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2720 kHz -> 1360 x2? 680 x4?  View Printable Version 
Friday, August 07 2009


It sounds like another AM harmonic on 2720 kHz, which would
correspond to a base frequency of 680 or 1360 kHz. I have
not caught a station ID yet due to static crashes, but did
identify some of the songs. At 0443 UTC Nirvana with "I don't
have a gun", followed at 0446 UTC with REM's "It's the end of
the world as we know it", then some songs which I do not know.
Heard in southern New Hampshire from 0443 till 0505 UTC, August 7

All rights reversed.


WOR 710 on 2130 kHz?  View Printable Version 
Friday, August 07 2009


I am hearing WOR (from NYC on 710 kHz) on their third harmonic
of 2130 kHz. The signal is fading up and down, spending a fair
amount of time under the noise level, but occasionally popping
up with clear audio around 0100 UTC on August 6 2009. I am
listening in New Hampshire with an 80m full wave loop and an
Icom R75.

All rights reversed.


Regarding Mp3-players  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, August 05 2009



Thanks to all of you, who sent so many positive responses to my question about Mp3 players for DX-ers. I haven't found any yet, mostly because I haven't tried, but I will surely do - thanks to you.

73 from Björn Fransson


Radio Damascus on the Asiasat 2 satellite  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, August 05 2009

Dear radio-friends

I received a letter and reception report for Radio Damascus from Mr. Aaron Tiu who is a listener in the Philippines.

The interesting thing is that he writes in his letter that he listens to Radio Damascus on the Asiasat 2 satellite. I was not aware that Radio Damascus is besides Hotbird, Arabsat and Nilesat also on Asiasat 2.
I asked my friends at Radio Damascus to check this out with the technical department. If this is true, it's great news as this gives an extra outlet to reach more listeners for Radio Damascus in the Asia region too. I am quite sure that not many persons are aware of this possibility to tune in to Radio Damascus.

I will also put the parameters to tune in to Radio Damascus on the Asiasat 2 satellite very soon on the unofficial Radio Damascus website at :
http://www.radio-damascus.net .

Satellite: Asiasat 2 satellite at 100.5 E
Frequency: 3820
Polarization: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 27500
Provider Name: Arabsat/ ASBU Bouquet/ Mux

Channel Name: Radio Sout Al-Sha'ab (Voice of the People) A-pid: 1512

Radio Damascus uses the Sout Al-Sha'ab (Voice of the People)channel from 1600-2400 UTC.

Kris Janssen (Belgium)
Radio Damascus Listeners Club

http://www.radio-damascus.net or
http://www.syriaonline.sy/radio.php or
http://radiodamascusenglish.podomatic.com ;(as a podcast)

http://www.radio-damascus-listeners-club.tk or


we are getting closer to 2009-2010  View Printable Version 
Sunday, August 02 2009

Warm greetings to all of you !

First of all, I'm hearing a weird beacon on 750 kHz, mixing with YVKS (yes, YVKS !)... I had snippets of Radio Coro earlier, but now it's getting hurt by both local splatter and local noise... Seems like CJAD-800 changed something to its modulation, it seems to use thicker modulation than ever...

In spite of the promising conditions, I'm plagued with noises, most likely TVI from our neighborhood...between IBOC, TVI and New England pests south of Montreal, it is getting harder and harder to DX the mediumwave Latins...

As far as LW goes, I have an awful growl right on 171 swmaping Medi Un...


May the good DX be with you !
Bogdan Chiochiu


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