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Chuck Bolland  View Printable Version 
Sunday, August 03 2008

Dear Chuck:

It's been a pleasure to learn that you're a listener of Radio Havana Cuba's shortwave broadcasts and we welcome you to our international family.

If you let us know your postal address we could send you a QSL card verifying your monitoring report of June 2nd last. In the meantime, stay tuned to our transmissions.


Lourdes López
Head of Correspondence Dept.


New address  View Printable Version 
Sunday, August 03 2008


Hi all,

My emai address dj6jz@compuserve.de will be valid only until the end of

Please store
in your address book. Thanks!

vy 73,



Madagascar Mail  View Printable Version 
Sunday, August 03 2008

hello all,

back in feb '08 i sent some reception report to Radio Madagasikara. They were addressed to the BP 442 address as per PPWBR and Radio Madagasikara's website. I sent the regular 6 x 9 inch envelope with a reception report, CD and one US $ and some post cards in each. I also put one of the green "customs forms" and checked "GIFT" so there would be no taxes on their receipt in madagascar.

TO MY SURPRISE, many of my envelopes with the goods described above were returned to me today in my mailbox. the envelopes were not opened or tampered with in any way. they did look as if they were "around" awhile.

they did make it to Antananarivo because there are stickers with the capital letters of R N 121 and then it says Antananarivo. there is rubber stamp ink that says "NON RECLAME" ; "RETOUR L'ENVOYEUR" ; hand written "Pc=40" or "Pe=40" in red marker, 2e avis, 26-04-08.

also, the address that i have written just as PPWBR and RM's website address has inkpen X's all over it like the addr is no good.

Here is the address that is crossed out:

Radio Nasionaly Malagasy
Radio Madagasikara
B.P. 442 - Anosy
Antananarivo 101

i do know from surfing the internet that folks have had letters returned that were sent to the once good 4422 and 1202 boite postals.

there are many other numbers, dates, and illegible ink stamps over the envelope too. once again, it was unopened and completely not tampered with, and, it definitely made it to antananarivo.

so, does anyone have any idea what the problem is ? could there be a "tax" even though i have the "gift" customs form checked ? if there was a tax, then they did not want it and sent it back ? is the above address (that is on their website) no good ?

i do have the easy QSL from Nederland Relay from back in the early 80's but would like to have RM's in my collection too.

if anyone has any idea, i would very much appreciate any shoughts on what may have happened.

i am going to sent the embassy an email to get their thoughts.

thanks for any ideas, posts, or thoughts.

Steve Price
Johnstown, PA.
You are very unique...Just like everyone else.


Update from UKQRM  View Printable Version 
Sunday, August 03 2008


UKQRM now has 257 members.

If you are a short wave listener or if you transmit and receive on shortwave then UKQRM is important to you!
If you care about your hobby or ability to use short wave unhindered then you need to join up today and be ready to fight for your right to tune in the world!

UKQRM was formed to combat interference from power line adaptors such as the prolific type supplied with BT Vision.
Check out this You Tube to hear and see the affect.

There is something you can do! Just a few minutes spent sending a report may resolve the issue for you but more importantly will serve to protect the band for your fellow user!

Join us today if you care.

Don't think it won't happen to you, all it takes is for a house nearby to install these adaptors and you to will have 3-30 MHz of QRM.

UKQRM is a UK based group but welcomes members from all over the world.




Captaciones DX por Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia, 2 Agosto 2008  View Printable Version 
Sunday, August 03 2008

Captaciones DX por Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia, 2 Agosto 2008

630 2 agosto 08, KHOW Denver, 0730- UT, gd, en ingles, Identificacion.

900 2 agosto 08, desconocida,0618- UT, gd, con musica Gospel en español sin parar,

930 2 agosto 08, KHJ Los Angeles, CA, 0627- UT, gd, Emisora rlg en español,
poner el aceite de la sagrada familia....adv a las 0628 hs por OM.... Domingo, la mayor cadena mas grande (acento en portugues), llame al consejero espiritual 1800-8741188.

940 2 agosto 08 , desconocida , 0632- UT, poor, en español.

950 2 agosto 08 , XEK-1 Tijuana, Mexico, 0634- UT, gd, en español.

980 2 agosto 08, KFWB, Los Angeles, CA, 0637- UT, gd, OM with news, "News 980", KFWB News, all nx all the time, KFWB News 980".

1000 2 agosto 08, , , en ingles no identificada.

1020 2 agosto 08, KTNQ, Los Angeles, CA, 0652- UT, gd, en español 0657 con advs..."10-20" ID, asi se escucha la 10-20 la radio que habla

73 de Yimber


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