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Stations heard in Friol October 31, November 01  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, November 01 2022


Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain

Logs in Friol, NW of Spain
Tecsun PL-880, cable antenna, 8 meters

BANGLADESH, 4750, Bangladesh Betar, Shavar, 1920-1948, 31-10, Bengali,
comments, songs. 35433.

4885, Radio Clube do Pará, Belém, 0520-0618, 01-11, relaying Radio
Bandeirantes news. 15321.

6180, Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, 2030-2057, 31-10, news,
“Nacional informa”, Brazilian songs, comments. 35433.

9550.1, Radio Boa Vontade, Porto Alegre, 2037-2051, 31-10, religious
comments. // 11895.2. 14321.

9665, Voz Missionaria, Camboriú, 2003-2021, 31-10, Portuguese, news,
religious comments. 35433.

9818.9, Radio 9 de Julho, Sao Paulo, 2015-2029, 31-10, Portuguese,
religious comments and songs. 25322.

11780, Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, 1930- , 31-10, Portuguese,
comments, announcing program “Ponto de Encontro”, 1932: “Nacional
Informa”, news, program “Tarde Nacional”. 35433.

11895.2, Radio Boa Vontade, Porto Alegre, 2032-2047, 31-10, Portuguese,
religious comments. 23422.

CANADA, 6070, CFRX, Toronto, 0519-0556, 01-11, English, comments, news.
Strong QRM from Channel 292 on the same frequency.

CONGO, 6115, Radio Congo, Brazzaville, 1742-1806, 30-10, French,
comments, at 1800 news. 14221.
Checked 1720-1810, 31-10 out of air, and 0550-0620, 01-11, out of air

5970, Radio 208, Hvidovre, 2045-2058, 31-10, pop and rock songs in
English. 15321.

25800, World Music Radio, Marslet, 1522-1550, 31-10, songs in English,
oldies, song “Niths in White Satin”, id. “World Music Radio”. 35433.

GERMANY, 3955, HCJB Germany, Weenermoor, 0535-0547, 01-11, German,
religious comments and songs. // 5920. 25432.

KYRGYZSTAN, 4010.2, Kyrgyz Radio, Bishkek, 1748-1800*, 31-10, strong
carrier, extremely weak audio, songs, barely audible. 15411.

MALI, Radio Mali, Bamako, out of the air. Checked 31-10 afternoon and
evening, first on 9635 and later on 5995 and 01-11 morning, first on
5995 and later on 9635, no signal.

3940, Free Radio Service Holland, 1715-1748, 30-10, pop songs, Dutch,
English, comments, id. “Free Radio Service Holland”. 35433.

7390, Radio New Zealand International, Rangitaiki, 1633-1650*, 31-10,
songs in English, at 1650 id., announcement of the frequency in the next
time slot (9700) and close. 34433.

9700, Radio New Zealand International, Rangitaiki, *1650-1705, 31-10,
interval signal, id. “This is de Pacific Service of Radio New Zealand
International, songs in English, at 1700 time signals en news. At 1659
QRM on 9705. 33433.

15720, Radio New Zealand International, Rangitaiki, 0520-0610, 01-11,
English, comments, at 0600 Pacific news, New Zealand weather, songs.

MEXICO, 6185, Radio Educación, Ciudad de México, 0452-0720, 01-11,
Spanish, comments, Latin American songs, at 0548: “Día de Muertos, la
afición viva de México”, comments about this important Holiday day in
Mexico, more songs, music. 25322.

NORWAY, 5895, Radio Northern Star, Bergen, 1830-1858, 31-10, pop and
country songs in English. Strong fading. At 1858 eclipsed by
international stations signing on on 5890 and 5900. 15311.
Also heard 0509-0527, 01-11, songs in English, male, comments “...Coast
to Coast music…”. 15321.
Heard again whit better signal 0630-0704, 01-11, songs in English,
Country music, id. “This is Radio Northern Star”. 25322.

SPAIN, 6931, Indy Radio, Seville?, 0840-0855, 01-11, rock and pop songs
in Spanish. 35433.

SRI LANKA, 11750, Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, Trincomalee,
1706-1725, 31-10, Sinhala, comments and songs. 44444.

4765, Tajik Radio, Dushanbe, 1917-2002*, 31-10, Tajik, comments and
songs. 15321.

7245, Voice of Tajik, Dushanbe (presumed), 1531-1552, 31-10, Tajik,
comments, Tajik songs. Slight QRM from China on the same frequency.

