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Returned letters  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, December 10 2008


Lainaus Wolfgang Bueschel <BueschelW@web.de>:

Thank you very much Wolfgang Bueschel and Klaus Elsebusch!

Did you get this address “Leutschenbachstrasse 95” directly from Swiss Radio?
I succeeded to find different address to Zürich .

Look at:

Brunnenhofstrasse 22, 8057 Zürich
Postfach, 8042 Zürich

Is 8057 the number of post box and 8042 the Zip code?
Why Zürich mentioned two times?

Reijo Alapiha

SRG Media Services
MSC Distribution
Leutschenbachstrasse 95

CH-8050 Zuerich

Hot line tel. +41 848 88 44 22
e-mail: distribution.helpdesk @ srgssrideesuisse.ch
vs Mr. Biagio Bongiovanni

old? TV services? address:
SRG Media Services
MSC Distribution
Fernsehstrasse 1-4

CH-8052 Zuerich

----- Original Message ----- From: <alapiha@joyx.joensuu.fi>
Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2008 7:17 AM
Subject: [HCDX] Returned letters

My reception report to Musigwälle 531
bounced back with following sticker:

Retour an Absender Poststelle wurde vor 3 Jahren
Geschlossen. Wir bitten um Kenntnisnahme. Danke
Ihre Briefzustellregion Basel.

I used the address:
DRS Musigwälle 531
Novarastrasse 2
4024 Basel

What is the correct address?
Reijo Alapiha
Joensuu Finland


Returned letters  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, December 10 2008


I succeeded to solve this myself.


Reijo Alapiha

My reception report to Avtoradio-Ukraine
bounced back with stamp "Unknown". I used the

Перемоги пр-т 36 б,
Київ 03113 Україна

What is the correct address?

Reijo Alapiha
Joensuu Finland


CINF-690  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, December 10 2008

For several months in a row, our local CINF "Infos Six Quatre-Vint-Dix" on 690 kHz was overmodulated and put some annoying splatter against 670 and 710 as well as some very slight splatter on 660 during the daytime when this channel wasn't covered by megapest WFAN New York City.

The hought something was changing was driving to a local French Caribbean party in downtown Montreal, the sound on 690 was distorted, then two days later, right now, WOR is local-like with almost no-splatter, while a few weeks ago it was listenablem vbut annoyingly listenable.

Unfortunatly, with the WFAN IBOC's hash on 670, this does not do much good. It could be better if WFAN-660 and CUBA-670 would have lowered down their power too.... I miss Radio Rumbos on 670. I had a few tapes which have been stoled since, but Radio Rumbos was my first YV MW catche. Now, the only most-music YV on MW anymore is Coro, Falcón, YVNM on 780...

May the good DX be with you !
Bogdan Chiochiu


CHU to 7850 January 1  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, December 09 2008

** CANADA. Hello Glenn, Well, the day has come when the frequency of CHU will be changed. The change goes into effect January 1, 2009.
Below is the text that will appear on our web site.

Have a happy holiday. Raymond Pelletier
Frequency and Time
Institute for National Measurement Standards
National Research Council Canada
M-36, room 1026
1200 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Canada K1A 0R6
Tel: (613) 993-3430
Fax: (613) 952-1394
raymond.pelletier @ nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Government of Canada


After seventy years of broadcasting Canada's official time, NRC's
shortwave station CHU will move the transmission frequency for the 7335 kHz transmitter to 7850 kHz. The change will occur on 01 January 2009 at 0000 UTC.

CHU is a part of NRC's system for disseminating official time throughout Canada, broadcasting 24 hours a day from a location approximately 20 km south-west of Ottawa. Listeners hear tones to mark the seconds, voice to announce the time in French and English, and digital data to set computers.

The atomic clocks at CHU are part of the ensemble of clocks in the time and frequency research laboratories in Ottawa, at the National Research Council Canada. The NRC clocks are used in conjunction with clocks in the time laboratories of other countries to construct the
internationally accepted scale of time, UTC (Coordinated Universal
Time), which is now the reference for official time used by all
countries. UTC is the modern implementation of Greenwich Mean Time.

"Coincidentally, this frequency change comes at a time when NRC is
investing resources to refurbish the aging transmitters at CHU in order to provide clear, dependable shortwave services as part of NRC's mandate to disseminate time to all Canadians." said Ray Pelletier, Technical Officer at the NRC-Institute for National Measurement Standards, who oversees the CHU facility "The shortwave time service is especially beneficial for those in remote locations where there is limited access to internet and telephone communication. CHU also provides a back up against failure of other services."

In April 2007, the International Telecommunications Union re-allocated
the 7300-7350 KHz band from a fixed service to a broadcasting service.
Since then, interference on the 7335 KHz frequency has come from many
information broadcasters around the world.

CHU listeners in Canada and around the world who have for so long
considered the 7335 kHz frequency exclusively for time signals, are very vocal about this interference. We have heard from amateur radio
operators, watchmakers, astronomers, and navigators who use the tones
and voice signals. As well, comments were received from those who use
the carrier as a calibration source at a distance for their equipment.

To give notice to users, CHU will broadcast an announcement in both
English and French. More information can be found at
http://www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/main_e.html and

Comments about the CHU change can be sent by e-mail to
(Raymond Pelletier, CHU, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

As of Dec 9, nothing at above site about 7850. This NRC website also mentions a leap second to be added at the end of 2008y: http://time5.nrc.ca/timefreq/bulletin_tf-b.html (gh)

Monitored around 1430 UT Dec 9 on 7335, no announcements being heard yet about the frequency change or the leap second.

And here`s another website with the history of CHU, etc.:


(no subject)  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, December 09 2008


NHK Radio Japan Bonaire Neth Antilles relay 22-24 UT in Japones.
wb df5sx

----- Original Message -----
From: "Antonio L. Garcia" Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2008 1:59 AM

Escutas realizadas em João Pessoa-PB HI22nu
Rádio: IC-R1500 - Antena 3DX3

17.605,0 2317-2322 8/12 NO ID, Desconhecido, UNKNOWN, De Origem Asiático (D)
falas de OM e YL. semelhante ao japonês. 25333
Antonio Laurentino Garcia PR7BCP


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