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New RNZI Mailbox Documentary Celebrates 60 Years of RNZ Shortwave  View Printable Version 
Sunday, August 31 2008



Sat Evening DX  View Printable Version 
Sunday, August 31 2008

Brazil, 6089.93, Radio Bandeirantes, 2345-2359 Noted a male talking to a
using the telephone all in Portuguese. Checked parallel freqs that
Bandeirantes uses

and found 9645 KHz where the program was parallel. Both transmissions were
poor. (Chuck Bolland, August 29, 2008)

Clewiston, Florida


New President and CEO for KBS-Korea  View Printable Version 
Saturday, August 30 2008


Byung Soon has been inaugurated as the new President and CEO of the
Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) in a ceremony held at KBS in Seoul on
Lee's appointment to the position was made on Tuesday by President Lee
Myung Bak following the recommendation of the KBS Board of Governors.
his inaugural address, Mr Lee stressed the need to put strong
commitment on fairness and impartiality in the programmes and to
reinforce public values as the nation's leading public service
Mr Lee, 59, joined KBS in 1977 as a news reporter and served as a correspondent in Paris and Berlin. 
has held key positions at KBS such as Director of Economic News,
Executive Director of KBS Daegu, Managing Director of New Media
Division and President of KBS affiliates, KBS Media and KBS Business.
He is the first employee from KBS to rise to the top within the organisation.

Friday 29 Aug 2008

Info via ABU  - Yimber Gaviria, Colombia


Update from UKQRM  View Printable Version 
Saturday, August 30 2008

Dear Radio users

This is an update from UKQRM to let you know we have a new video on YouTube.
This one seeks to explain more about the problems facing shortwave radio and gives examples etc.
Please consider rating it if you can as this helps us.





The end of world broadcasting?


On the road in OK and NM, AM and FM notes  View Printable Version 
Saturday, August 30 2008

Notes from my trip to Santa Fe NM and back to Enid for a week in August, Nissan Sentra 2004 caradio, a lot better than my previous ones. FCC AM and FM queries have been checked in most cases; also referenced NRC AM Log 2007, now one year old, and possibly some calls or other info outdated now. Latest FM Atlas sometimes consulted, now 3 years old. All dates and times strictly UT! Rearranged by frequency order, altho continuity would be better in chrono order ---

640, 2308 Aug 19, WWLS Moore OK was still audible into NE NM around Clayton, with call-in, probably sports talk, what else? Their IBOC was a nuisance further east but maybe not this far.

760, 2134 Aug 19, ID as ``Colorado`s Progressive Radio``, Randi Rhodes show but with constant picket-fence breaks in modulation! Is no one paying attention? That`s 50 kW KKZN Thornton, in NRC AM Log 2007 as ``Boulder`s Progressive Radio``; maybe they use both. Nice to be getting toward the end of OK where we can axually hear something other than the far right on commercial AM radio! Signal does not compare to 50 kW KOA (W of Guymon OK on US 412)

790, 2123 Aug 26, Roger Miller singing ``K.C. Star``, mixing with talk station at 152/minute SAH = 2.53 Hz. Music from K-XXX, Colby KS, talk from KFYO Lubbock TX (West of Boise City OK on US 412)

860, 2127 Aug 26, no doubt KPAN Hereford TX was the station bothered by IBOC from KOA-850 Denver, in the daytime (W of Boise City OK on US 412)

1040, 2130 Aug 26, medical talk or infomercial, 1-800-395-1904, Dr Pinkus` Ultimate Health Care, then closing show ``Discoveries in Health`` with Chris McKay, from the KCBR Info Center, 2132 ``Healthline Live``. This is Monument CO (Colorado Springs), another strangely powered 15 kW station. But to me, KCBR will always be ``the Voice of America station in Delano, California, signing off``

1210, KGYN Guymon OK, we drive right past E of town on US 412, with its three towers in a straight line aimed at Philadelphia, but might as well be one for often running ND at night. At 2057 Aug 19 near the site, I was getting IBOC-like noise on 1140, and a match on 1280, but the latter obscured by Liberal KS on 1270. So KGYN puts out spurs plus and minus 70 kHz. For a few miles along US 412, KGYN also desensitizes the entire MW band on caradio with its 10 kW. It will be a relief if they ever manage to move this to OKC, but a loss of local radio for the Panhandle. A pickup was parked next to the shack with call letters on it. On the way back we passed it again and took a photo of the three towers and the shack.

