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Italian MW-privaattien/piraattien tilanne tammikuun lopussa  View Printable Version 
Saturday, March 18 2017




From: SDXL-AM@yahoogroups.com [mailto:SDXL-AM@yahoogroups.com]
Sent: Saturday, March 18, 2017 3:24 AM
To: SDXL-AM@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [SDXL-AM] Italian MW-privaattien/piraattien tilanne tammikuun lopussa




67 Challenger Radio (Villa Estense, PD)
594 Amica Radio Veneta (Vigonza, PD)
828 Radio Z100 Milano (Lombardia)
846 Challenger Radio (Villa Estense, PD)
1017 Radio Media Veneta (Piove di Sacco, PD)
1017 Radio Base 101 (Peraga di Vigonza, PD)
1071 Radio Marina (irregolare)
1098 Media Radio Castellana (Castel San Pietro Terme, BO)
1332 Onde Medie Sud
1350 I AM Radio (Milano, MI)
1350 Radio Time
1359 Radio 70 (Casalborsetti, RA)
1368 Challenger Radio (Villa Estense, PD)
1377 Radio Music Time (Lombardia)
1386 RAMradio (Milano, MI â test)
1395 Radio Activity (Ferrara, FE)
1404 Radio 106 (Casalgrande, RE)
1440 Power Radio AM (Trieste, TS â ex 1584, ex 1602)
1476 Free Radio AM (Trieste, TS â ex 1512)
1476 Cosmo Radio (Milano, Mi â irregolare)
1476 Skate Radio (Padova, PD)
1476 Radio Briscola (Piemonte)
1494 Radio In Somma (Campania)
1500 Stazione Sperimentale 1500 (Calabria)
1503 Radio Paradiso (Scafati, SA)
1512 Progressive Radio
1512 Radio Fioretta
1539 Radio Stereo 5 (Pompei, NA)
1593 Radio In Somma (Somma Vesuviana, NA)
1557 Radio King RRR (Cerveteri, RM)
1566 Radio Ghost (irregolare)
1566 Radio Melody (irregolare)
1566 Radio Macondo (irregolare)
1566 Radio AM Stereo (irregolare)
1566 Radio Baby AM (Trieste, TS â ex 1602, 1557)
1566 Radio 70 (Casalborsetti, RA)
1566 Radio Amicizia InBlu (Polignano a Mare, BA)
1584 Radio Studio X (Momigno, PT â stereo C-Quam)
1602 Regional Radio (Otricoli, TR)
1602 Golden Radio Italia (Sarego, VI)
1602 Radio Crystal (irregolare)
1602 Rock AM (Gorizia, GO â prossima attivazione)
1611 Neoradio, le onde medie neomelodiche (Campania)


Posted by: Mauno Ritola <mauno.ritola@gmail.com>

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___________________________________________________________________________________ DX mailing list DX@hard-core-dx.com http://montreal.kotalampi.com/mailman/listinfo/dx


SM Radio 6070 kHz 19.3.klo 13.00 UTC  View Printable Version 
Saturday, March 18 2017

Hello shortwave listeners!

On Sunday, March 19, at 13 UTC, I am back on 6070 kHz. In the first 35
minutes there is country music for my listener Erich KrÃpke. In the
following 25 minutes there is something special: Ralf- Torsten Berger plays
you break signs from long ago days of the broadcast! This is only available
here on shortwave at SM Radio Dessau!

Liebe KurzwellenhÃrer,

am Sonntag, den 19.3. um 13 UTC bin ich wieder auf 6070 kHz auf Sendung. In
den ersten 35 Minuten gibt es Country Musik fÃr meinen HÃrer Erich KrÃpke.
In den folgenden 25 minuten gibt es etwas Besonderes: Ralf- Torsten Berger
spielt euch Pausenzeichen aus lÃngst vergangen Tagen des Rundfunks! Dies
gibt es nur hier auf Kurzwelle bei SM Radio Dessau!

