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Tue Morn  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, January 26 2010

Unid, 7590, 0013-0030 Noted two male individuals in
French language conversation.

Heard "Washington" mentioned and "Fort Lauderdale"
mentioned. This is probably

a local station broadcasting for Haitians. It is very
strong. Could not find a listing

anywhere for this type of broadcast. The signal was
very good. (Chuck Bollland,

January 26, 2010)

Note: will amend the above logging if I catch an ID.

26.27N 81.05w


Some DX  View Printable Version 
Monday, January 25 2010

South Africa, 3320, Radio Sonder Grense, 0333-0345,
Noted a male in comments briefly

then just music. The signal was poor to fair with
fading. (Chuck Bolland, January 25, 2010)

Honduras, 3250, Radio Luz y Vida, 0340-0355, Noted a
Radio Drama in English language.

The drama concerned a religious topic. Signal was
good. English is schedule during

the weekend until 0400 on this station according to the
WRTH. (Chuck Bolland,

January 25, 2010)

South Africa, 3255, BBC 0349-0400 Noted a sports news
program with details in English.

Mainly the news concerned soccer with scores and
highlights. Signal was fair.

(Chuck Bolland, January 25, 2010)

South Africa, 3345, Channel Africa, (Tent) 0353-0400,
Noted steady music here. Signal was

poor with a lot of noise and splatter. (Chuck Bolland,
January 25, 2010)

Costa Rica, 3350, Radio Exterior de Espana, 0355-0400
Noted a live concerned that was

recorded by someone of the group Queen. After that
tune, a canned ID by a female.
Signal was strong but distorted. (C Bolland, January
25, 2010)

Croatia, 3985, Voice of Croatia, 0400-0410 Noted a
female in news in Croatian language.

At 0404 a canned ID my a male. Live comments followed
from a male. The comments

could have been sports, but not sure. Signal was fair.
(Chuck Bolland, January 25, 2010)


26.27N 081.05W

Disclaimer: Not responsible for poor spelling of Non
English words.


PNG  View Printable Version 
Sunday, January 24 2010

PAPUA NEW GUINEA 3385 R. East New Britain Usual pgming w/fairly nice signal before it started fading around 1245. Really noisy though. Finally went off at 1334:52 in mid-song. Decent signal on 3325 at 1312, probably Bougainville after pgm had already ended. Sounded like the Indo was underneath. 3290 was doing well also but w/QRM from SSB xmsns. Still just barely getting audio by 1329. Looked like the signal was still there at 1400. Disappointed that 3345, 3315, 3275 and 3260 have all been silent lately. (23 Jan)

73 Dave


Join Radio Heritage from just US$ 10  View Printable Version 
Sunday, January 24 2010


Radio Heritage invites new Annual and Lifetime
supporters - Instant Savings & Discounts!!!!!!


Radio Netherlands partners AIR for co-production  View Printable Version 
Friday, January 22 2010

Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) has entered into a new partnership with All India Radio (AIR) for co-production of a show - Earth Beat.

Both organisations will work together in the co production called Earth Beat India. The programme will be broadcast nationally by AIR in English and Hindi every two weeks.

RNW had partnered with the Gyaan Vani radio channels promoted by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in December 2009 for the same show.

The Earth Beat team sees monitoring the earth's heartbeat as our task. They look at our footprint on this world and run stories of the people trying to make that footprint lighter.

Earth Beat India is looking at what we create, develop, conserve and destroy; meeting and challenging the people who are making these changes. It is about questioning the way we live now and exploring the issues that will affect our common future.

RNW offers international stories with new opinions, green gadgets and green wash while AIR brings the Indian perspective. This co production seeks to bridge the approach of developed and developing countries on environmental issues. The presentation is in hands of Chhavi Sachdev and Poonam Girdhani.

Commenting on the partnership, RNW Director General Jan Hoek says, “As an international broadcaster we make daily productions in 10 languages and we work together worldwide with more than 3000 partner radio stations. With this new cooperation we embrace our 11th language Hindi and a major party in India.”

RNW works together in India with amongst others Private FM, IGNOU University Radio, various websites, cable TV service and now with State broadcasters.

Prasar Bharati CEO B S Lalli comments, “I am happy that All India Radio and Radio Netherlands Worldwide have joined hands in co-producing and broadcasting a series of radio programmes called 'Earth Beat' on their networks. The issues pertaining to environment and sustainability of growth are globally relevant. I hope these programmes will assist in promoting proper awareness and interest of our audiences. I am also hopeful that the two organizations will be able to expand the areas of mutual cooperation and assistance.”

AIR will broadcast the English episodes of Earth Beat India from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Panaji, Shillong and the National Channel of AIR, while the Hindi versions of Earth Beat India will be broadcast from Delhi, Lucknow, Patna, Bhopal, Jaipur, Shimla, Ranchi, Raipur, Rohtak,Port Blair and Itanagar at the respective radio stations.
Source: http://www.radioandmusic.com/content/editorial/news/radio-netherlands-partners-air-co-production


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