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Voice of Turkey   
Monday, April 01 2024

Today April 1st, noted A-24 ITU / hfcc.org new summer requests
observed TRT Emirler and Radio Kuwait from their Kabd site
around 09 and 10 UT.

TURKEY 17615.020 TRT Ankara in Turk language Tatar
to Kazan? oblast in 32degr azimuth to former USSR now Zsar Putin’s Russia,
at ITU target zones #30 and #29,

10.00-10.30 UT via Emirler site at S=9+15 signal in Qatar and Tokyo Japan remotedly.
Excellent TX unit audio on this channel,
no whistle tone disturbtion noted so far.

17740.013 TRT Ankara via Emirler in French language, S=9+10dB in Far East Tokyo Japan at 10.14 UT.
Excellent TX unit audio on this channel,
no whistle tone disturbtion noted here so far.

7210.016 TRT Ankara via Emirler in Bulgarian language “Govorit Turkyie”
at 11.00-11.30 UT scheduled,
heard remotedly in HNG, POL, and southern Germany WW Perseus-net SDR installation,
S=9+10dB strength.

That’s the channel on April 1st used the 4th FAULTY MODULATION u n i t
of Turkish Radiocom at Emirler site park,
send out the usual w h i s t l e heterodyne tone modulation. S=9+30dB powerful signal
noted in Athens-GRC Perseus unit at 11.12 UT.

17790 even fqy ! TRT Emirler in Chinese at 12.40 UT, S=8 in Athens.

17620.023 much odd fqy TRT Emirler in English to WeEUR and NoAM at 12.36 UT April 1
S=9 in Athens GRC remotedly.

11965.013 kHz odd fqy of TUR TRT Ankara via Emirler txion center in Russian at 13.03 UT,
S=9+20dB, at 13.08 UT ID heard “Golos Tuerkiye”, scheduled 13-14 UT.
Much clean superb audio quality on this TX unit !

17815.011 TRT Ankara via Emirler site, Turkish lang, 13-16 UT towards
NoEUR and NoAM, S=9+45dB strong powerful signal noted at 13.17 UT on April 1st.

17690.022 kHz much odd fqy of TUR TRT Ankara via Emirler site, Kazakh Turk language
section heard at 13.43 UT on April 1st, S=9+20dB in EUR / GRC / and Doha Qatar remotedly,
at 13.44 UT noted Turkey recent weekend big Cities Election Results
read by male presenter in Kazakh language.

and Kurdish National Radio / Erdogan Turkish jammer radio handle:
at 13.25 on April 1st
11525even Kurdish national Denge Gel radio program, talk by mens presenter,
S=9+5dB at 13.25 UT.
11550.013 kHz TURKEY TRT Emirler carries Erdogan jamming of Turkish army music band,
Osmanic flute/drums band mx of Turk ME mx type, S=9+25dB stronger than Denge Gel
transmission. in Athens and Doha Qatar SDR units, remotedly. At 13.27 UT strong
annoying WHISTLE TONE TX unit, faulty 1300 to 1500 Hertz WHISTLE tone modulation.
Terrible heterodyne audio quality, once again from Emirler.

Nearby UNKNOWN Korean language sce likely Target Radio to the Korea’s
from Tashkent UZB site (?) on
11509.960 kHz at 13.21 UT on April 1. S=9 signal in Athens and Doha Qatar.
– Ron Howard help ?

ROMANIA 17760even RRI Bucharest via Tiganesti site - in Chinese, S=8 in Athens at 12.42 UT
on April 1.

17690even kHz
co-channel in request procedure process on hfcc.org
12-13 UT RFI Paris via ISS to AF target,
and terrible disturbtion also in Asia of
17690even kHz USAGM Tibetan to China / CEAS via Orzu Dushanbe TJK relay site.

KUWAIT Radio Kuwait from Kabd bcast center, heard today April 1st morning after long break:

7249.856 kHz surprisingly much O D D fqy noted in Doha Qatar Perseus-net SDR
and three local Kuwait KIWI units remotedly, from Kuwait Amateur Radio Society #1 rx

at 09.35 UT, scheduled Persian sce 08-10 UT, S=9+25dB in Doha Qatar, S=9+15dB on local Kuwait KIWI SDR

via webbrowser access.

At 09.59:35 UT program end with Kuwait National Hymn played,

followed by Time Pips at exact 10.00 UT,


two sentences in Filipino(!) read by PHL female voice presenter,

cut-OFF 41 mband bcast txion at 10.02 UT,

R Kuwait Filipino section which is scheduled from 10 to 12 UT

on shortwave 17760 kHz,

but N O T on air in 16 mband today.

Further check showed DRM digital mode bcast on R Kuwait’s 19 mband

15110 kHz DRM even S=9+30dB in Hiroshima and Tokyo Japan at 10.07 UT.

Someone with DRM decoding availability should check,

whether in Arabic or English program presence there.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]

(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 1)

Sent: Monday, April 01, 2024 2:05 AM
Subject: Re: [WOR] Voice of Turkey

TURKEY [and non]. 11785, Sunday March 31 at 2200, A24 VOT English is VG direct, S9+15/25, much better as to be expected than ex-5960 in B23 at 2300. 11780 Brasil is not on, so no ACI thence: I`d think they would surely be on for `A Voz do Brasil` hour. Now for convenience I`m on the Maryland remote. 2216 ending repeat of `Weekly Analysis` about Egyptian œconomy, music. 2222 TRT Vorld promo. 2223 `Letterbox`: host is very sad because one of his best friends died yesterday after battling cancer for 15 years: Therefore, this is a repeat of last week. We`re sad for him too, but glad to hear something of a humanizing element on such a broadcast! But tune-out this repeat. It`s too convenient now to tune over to the RRI`s simul English 15 kHz away on 11800, see ROMANIA. After it closes at 2256 I recheck 11785 and it`s already off too, no extra German.
(Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

On Sunday, March 31, 2024 at 10:34:31 PM GMT, Harold Sellers <dxerharold@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mar 31, 2024, at 22:32, Tony Pavick <pavukanton@gmail.com> wrote:
> VoT is coming in with Letterbox on 11785 khz at 2225 ! UT for me this afternoon. Sample at
> https://twitter.com/PopShopRadio1/status/1774564664514621715
> It actually sounds better in person than it does on the recording
> Tony Pavick
> Hope BC Canada
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