1340, 2300+ Aug 19, at Clayton NM, we started looking for KSSR Santa Rosa NM, whose activity has been in question. It is not currently on NRC`s silent stations list, and FCC shows it still licensed. We were hearing at least two 1340 stations, one of which was KVOT Taos NM, another progressive station, now with Rachel Maddow show on Air America, the other ``Sports Radio 1340`` making a rumbling het, and fading up at 2305 as skywave may have been starting to kick in, west Texas forecast, 1-866-290-6868 ad about credit. KKAM Lubbock is the one that fits.

Further into NM on US 412 kept looking for signs of KSSR, but KVOT improved as we got closer to it; at 2332 PSA for Albuquerque Museum i.a., mentioning Taos, more Maddow. (BTW, Rachel is getting her own show on MSNBC following Countdown at 0100 UT starting September 9. Can`t say we are surprised, as her star has been rising as a frequent contributor and sub-host on Countdown, but what becomes of Dan Abrams, Verdict? It`s already gone for elexion special Aug 30. And will she keep doing her Air America show despite the pay differential?)

It turned out we did not make it to my old hometown of Santa Rosa on this trip, but the closest point was on I-25 near Las Vegas, US 84 exit at 1950 Aug 25, and there was still no KSSR to be heard, so I am confident it was off. Nor could I hear Santa Rosa on 95.9, but did not expect to from there as it has always been QRP along I-40, audible only within a few miles of the town. At 1934 Aug 25, 1340 bore ``Northern New Mexico`s progressive talk, KVOT, the Voice of Taos``. This frequency was reactivated in Taos a few years ago after several years of silence since KKIT closed (named for Kit Carson). See DXLD 5-177 for our previous report about Santa Rosa and much more, under USA.

1520, KOKC, OKC, 2315 Aug 19, sports talk, uncertain if remnants of groundwave, or skywave had started. WWLS 640 also heard a few minutes earlier (W of Clayton NM on US 412)

1530, 2317 Aug 19, ``Legends 15-30, KCMN`` Colorado Springs. Live DJ with ``Forgotten 45s`` oldies such as Aznavour on ``your drive home`` (? I am nowhere near home and getting further away by the minute), long pauses between cuts. NRC AM Log 2007 shows this one with odd power of 15 kW. Another good station for oldies, tho probably syndicated, is 93.9 Ratón, KRTN (west of Clayton NM on US 412)

1550, 1951 Aug 19, norteña music featuring accordion, atop another station. 1957 announcement talking over music sounded like ``Está escuchando --- sucia`` or that`s what it sounded like, sucia meaning feminine dirty! No ID at TOH, no announcements at all until 2014 as I suspect the DJ had stepped out for a smoke break, then ``La Potencia, 15-50, KDCC``, i.e. Dodge City KS, and the other one with a SAH of about 6 Hz would be Canyon TX` listed KZRK. Both are only 1 kW.

1570, back in Enid around 2000 Aug 28, found new talking house at 1330 West Elm, low het but not sure if off-frequency or on their loop. Woman extolling house virtues, and like others we have heard here, also extolling the talking-house concept. Range 2 or 4 blox only, and by downtown Enid fortunately inaudible, so we can hear weakly standards from KZLI Catoosa. But the next-door neighbors are doubtless deprived of XERF at night until it`s sold.

