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Escuta  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, October 15 2008

600 0222-0238 15/10 Radio Gaúcha, Porto Alegre, BRAZIL, (PP), locutor com informes sobre bolsa de valores; 11h26; outro locutor fala sobre condições do tempo para a quarta-feira; 11h28; locutor lê manchetes de principais jornais do pais; advs, prop. política; na sequência, repórteres falam, diretor do Rio de Janeiro, sobre a seleção brasileira e colombiana. 23222

Antonio Laurentino Garcia
João Pessoa - PB HI22nu


Magna application - downloaded OK  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, October 14 2008


Those three buttons are to display the time period
when a certain Radio Station
is audible in your area or QTH. However, to get
this information to display, you
must first enter it into the "Fade in" and Fade
out" fields for the update form.
To see the update form, press the Insert key.
This will display a blank form.
To see the update form of a Radio Station already
having a record, highlight
a record and press the Enter key.

Once at the update form you will see six fields
(EIBI) or two fields (AOKI)
titled Fade in and Fade out. Enter the times when
the Radio Station is
audible at your QTH. For example, Radio Victoria
on 6019.20 is active
all day long (0001 to 2359), but I can only hear
it between 0800 to 0900 UTC.
Once you have those fields filled, you can click
on one of the buttons mentioned
above and a bar graph will appear on the time line
above to remind you
when the station is readable at your QTH the next
time you listen to it.
Some Radio Stations may be readable more than once
a day, so you have
three different time frames for the EIBI database.
The AOKI is still being
worked on, so there is only one time frame at this

So experiment with a couple of records to see how
it works. You can
erase the times if they aren't true..

I hope this helps


----- Original Message -----
From: Matti Ponkamo
To: ka4prf@peoplepc.com
Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 13:58
Subject: Magna application - downloaded OK


Just downloaded and set up the magna browser.
I find it very useful and I will most probably
test it when SWLing.
Thank you for the work you've done.

A couple of questions though:

When browsing the EiBi schedules by frequency
what are the blue, yellow and green buttons?
I cannot read the button text, as the text is
partly hidden "above" and "below" the button rim.

What are the functions attached to the buttons?
I did not fully understand the help text (as I am
not very good with my English language).

73 de Matti Ponkamo

oh1gpu@sral.fi (SRAL = The Finnish Radio Amateur
mop@sdxl.org (SDXL = The Finnish Dxing


ROU new 100 kW Continental tx at Saftica on the air ?  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, October 14 2008


ROMANIA 9790 After month and more with sound only one "bou-u-u-u", finally
is rising good signal of RRI in Russian, noted on Oct 8 at 1350 UT on 9790
kHz and on Oct 10th at 0450 on 9555 kHz giving the details of contest with
(!) final date for taking part Sept 30th, 2008 under the title "Danube" /

BTW on Sundays in last 10 minutes of their prgrs there is a DX prgr in
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 12)

Checked the schedule of the new 100 kW Continental tx unit at very old
Romanian SW site at Saftica [former Radio Espana Independiente site during
Franco dictatorship] too, tonight Oct 14th:

7210 kHz noted RRI in Ukrainian at 1500-1527 UT, powerful here in Germany
54444, and superb audio quality, never heard on this former limited 20/50 kW
units in the past.

Break between 15.27:10 and 15.28:25 UT.

6135 kHz noted RRI in Serbian at 1530-1557 UT, powerhouse S=9+10 dB on 6135

9620 kHz transmitter is on the air at 1600 UT, powerful S=9+20 dB signal,
BUT NO audio feed of the Italian service.

So I guess 2nd step of shortwave modernization at Romanian sites Galbeni,
Saftica has been completed.

And Tiganesti 300 kW Continental site will follow soon, and will be ready on
Oct 26th, when B-08 winter schedule starts.

Google Earth imagery: Saftica site
ROU Saftica site, old Espana Independiente 20/50 kW
44°38'16.00"N 26°04'27.85"E

4 curtains in G.E. visible, and also additional revolving antenna like
Swedish Algon.

on Yahoo Maps

on Microsoft Virtual Earth


ITALIAN 1400-1426 7170*
AROMANIAN 1430-1456 7170*
UKRAINIAN 1500-1526 7210*
SERBIAN 1530-1556 6135*
ITALIAN 1600-1626 9620*
AROMANIAN 1630-1656 7135*
UKRAINIAN 1700-1726 6135*
SERBIAN 1730-1756 6105*
ITALIAN 1800-1826 7130* till Sep. 6.
1800-1826 5955* from Sep. 7
AROMANIAN 1830-1856 7130* till Sep. 6.
1830-1856 5955* from Sep. 7
UKRAINIAN 1900-1926 7205*
SERBIAN 1930-1956 6130*

At present RRI Tiganesti tx site is on refurbishing procedure.
RRI broadcasts still now on limited basis, mostly two 300 kW units on air in
, instead of four txs.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 14)


ROU new 100 kW Continental tx at Saftica on the air ?  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, October 14 2008



�so-8859-1?q?Perú y Colombia. Concesión de emisora �so-8859-1?q?s en MW y SW 2008  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, October 14 2008

Saludos cordiales.

Interesante listado con todas las emisoras de FM, MW y Onda Corta con frecuencias, potencia, nombre de la concesionaria, dirección de la planta y los estudios, de las Estaciones de Radiodifusión Sonora a Nivel Nacional del Perú:


MODULADA (Actualizado 19 DE JUNIO DE 2008)

Estaciones de Onda Media y Onda Corta de Colombia.


José Miguel Romero
Burjassot (Valencia)


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