VANUATU, 11835 (3rd harmonic of 3945), 0733-1008, 01-11, English,
Bislama, comments, news, Island songs. 15321.

ZAMBIA, 4965, Voice of Hope Africa, Lusaka, 1934-1956, 31-10, religious
songs and comments. 15421.

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AWR Moodbrunn 7430 not heard  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, November 01 2022


AUSTRIA Though very deep night, uncomfortable time for central European
monitor check:

7340even signal AWR wonderful lady singer of Indian subcontinental
music/songs heard via the ORS Moosbrunn relay center at 02.06 UT on Nov 1st.

S=9+30dB powerful signal on Doha Qatar Perseus SDR installation remotedly,
at ITU zones target 40E, 41NW, requested 300 kW at 94degr
in Urdu and Panaji languages,
also S=9+25dB signal in Delhi India,
S=9+15dB in Mauno's place in Finland and central Sweden SDR,
as well as
S=9+20dB strong in Zakynthos Greece SDR unit.

Neighbours 7330even CRI Kashgar 500kW S=9+10dB, and

7350even S=9+10dB CRI Pashto service from Kashgar western Xinjiang China

province center.

73 wolfy df5sx

----- Original Message -----

To: WOR@groups.io
Cc: KaiLudwig@t-online.de
Sent: Monday, October 31, 2022 10:04 AM
Subject: Re: [WOR] AWR Moodbrunn 7430 not heard

Hello Kai Ludwig & others,
Info from AWR that Moosbrunn Tx was transmitting their program at 0200-0300
wrongly on 7430 instead of 7340 on the last 2 days! Hope that it will be
rectified tomorrow.
73 Jose Jacob
AWR Monitor

On Mon, Oct 31, 2022 at 2:21 PM Kai Ludwig <KaiLudwig@t-online.de> wrote:

This transmission used to follow BBC Afghanistan 0030-0200 on 5930 (winter
frequency). Not so anymore, HFCC shows that this frequency is now run by
Vatican Radio and, apparently, Encompass has taken out anything else from
Moosbrunn as well.

Is this turns out to be a permanent cancellation it would mean that
Moosbrunn is now on air only between 0400 and 2100, if nothing else is
missing, too. Whatever the reasons may be – already for many years no
engineer was babysitting overnight there anymore, so it's not this kind of

At present quite a lot of gossip surrounds the Moosbrunn station, as in part
also discussed here. One rumour is that the Telefunken transmitters will no
longer be used after the end of this year and the operation be limited to
the two 100 kW Thomcast transmitters, installed in 2001 to replace old 60s
vintage gear. However, the AWR schedule, as issued just two weeks ago, shows
that the 300 kW slots continue to be booked until March.

Thus the source of the rumour should be asked if it knows the contracts
between AWR and ORS. If not a bit of restraint would not hurt, and
concentrating on confirmed facts, including of course monitoring
observations like this one.
Kai Ludwig

On Sun, Oct 30, 2022 at 09:02 PM, VU2JOS JOSE JACOB, INDIA wrote:
AWR via Moosbrunn, Austria 300 kW scheduled at 0200-0230 on 7340 in Urdu &
Punjabi in B22 is not heard yesterday and today. Other AWR transmissions
scheduled via Moosbrunn 300 kW are heard.
-- Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Jose Jacob, VU2JOS
National Institute of Amateur
Hyderabad, India
cell: 91 94416 96043

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Jen`s casts on Unique Radio, Australia, weekend of Oct 30-31  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, November 01 2022


>From Jen:

Sunday Oct. 30th 10 am MDT or 1600 UT to past 2000 UT

Here`s my Cast, the live show

My Rockin` around the Graveyard nite shift,
all Real Deal R&R Fun, for the Ghouls in U
instrumental madness, girl group,
punky, spooky Rocks on with
Jen's Halloween Shaking the bones off favorites
for this Hollow-ed Eve Season


Cast # 2

Jen's Hollow-ed Eve cast started at 0000 UT Monday Oct 31 to past 0400
This is a repeat from last year with live voice overs.
The show was Old time Radio Spooky classics mixed with
holiday themed music, so sit back and enjoy with the lights out!