1590, 1950 Aug 19, a slow SAH of about 0.5 Hz between KWEY Weatherford OK, and KVGB Great Bend KS, the latter atop with ID as ``AM 15-90, KVGB, The Talk of the Town`` (W of Woodward OK on US 412)

1610, 2300 Aug 19 at Clayton NM, no sign of any TIS on this, 530 or any other MW frequency. I believe there had been some speculation that one was active here.

1660, 0038 UT Wed Aug 27, baseball game, and Royals mentioned, heard from near Woodward OK. Dominant signal and I figured it had to be KXTR Kansas City departing from its classical format, but not so sure after further research. Royals website says 610 is the flagship, except on Sundays 980, but I believe all these are commonly owned, so 1660 sometimes carries BB instead? KXTR website has no info about its own programming after the morning hours, but nothing about baseball. If not KXTR, must be KRZI Waco or maybe KQWB Fargo, both sports format.

88.1 and 88.9, 2106 Aug 19 in Guymon OK, is occupied by a KHYM gospel-huxter network translator, and High Plains Public Radio translator is still on 88.9 with 250 watts. When KHYM gets its non-translator going on 88.9, HPPR will switch to 88.1 with 1 kW, but not yet.

At 2106 Aug 19, we could not help but notice that during NPR ATC, the 88.9 translator was running 7.5 seconds ahead of KTOT 89.5; why? Probably one with a deliberate delay to match `HD`, and the other not. FCC shows licensee of some HPPR relays as Kanza Society, Inc., others as Top O` Texas Educational Broadcasting Foundation; why?

88.1: KGOU at OU in Norman has been planning a full-power relay at Woodward. I thought they had a CP, but FCC now shows an modified application 7/31/08 for 88.1, only 23.4 kW non-direxional. Still not on the air, and when it is, 88.3 may have to go:

88.3, 1930 Aug 19, Mission Network News, referring to Beaver OK, KHYM ID. Nearest station is K202DC, Shattuck, 230 watts, Great Plains Christian Radio, same owner as KHYM which is 103.9 Copeland KS, hub of a regional gospel-huxter network. I had previously assumed this was in Woodward. (W of Woodward OK on US 412)

88.3, BTW, I didn`t hear it, but I see in FCC FM Query that KTOT/HPPR now has a licensed translator in Elk City OK:
K202AG 202 D FX 88.3 MHz LIC ELK CITY OK US BLFT-20060711ACQ - 72169 0.038 kW 0. m
I only wish they would put one in Enid where we have NO local public radio, despite much larger population than many little towns with such translators.

89.5, KTOT Spearman TX, the full-power HPPR relay which reaches as far east as Woodward, and well past Guymon to the west. In many spots it was a toss-up whether it or a closer translator would provide best reception, or for that matter 91.1 Garden City, KANZ, the home station. In the fringe area of KTOT Spearman TX around Woodward OK, bothered by same NPR programming with an echo from a second 89.5 station, probably remnants of KHCD Salina KS. In Enid we have the same problem on 89.1 between KMUW Wichita KS and KYCU Clinton OK.

89.5, 2344 Aug 19, NPR ATC mixing with Radio Reader. Should be KENW Portales NM direct, and KTOT HPPR Spearman TX, no longer very close, but RR matches latter schedule at 6:30 pm. KTSC Pueblo CO ruled out as a student station (US 412 in NM, mile 45)

90.1, 2308 Aug 19 in Clayton NM I was hearing a KJIL translator – another gospel-huxter network originating in Kansas, but this must have been the one in nearby Felt OK, K211CM. They have a CP for another one on 90.1, the other side of Boise City at Keyes OK, K214CH.

90.1, 2142 Aug 25, religious station but audio cuts out irregularly about 10x per minute. Is no one paying attention? Heard from Philmont Scout Ranch, S of Cimarrón NM. First thought was KRDR Red River NM, not too far away crowflyingly but range very limited by mountain blockage, and not supposed to be gospel-huxtering. Apparently instead is AFA translator in Ratón NM, K211CE, 250 watts, minus 74m antenna. A Google search on mentioned `New Tribes Mission` 90.1 hit an Oct 2001 newsletter of Answers Update, showing its program Answers with Ken Ham carried on a translator on 90.1 in Ratón. Thought I heard a callsign like KFRG or something phonetically similar. KFRG is a CBS station on 95.1 in San Bernardino CA, so does not compute.