Best regrades/ Mit besten GrÃÃen
Max Berger

PS. Muistakaa myÃs KCR 6915-6920 kHz 18.3. klo 14.00/19.00 utc ja 19.3. klo 01.00/8.00 UTC


�tf-8?q?VOA Radiogram will be all MFSK32, except for one �tf-8?q? item in MFSK16, in case reception is dif  View Printable Version 
Friday, March 17 2017

Hello friends,

Now that most of North America has changed to Daylight Savings Time, most Americans and Canadians will hear VOA Radiogram one hour later by local time. This is because VOA Radiogram stays at the same UTC time year round. The same will happen for European listeners beginning 26 March.
Also that last weekend of March, many shortwave broadcast stations will change some of their frequencies to correspond with seasonal shifts in propagation. The only change for VOA Radiogram from North Carolina is that the Saturday 0930-1000 UTC broadcast will move from 5865 to 5745 kHz, effective 1 April.
Effective 26 March, IBC (Italian Broadcasting Corporation) will drop its 3975 kHz frequency for the summer. IBC will no longer broadcast VOA Radiogram. There might be one more VOA Radiogram via IBC, Wednesday, 22 March, at 2100-2130 UTC,on 3975 kHz.

This weekend's VOA Radiogram will be all MFSK32, except for one item in MFSK16,in case reception is difficult.
Here is the lineup for VOA Radiogram, program 207, 18-19 March 2017, all in MFSK32 except where noted:

1:46 Program preview
2:56 Fog-clearing apparatus used at Oregon airport*
9:52 'Boaty McBoatface' submarine to embark on first mission*
16:44 MFSK16: RFE/RL photo archive from 1950s USSR
21:50 MFSK32: Images* and closing announcements
* with image(s)
Please send reception reports to
radiogram@voanews.com<mailto:radiogram@voanews.com> .

VOA Radiogram Transmission Schedule

Day UTC Time kHz Transmitter Target Also try in ...
0930-1000 5865 * North Carolina Americas Asia-Pacific, Europe
1600-1630 17580 North Carolina Europe Americas, Asia-Pacific
0230-0300 5745 North Carolina Americas Europe
1930-2000 15670 North Carolina Europe Americas, Asia-Pacific
2030-2100 11580 WRMI Florida Europe Americas
2330-2400 11580 WRMI Florida Americas
2100-2130 3975 ** IBC Italy Europe
* Moving to 5745 kHz effective 1 April
** Discontinued after 22 March

The Mighty KBC broadcast to North America will be Sunday at 0000-0200 UTC (Saturday 8-10 pm EDT) on 6145 kHz, via Germany. A minute of MFSK32 will be transmitted at about 0130 UTC. Reports to Eric:
themightykbc@gmail.com<mailto:themightykbc@gmail.com> . See also
http://www.kbcradio.eu/ and https://www.facebook.com/TheMightyKbc/. (KBC will move to 9925 kHz on 7 May.)

DigiDX is taking a few weeks off, hence the VOA Radiogram transmissions via WRMI and IBC. See http://www.digidx.uk/ and https://www.facebook.com/digidx/

Italian Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) For the complete IBC transmission schedule, including changes after 27 March, visit http://ibcradio.webs.com/ The new English version of IBC's "Shortwave Panorama" begins 31 March, via WRMI Florida, Friday 01.00-01.30 UTC on 9955 kHz, Saturday 01.30-02.00 UTC 11580 kHz,and Sunday 00.30-01.00 UTC on 7730 kHz. The last five minutes of these shows will be
in MFSK32.
Thanks for your reception reports from last weekend. In comparison of the two 58-wpm modes, MFSK16 and Olivia 8-1000, it appears that MFSK16 performed better,based on most reports.
Due to commitments related to my audience research work at VOA, I am vastly behind in answering your reports, but I hope to get back on track this weekend.

I hope you can tune in and write in this weekend.