Enjoy, safe, & happy Halloween

73" & 33"

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�tf-8?q?RADIO EXTERIOR DE ESPAÑA - Cambio de hora �tf-8?q2C cambio de frecuencias  View Printable Version 
Monday, October 31 2022

Cambio de hora, cambio de frecuencias (rtve.es)
Microsoft Word - RADIO EXTERIOR DE ESPAÑA (programasdx.com)
AMIGOS DE LA ONDA CORTA (programasdx.com)

Cambio de hora, cambio de frecuencias
Los cambios de programación y frecuencias son efectivos desde el 30 de octubre de 2022 hasta el 26 de marzo de 2023.

De lunes a viernes, para África Occidental y Atlántico sur, Oriente Medio e Índico, desde las 16 horas hasta las 00 horas UTC (Tiempo Universal Coordinado), 17 a 01 hora oficial española.
Las frecuencias de emisión:
-África Occidental y Atlántico sur, 11.685 Khz., banda de 25 metros.
-Oriente Medio e Índico, 12.030 Khz, banda de 25 metros.

Hacia América del norte y sur, Radio Exterior de España transmite en onda corta, de lunes a viernes, de 19 a 03 horas UTC, 20 a 04 hora oficial española.
Las frecuencias de emisión:
-América del sur, 11.940 Khz, banda de 25 metros.
-América del norte, 9.690 Khz, banda de 31 metros.
Los sábados y domingos, transmite su señal de 15 a 23 horas UTC, 16 a 24 hora oficial española. Frecuencias de emisión y las zonas de cobertura:
-África Occidental y Atlántico sur, 11.685 Khz, banda de 25 metros.
-América del sur, 11.940 Khz, banda de 25 metros.
-América del norte, 9.690 Khz, banda de 31 metros.
-Oriente Medio e Índico, 12.030 Khz, banda de 25 metros.

Además de las ocho horas diarias de transmisión por onda corta, Radio Exterior de España emite su programación las 24 horas a través de internet, TDT, aplicaciones móviles y satélite:
Europa, Oriente Medio y Magreb: Eutelsat Hotbird 13B, frecuencia de bajada: 12.302,88 MHz, polarización vertical.
América del Norte: SES AMC-11, frecuencia de bajada: 4.180 MHz, polarización horizontal.
América norte, centro, sur: Eutelsat E117 WA, frecuencia de bajada: 4.011,64 MHz, polarización vertical
Américas: Hispasat 30W-5, frecuencia de bajada: 12.052 MHz, polarización vertical
Asia: Asiasat 5, frecuencia de bajada: 3.840 MHz, polarización horizontal
África, Europa y Oriente Medio: Eutelsat E8WA, frecuencia de bajada: 3.895,7 MHz, polarización circular izquierda.

Radio Exterior - Web oficial - RTVE.es

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Masset musings from mid October  View Printable Version 
Monday, October 31 2022

My apologies for not getting this out sooner, but life got in the way! In
any case, a good and varied selection of loggings from Masset, BC, off the
NW coast of BC and due south of the Alaskan Panhandle. Conditions during
the earlier weeks were excellent on the shortwaves, but deteriorated during
my last few days there. Nick Hall-Patch, renowned MW DXer joined me for
the final 6 days there, where we overhauled all of my antennas and
reconfigured the remote shack and the SDRs. In addition, we constructed a
new 110/290 deg DKAZ antenna which is larger and quieter than a
previous DKAZ which I constructed about a year ago. As always, any errors
are mine alone, and comments are always welcome! 73, Walt Salmaniw

ALASKA 3200, 2120-2240, HAARP Oct 22 Tuned in and sure enough, there HAARP
with sweep tones pretty much continuously to past 22:00 (they were
scheduled between 21:00 and 22:00 to run something called a VLF
Amplification) until off somewhere around 22:40. Fair, sometimes good
reception. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

ALASKA 5400, 0619-, HAARP Oct 23 Listening to first night of Amanda Dawn
Christie's experiment via HAARP. Excellent level, following each
frequency, or combination of frequencies: 4.85, 4.80 (marred by CODAR),
5.4 MHz, 9.5 MHz, 3.3 MHz, Very strong into Masset, BC. (Salmaniw, Masset,

ALASKA 5800, 0415-, HAARP Oct 23 Following HAARP tonight. They started
this hour centered on 4800 kHz, with buzzy carriers every 20 kHz over a
span of about 400 kHz. As soon as they went off this channel, they jumped
to 5800 kHz. Very strong into Masset! Cut suddenly just before 04:20 UTC,
and 30 seconds later, started up centered on 6800. Slightly weaker. They
then proceeded to move up as per their schedule to 7.35, 8.05 (7.35 center
from 04:29:40 to 04:40, and 8.05 MHz from a few seconds after that to
04:50, and then switching to centered on 9600 (actually 9595) and presumed
they'll go to the top of the hour. This test is called the satellite
instrument calibration. Test ended, sure enough just before 05:00.
(Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

