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Glenn Hauser logs October 31-November 1, 2018  View Printable Version 
Friday, November 02 2018

** CANADA. 860, Nov 1 at 1247 UT, as I am trying to separate KKOW from
XEMO, but can`t since they are almost collinear with Enid, instead
with both of them nulled I hear French in the clear, mentioning
Canada, which is CBKF-2, Saskatoon, Sask., 10/10 kW U4. NRC Pattern
Book of 2013 shows major lobe north day and night, but almost as major
to S at night, SSE at day, no doubt to cover Regina (Glenn Hauser, OK,

** CUBA [non]. 7435, Nov 1 at 0003, Greenville having a problem
getting Radio Martà going: S9+20/30 carrier on and off, while 7355 is
already running; 0004, just-barely modulation starts, gradually turned
up to normal level (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUAM. 12085, Nov 1 at 1333, YL sounds much like KSDA in Thai QRMing
12035 Turkey, q.v.; but not // 12085 is KSDA in Lao (Glenn Hauser, OK,

** KUWAIT. 11629.760, Nov 1 at 1431, R. Kuwait is S9+10/S9 with
Qur`an. Seems this one is consistently off-frequency unlike Turkey
(Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also USA: WINB

** MEXICO. 550, Nov 1 at 0045, ``91.3, La SÃper-EstaciÃn``, loops WSW.
Of course it`s XEPL, Ciudad CuauhtÃmoc, Chihuahua. Axually, I thought
they said ``101.3`` which sounds rather similar in Spanish.

540, Nov 1 at 0046, ``La Ranchera de PaquimÃ`` on AM & FM, i.e. XETX
with FM on 90.5, from Nuevo Casas Grandes, Chihuahua.

709.875, Nov 1 at 0048, tell-tale het against KCMO or KGNC, from the
sometimes off-frequency alternate transmitter of XEDP, La Ranchera de
CuauhtÃmoc, Chihuahua. Still there at 0612 when I measure, 709.875?
Yes, mwoffsets has it on 709.87 as of 2017-03-08.

870, Nov 1 at 0052 UT, XETAR music and YL DJ with 5:52 TC, about to
close down daytimer at 6:00. La Voz de la Sierra Tarahumara,
Guachochi, Chihuahua, at first atop WWL, then making fast SAH with it.
I`m accustomed to hearing this around sunrise.

BTW, the UT-7 TC confirms Mexico beyond the US economic-influenced
border cities, has sensibly now ended DST a week before USA; it would
be even more sensible for both countries to abolish it.

These XEs logged following Kaz`s advisory instead to seek US daytimers
to the west on the best night of the year before they must sign off
much earlier from tomorrow (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 820, Nov 1 at 1241 UT, romantic music in Spanish over WBAP
which a few minutes earlier had been dominant; 1242 canned YL ID as
``Canal ochocientos veinte, ABC Radio``, i.e. XEABCA, Mexicali BCN and
back to more romx, a title starting with ``Amor ---``. Now I measure
its SAH separation from WBAP at less than 1 Hz, 48 per minute or 0.8
Hz. My sunrise today 1255 UT (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO [and non]. 860, Nov 1 at 1247 UT, KKOW Pittsburg KS C&W is
getting CCI in Spanish, but cannot mutually null them, i.e. close to
opposite direxion. They both null at the same position, audiblizing
French from CBKF-2 Saskatoon; see CANADA. 1301 Mexican NA, short
choral version, and 1303 ``XEMO, La Poderosa 860, mÃsica de
recuerdo``, non-sign-on info with street address, website, and then
prayer to MarÃa. XEMO is 10/7.5 kW from Tijuana BCN, which in fact is
almost exactly opposite to here from KKOW, but six times further
(Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NEW ZEALAND. 15720.10, Oct 31 at 2111, RNZI back on this band, only
poor now. Most of their frequencies are slightly off (Glenn Hauser,

** OKLAHOMA. Periodic update on Enid stations as of November 1:

530, `K530AM` Vance AFB TIS remains off the air for months now, altho
sometimes I think I have a very weak carrier.

1390, KCRC, 1/1 kW, continues to put big spurs causing hets circa 30
and 60 kHz above and below: 1330, 1360, 1420, 1450. The two closer
ones have plenty of modulation, all messing up KS and OK legit

88.3, Family Radio satellator K202BY, remains on the air for months
now with dead air.