Kim via KKX
Kim Andrew Elliott, KD9XB
Producer and Presenter
VOA Radiogram


�tf-8?q?Fwd: Key Channel Radio will again broadcast on t �tf-8?q?he frequency of 6915 or 6920 kHz  View Printable Version 
Thursday, March 16 2017


--- VÃlitetty viesti ---

> LÃhettÃjÃ: Kari Kallio
> Vastaanottaja: SDXL-AM@yahoogroups.com
> Vastausosoite: Kari Kallio <kari.kallio@phnet.fi>
> Otsikko: Key Channel Radio will again broadcast on the frequency of 6915 or 6920 kHz
> PÃivÃys: 08:42
> Cari Amici,
> Key Channel Radio sarà di nuovo in onda questo weekend con la nostra
> seconda trasmissione del 2017 sulla frequenza di KHz 6915 o in alternativa
> Khz 6920 con il seguente programma:
> Venerdi 17: UTC 20'00 â 23'00 Relay German Pirate Radio
> UTC 23'00 â to all night Test Trasmission
> Sabato 18: UTC 14'00 â 01'00 KCR Official Trasmission
> UTC 19'00 â 20'00 Radio Dr.Tim Special Trasmission
> UTC 01'00 â 02'00 Radio Dr.Tim Special Trasmission
> Domenica 19: UTC 08'00 â 11'00 KCR Italian Service.
> Tanta bella musica di tutti i generi da ogni parte del mondo.
> Domenica 11 potremmo trasmettere trasmissioni test.
> I vostri rapporti di ascolto sono sempre benvenuti.
> Se non desiderate in futuro ricevere le nostre E-Mail avvisateci.
> Buon ascolto!!
> The KCR Team
> Dear friends,Key Channel Radio will again broadcast on the frequency
> of 6915 or Khz 6920with the following shedule:Friday 17:
> UTC 20'00-2300 Relay German Pirate Radio
> UTC 23'00-to all night Test TrasmissionsSaturday 18:
> UTC 14'00 â 01'00 KCR Official Trasmission. UTC
> 19'00 â 20'00 Radio Dr. Tim Special Trasmission.
> UTC 01'00 â 02'00 Radio Dr. Tim Special Trasmission. Sunday
> 19: UTC 08'00 â 11'00 KCR Italian Service
> Such beautiful music of all genres from around the
> world.
> Your listening reports are always welcome .
> Good listening !!
> The KCR Team via KKX


Loki: 09.03.2017  View Printable Version 
Saturday, March 11 2017



Pari kansainvälistä heppua näyttää saaneen tunnuksen Suomen puoelle. Lokaukset ja tunnukset on putsattu.


From: DX [mailto:dx-bounces@hard-core-dx.com] On Behalf Of Mauno Ritola
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2017 9:40 AM
To: Suomalaisten DX-lista <dx@hard-core-dx.com>
Subject: Re: [DX] Loki: 09.03.2017


Kukahan tänne tällaisia syöttelee:




FR: Paris. coucou. daffycricket




KR: UNID. Una hora de trabajo. josueisinfire


10.3.2017, 1:25, Risto Kotalampi kirjoitti:

Hei,  Ohessa lokaukset edellisen 7 vuorokauden ajalta. Ko. lokin saa myös Online Logista (log.hard-core-dx.com) seuraavasti: klikkaa "hae", lisätty jälkeen: "2017-03-02 2200 UTC", lisätty ennen: "2017-03-09 2200 UTC", klikkaa "Hae".  73!  Risto  PS. Tämä on automaattinen postitus. Jos havaitset siinä virheitä, laita minulle sähköpostia.

___________________________________________________________________________________DX mailing listDX@hard-core-dx.comhttp://montreal.kotalampi.com/mailman/listinfo/dx_______________________________________________ THE INFORMATION IN THIS ARTICLE IS FREE. It may be copied, distributedand/or modified under the conditions set down in the Design Science Licensepublished by Michael Stutz at http://www.gnu.org/licenses/dsl.html


___________________________________________________________________________________ DX mailing list DX@hard-core-dx.com http://montreal.kotalampi.com/mailman/listinfo/dx


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