerful signal audio block. 02.07 UT.
11815.017 kHz Rádio Bras Central, S=8 at 02.09 UT, symphonic like mx

THAILAND 13750even R Thailand Bangkok, via US AGM bcast center Ban Dung
in Udorn Thani northeastern Thailand relay. Southern Thai border report of
muslim nationals countryside.

MADAGASCAR 13759.957 kHz MWV New Life Station, Mahajanga, Madagascar
at 02.19 UT, S=8-9, and co-channel 2 (two) Chinese language stns bad mixture

13760 kHz CHN CNR1 jamming progr against Sound of Hope sect from TWN.

and more

CHINA/TAIWAN Above 22 meterband some CNR1 China mainland jamming
against opposition radio from Taiwan of Sounf of Hope Mandarin sect.

13920even kHz CHN CNR1 jamming and
13919.977 kHz TWN SOH in Mandarin S=9+5dB at 02.21 UT.

15245.003 TWN RFA Burmese sce via Taiwanese Paochung bcast center at
02-03 UT, S=8 in AB-CAN.

15695 DRM digital mode transmission of
CNR1 China mainalnd domestic sce via Kunming relay site in southern CHN.
S=8 at 02.38 UT.

15740even CHN CNR1 jammer against SOH TWN Mandarin, S=9 at 02.39 UT.

15760even CHN CNR1 jammer against SOH TWN Mandarin, S=9+10 at 02.40 UT
15759.946 kHz TWN SOH Mandarin sce co-channel.
15800even CHN CNR1 jammer against SOH TWN Mandarin, S=9+10 at 02.42 UT
15799.950 kHz TWN SOH Mandarin sce co-channel, 02.44 UT.

15839.835 kHz TWN SOH Mandarin sce co-channel, 02.46 UT only S=6 signal.

15920even CHN CNR1 jammer against SOH TWN Mandarin, S=9+5 at 02.46 UT
15919.869 kHz TWN SOH Mandarin sce co-channel, 02.47 UT.
15940.281 kHz TWN SOH Mandarin sce, S=5-6, at 02.49 UT.

15970even CHN CNR1 jammer against SOH TWN Mandarin, S=9+10 at 02.49 UT
15969.952 kHz TWN SOH Mandarin sce co-channel, 02.50 UT.

16100even CHN mainland Time Pips of 03.00 UT, TX switch OFF, few seconds
later at 03.02:10 UT txion start on different CNR1 jammer channel of
16160even kHz against
16160.085 kHz TWN SOH Mandarin sect px, S=9 at 03.03 UT Febr 1st.

INDIA 15410.006 IND Akashvani Nepali program of AIR Delhi via Bangalore
relay bcast center, S=9+15dB, at 02.28 UT, followed by Hindi language sce
from 02.30 UT.

TAJIKISTAN 15510even kHz AWR Asia in English via Dushanbe Yangi Yul center,
S=9+10dB fluttery audio signal, 02.33 UT, female pastor talking about Roman
Catholic Church Vatican theme ...

KOREA REP OF 15574.991 kHz KBS Spanish from Seoul South Korea, 02-03 UT
via Kimjae relay center, 02.34 UT, female presenter, much frio temperature

PHILIPPINES 15640even Radyo Pilipinas via USAGM relay site Tinang central

to foreign workers in ME and NE, and guest worker in Israel farming area,
at 02.36 UT, 02.00-03.30 UT, S=8-9 much fluttery signal into Alberta CAN SDR
installation remotedly.

73 wolfie df5sx
wwdxc topnews

From: Tony Pavick
Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2024 10:17 PM
Subject: [WOR] Radio Progreso - Cuba

Noted last night (PST) that Radio Progreso ran overtime on 4765. My

has been that they are off at 0500 UT. I did a quick bandscan at 0505 and
was surprised to find them still on until an abrupt and unceremonious cut at

The time seemed to be music fill.

They would be a nice listen if audio and reception was better. Surprised to

the number of American oldies they play at times as music fill
Tony Pavick

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