ALASKA 9600, 2345-, HAARP Oct 22 Noted an open carrier with intermittent
on/off, lasting a few seconds at a time. This one was scheduled from 22:00
to 24:00, and was called GIOS HF Ocean Scatter, and was very strong into
Masset. Then, near 00:00, a very wide band buzz centered on 9600 and 25
kHz on each side began continuously. I can only assume it's them! Off at
00:05:40, but back again at 00:06:09. Off at 00:11:40. Back at 00:12:05.
This test is called AERA Radar. Scheduled from 00:00 to 01:30. (Salmaniw,
Masset, BC)

ALASKA 11870, 1637-, KNLS Oct 18 Very strong in Mandarin, but still less
compared to KNLS in Russian at same time on 9580 (S9 + 30 to 40!). Clearly
both transmitters are operational and seemingly at full power. (Salmaniw,
Masset, BC)

ALGERIA 7200, 0506-, Radio Algerienne Oct 19 Excellent reception with
modern Algerian vocal. Very nice signal and modulation. (Salmaniw, Masset,

ALGERIA 9450, 0530-, Radio Algerienne Oct 20 Unlike the other night,
nothing on 7200, but very strong, clean signal in Arabic with news at 05:30
UTC. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

AUSTRIA 6155, 0553-, Oesterreich Rundfunk Oct 20 Superb reception over the
Pole in German. If Austria closes, I'll miss this site for sure, with the
diverse number of users. Let's hope it doesn't happen!. (Salmaniw, Masset,

CANADA 6030, 0544-, CFVP Oct 19 Good + reception with Cuban jamming in the
background, but otherwise a solid S7 to S8 signal. Calgary's Funny 1060
AM. 1060 is audible, but poor with cochannel. Puts out a great signal for
100 watts!. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

EGYPT 9440, 1800-, Radio Cairo Oct 18 Listed in Italian. Carrier came on
at 17:58 Strong signal but again without any modulation. I can only
imagine how good a broadcaster they could be if they would only fix their
transmitters!. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

EGYPT 9812.581, 2058-, Radio Cairo Oct 17 Distorted but strong signal with
hum. Was almost readable 20 minutes ago, but no longer. Listed in French,
but surely doesn't sound like it now. Continued until off just before
21:39 UTC. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

EGYPT 9902.519, 1701-, Radio Cairo Oct 18 Turkish is listed from 17:00 to
19:00, but alas nothing but a buzzy and wobbly transmitter off-channel.
I'm presuming this is Egypt. No audio otherwise heard today. The pain of
it all! Rechecking at 17:39 and the transmitter is now on 9902.56 without
any audio. At 18:36 .574 and perhaps some really weak audio audible.
(Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

GUAM 12080, 1627-, AWR Oct 18 Beautiful Indian music at great strength (S9
+10 to 20). Non-English speach at 16:28. Giving AWR's postal address in
India. Then e-mail. English sign off concluded the transmission, 'From
the Beautiful Pacific Island of Guam,...100,000 watts,...'. So nice to
have a full ID heard!. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

GUAM 15200, 1646-, KTWR Oct 18 Ukrainian religious programming at fair to
good level. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

HIGH SEAS 9285, 1803-, Intruder Oct 18 Presumably fishermen (in Tagalog or
something similar). 2 way communication at fair level. I was looking for
9275. Has anyone noticed that they're gone, or possibly at much weaker
strength once again?. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

INDIA 9620, 1654-, AIR Oct 18 Very strong reception this morning with
Indian music. Farsi programming is listed until 17:30, when it continues
with Arabic, and 19:30 in DRM in French. Rechecked at 17:31 and there was
the AIR IS, followed by Arabic (mentions of Arabiya and AIR). Remains very
good signal. Rechecking a few days later on Oct 20th, and a superb morning
again (both on SW and especially MW to Asia!). Once again a very strong
signal. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

JAPAN 6090, 1658-, Shiokaze Oct 18 Signing off announcements at superb
level, and so nice without any jamming. Superb reception. In either
Japanese or Korean (I can't tell the difference) and // to slightly less
powerful 7325. Transmitter cut at 17:00:05. Rechecking on Oct 20th has
cochannel CRI in Turkish on 7325. Both strong. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