90.3, 2204 Aug 19, HPPR // 89.5 KTOT and synchro with it. K212EN, Elkhart KS, another border town, 250 watts with a CP for 205 (W of Guymon on US 412)

90.5, HPPR has a CP for a translator in Hooker OK, halfway between Guymon OK and Liberal KS on US 54, 30 kW, 123 meters. That should fill some gaps and make nearby translators unnecessary, including Guymon?

90.7, for months, KSFR Santa Fe NM, public radio, had been simulcasting on this its original frequency and 101.1 COL White Rock as KSFQ, acquired from a failing commercial broadcaster. Now KSFR is on 101.1 only, and 90.7 has a gospel huxter. Per FCC, 90.7 now has the KSFQ calls with 3 kW in Santa Fe, and same operator, so-called Educational Media Foundation also runs KQRI on 90.7 in Belén on the other side of Albuquerque. Inside the city of Santa Fe itself, 90.7 remains a better signal than 101.1, q.v.

91.1, KEDP, Las Vegas NM. On many previous visits, the station has been missing, perhaps silent summers, but this time it was heard around 1500 UT Aug 21. New Mexico Highlands University also has applications in for stations in other towns, some of which are MX. KEDP has never amounted to much as a little student station, but perhaps NMHU has plans for some more significant broadcasting services. FCC FM Query shows these:

Class MHz City kW ERP HAAT m
C 88.7 Milan 16.5 845 [near Grants]
C2 89.3 Newcomb 0.65 698 [S of Shiprock on US `666`]
C3 89.5 Española 5 180
A 89.9 Ratón 0.38 -86
C2 90.3 Romeroville 50 -41 [near Las Vegas]
A 91.3 Clayton 4.5 116
A 91.3 Clovis 6 96

91.3: In Clayton NM I was hearing a religious station on 91.3. Per FCC FM query, it`s currently a translator of La Promesa Foundation, K217CM with 140 watts at 74m, but there are three MX apps for non-translators on the frequency, one by the same foundation, one by the notorious gospel-huxter network, AFA, and the other by NM Highlands University (HQ: Las Vegas; see above). Naturally, I am rooting for the latter.

91.7, before 2200 Aug 19, rock music, presumed the real KPSU at Panhandle State University, Goodwell OK, active (W of Guymon on US 412 closest to Goodwell)

91.9, HPPR has a CP in Guymon for 200 watts, in addition to 88.1. Surely this one would be ruled out due to 91.7 Goodwell?

92.7, KKBS Guymon OK, billboard in town shows second frequency 100.5: that`s K263AQ Liberal KS, 250 watts, and not audible in Guymon itself.

93.5: In Clayton NM, and for just a few miles around, one can hear the KENW translator on 93.5, K228DP, listed as 170 watts, but only 78 meters AAT, minuscule coverage compared to // 106.1 atop Sierra Grande, with lower power, and I would have thought the 93.5 range does not even justify the listed power and height.

93.5, ``Sunny 93-5``, classic hits, 2340 Aug 19, at mile 50 of US 412 in NM, W of Clayton, way beyond the range of the Clayton 93.5 KENW translator. The only ``Sunny 93-5`` anywhere in the west I can find is KSNN in St George, SW corner of Utah, but that`s way too far for groundwave across the Rockies, and too close for Es. Is there anything nearer?