KUWAIT 15530, 0501-, Radio Kuwait Oct 19 The MUF is sure holding up with
this solar cycle. English programming, pretty identical to what I heard 30
years ago. Qu'ran with English translation. I recall as a younger man
listening to them on this same frequency during our afternoons at armchair
level being mesmorized by the presentation. Fair to good reception.
(Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

MYANMAR 576, 1535-, Myanma Radio Oct 18 Good reception in English over
cochannel Japanese and // to SW 5985 (which was at very good level with 25
kW, I believe). A good morning for MW compared to yesterday!. (Salmaniw,
Masset, BC)

NEW ZEALAND ZL1WN, 2000-, ZL1WN Oct 17 Ham radio operator Ross Biggar
working a lot of American hams. 10 meters is definitely open!. (Salmaniw,
Masset, BC)

NORTH AMERICAN PIRATE 6932, 0132-, Unid Oct 13 Halloween type programming
with constant scary laughter and church bell gongs. Since 01:30 UTC and
still the same after a full 3 minutes. Most unusual! SSTV image at 02:04
showing a mouse (or is that a monkey?) riding a pig. Off after 2 snorts at
02:06:42. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

NORTH AMERICAN PIRATE 6935, 0411-, Mix Radio International Oct 10 Very nice
signal with a very different program. Church organ music! S6 signal heard
by far the best on the 110 deg DKAZ antenna. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

NORTH KOREA 6140, 1713-, KCBS Oct 18 Despite a strong signal, there's
something amiss, and I suspect technical as there are still a lot of drop
outs and stutters. Non-stop classical instrumental music. // to weaker
3205. Perhaps something is always wrong in Pyongyang!. (Salmaniw, Masset,

PHILIPPINES 774, 1548-, DWWW Oct 13 Very nice English ID for DWWW before
fading down again replacing western oldies with Thai or similar sounding
language (YL). (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

ROMANIA 7375, 0306-, Radio Romania International Oct 13 Excellent reception
with both frequencies on the air. Parallel 9850 is even a little
stronger. As always, RRI is an example to other SW broadcasters on how to
provide worldwide coverage with excellent modulation and quality of
programming!. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

ROMANIA 9760, 1719-, Radio Romania International Oct 18 I can clearly see
the DRM signal, but a bit too weak to decode. The AM transmitter, however,
is nearly every bit as good as a DRM signal on 11850 (Tiganesti 300 kW/307
deg) with Inside Romania concluding and into music. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

RUSSIA 7508.9, 0535-, S Channel Marker Oct 20 Very strong reception.
Others heard in the immediate area include: P marker from Kaliningrad on
7508.8 (have to use a pretty narrow CW filter!). D marker from occupied
Ukraine (Sevastopol) on 7508.7 is visible. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

USA 9275, 1700-, WMLK (non) Oct 20 I've noticed that WMLK has been missing
after a brief return. I'm not sure when they were last active, but I've
not heard them during my 2 weeks in Masset. Hopefully not another fire!.
(Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

USA 28207, 1924-, N4XRO Oct 17 5 watt beacon heard with a bit of a buzzy
signal best deciphered on my 110 deg DKAZ.... (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

USA 28236.5, 1933-, W0KIZ Oct 17 Another well heard beacon this morning
giving ID in CW along with location. Also very strong at 23:11 recheck.
Almost a barn burner! Not bad for 5 watts!. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

USA 28244, 1934-, WA6APQ Oct 17 Much stronger, and it shows with their 30
watts output, with slow CW giving callsign, then location. Very strong
when rechecking at 23:05 UTC. Frequency is actually a little lower than
listed. Actually measuring 28243.942 kHz. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

USA 28248.3, 2258-, NJ5T Oct 17 A relatively difficult catch, but I decoded
the J5 part of his call, as well as 'dipole'. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

USA 28250, 2248-, K0HTF Oct 17 Fairly good copy of this beacon away from
the coast now in Iowa. Only giving callsign/B. Tom 'Doc' Gruis replyed to
my email confirming he's feeding 20 Watts from an Old President radio and
feeding an AR-10 antenna. Thanks, Doc!. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

USA 28287, 1949-, WI6J Oct 17 Poor reception, but with same format giving
ID and location. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)

VATICAN CITY 11815, 1644-, Vatican Radio Oct 18 Ukrainian program at good +
level. // 9705 only slightly less powerful. (Salmaniw, Masset, BC)
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