95.7, 1959 Aug 25, at Las Vegas NM, was hearing LPFM station there, KLYN-LP, seems with rightwing talk mentioning http://www.myspace.com/KLYN957 which also calls it:

The Voice of Las Vegas, and "Las Vegas' newest Christian radio station with Flare!" --- Male 100 years old, LAS VEGAS, New Mexico, United States. We are on the air 24 hours! Coming Soon: Friday and Saturday Night "Cruise Show" Las Vegas’ most diverse Radio Station, Playing: Christian Worship, Contemporary, HipHop, R&B, Rap, lots of Spanish, Rock, Alternative Rock, Ska, and Reggeaton [sic]! FCC shows: 0.003 kW 169.8 m THE ROCK CHRISTIAN OUTREACH, i.e. 3 watts. Solid signal in town.

101.1, KSFR White Rock-Santa Fe, ex-90.7. The move is now complete, and coverage S and W of Santa Fe is supposedly improved greatly, but it certainly is not any better to the N and E on I-25. Furthermore, in Santa Fe itself, trying to listen on a walkman, I found 101.1 breaking up and getting QRM from something else. I listen to it a lot more in Enid by webcast where the RF change makes no difference. See also 90.7.

105.7, 1938 Aug 19, classical mixing with talk, and // 89.5. This is the High Plains Public Radio outlet in Amarillo, KJJP, another of those fire-sale ex-commercial FMs snapped up by PR. 43 kW with a 1 kW backup, says FCC. Interesting that in OK and nearby TX we now have two public radios on 105.7, the other being KROU Spencer/OKC, relaying KGOU Norman, which have been relegated to the commercial band from their outset, since OU foolishly sold off its heritage WNAD 640. (W of Woodward on US 412)

106.1, the little translator of KENW Portales with a great site atop Sierra Grande near Des Moines NM (COL), K291AD, only 116 watts, but huge coverage from 611 meters above average terrain and 2670 m above mean sea level. We first hear it east of Boise City OK, where it is very much needed as we are losing access to HPPR via the various translators and relays in KS, OK and TX. Unfortunately, KENW still runs this `beautiful music` format until 4 pm weekdays, so none of the NPR newstalk shows, just news on the hour, and 2-minute features every quarter hour, such as Earth & Sky, etc., etc. Later from the rim of Capulín Volcano we had a clear shot for some photos at max zoom of the K291AD and other towers atop Sierra Grande across the valley. AFAIK none of the others are for broadcast stations.

FCC TV Query does have an application for a channel 6 digital on Sierra Grande, http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/tvq?list=0&facid=137605

KENW has an application for 3 kW on 88.5 from slightly different coördinates on Sierra Grande, I suppose eventually to replace 106.1. There is also a CP for an 82 kW commercial station, KHOD on 105.3, from exactly the same coordinates as 88.5. Did not know about 105.3 while in the area so did not check whether it is already on the air.

In western Cimarrón County, OK, and just over the border in Union County NM on US 412, was hearing rapid clix on certain MW frequencies, obscuring weak broadcast stations, such as 1390, 1380, 1370, 1360, 1350, 1330 and various spots as low as 1070. These were no doubt harmonix of the Boise City OK LORAN-C station. Fortunately there were some open spots such as 1500 and especially 1340 where I wanted to hear KSSR Santa Rosa NM if it was on, q.v. above.

All about LORAN-C at Boise City, except WTFK??? at
Including a satellite photo of it. The proudly displayed coordinates are 36-30-20.783 N, 103-53-59.487 W which puts it just NW of the very small town of Felt OK, rather than Boise City. The clix were no longer heard by the time we got to Clayton NM.

A strange pole with antennas on it, not too high, and not of the usual cellphone appearance, on the N side of US 412, just W of mile 31 in NM between Clayton and Springer. Something to check closer next time.

Near the wind farm west of Woodward, I noticed annoying whines on certain FM ranges extending 1 or 2 channels above and below: 91.3, 95.5, 99.4, 103.6, 107.3. The windmills are some distance from the road, so suspected this was coincidental, car-generated, and uncovered due to absence of local broadcast signals in this area. Whine still heard on 95.5 in Clayton NM area (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


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