RF 17, K17JN-D, Three Angels satellator continues with activity on 17
-1, 17-3, and 17-5, black/silence on 17-2, 17-4, 17-6 (Glenn Hauser,

** OKLAHOMA. RF 25, Nov 1 after 0335 UT during Colbert, on a different
antenna, I am now getting KWTV OKC duplicating 9.1 and 9.2 on new
channel, as well as old RF 39. Apparently there is another month
before they must close down 39; and duplication is OK contrary to my
previous IIRC (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. 9650.037, Oct 31 at 1817, JBA carrier off-frequency.
Aoki has nothing but Guinea at this hour, but never noted them that
far off. HFCC has no Guinea, but Riyadh, 100 kW ND at 1400-1800 in
Arabic, so likely that extended. IIRC there was also a 9650 radio war
with Iran in A-18 at some hour, but VIRI not scheduled in B-18.

9675, Oct 31 at 1819, TÃrkish at S9-S7, the SSOB! excerpt for 9475
WTWW. This one is definitely Riyadh as scheduled 1800-2057, 500 kW,
340 degrees Turkward and also USward. I bet the Saudis have a few
things to say to the Turx (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. 9690, Nov 1 at 0010, REE fair in Portuguese to North
America. Presumably also to S America on 11940, inaudible (Glenn

** TURKEY [and non]. 15270v, Nov 1 at 1324, VOT sign-off in German,
mentioning 49 mb for a later broadcast, i.e. 5945 at 1830, bit of IS
and off; only slightly off-frequency but no time to measure it. Yes,
the German broadcast at 1230 is now here on 310 degree antenna from
Emirler, so I retune to 12035 for next broadcast from same in English.

12035, finally *1329 with VOT IS and sign-on in English, now with
correct time and frequency! But *1329 at same time on 12035 is a
weaker signal with AWR theme and then in Thai, making a fast SAH, i.e.
KSDA due west from GUAM at 1330-1400. Both are in HFCC, but I was
hearing *no* sign of KSDA the previous few days of B-18 season. This
can ruin the first half of VOT, still CCI at 1355, but off by 1359.

Note: if you don`t hear VOT English on 12035 promptly from no later
than 1330, check 15270 where the sloppyrators at Emirler may have let
it run late into the next language on the feed.

11815, Nov 1 at 1429, VOT Turkish music is VG way over JBA Japan, and
not +0.7 kHz off-frequency today, nor is 12035! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

** U S A. 15580, Oct 31 at 2112, VOA with rock music at S9, the SSOB,
>> 15610 WEWN, 15720 RNZI. For B-18, Greenville-B has been resumed on
this frequency but for only one hour at 2100-2200. We expect to be
able to hear `Music Time in Africa` L&C on Fridays. 250 kW at 94
degrees, but we are directly off the back at ideal skip distance 1846
km = 1147 statute miles (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 1954 monitoring: NOT confirmed,
Wednesday Oct 31 at 2100 on WRMI, since 9955 is OFF the air! Still
nothing at 2113 check while 9395 Oldies is S9+20. Final recheck at
2129 just as WOR is ending, 9955 has come on sometime since 2113 with
WOR in progress. Simul on WBCQ 7490.14 confirmed, fair since 2105
tune-in, vs high local line noise level of S9+35! Next:

0729 UT Saturday HLR 6190-CUSB Germany to WSW
1231 UT Saturday Unique 9265V via WINB to WSW
1531 UT Saturday HLR 9485-CUSB Germany to WSW
1700 UT Saturday WRN 5950 via WRMI to WNW
1930vUT Saturday WA0RCR 1860-AM non-direxional
0300vUT Sunday WA0RCR 1860-AM non-direxional [nominal 0315-]
1130 UT Sunday HLR 7265-CUSB Germany to WSW
2130 UT Sunday WRMI 7780 to NE
2230 UT Sunday WRMI 9955 to SSE
0230 UT Monday WRN 5950 via WRMI to WNW [? not last week]
0400vUT Monday Area 51 5130v via WBCQ to WSW
0430 UT Monday WRMI 9955 to SSE

** U S A. 9955, UT Thu Nov 1 at 0006, AWR Wavescan on WRMI as one of
three dozen airtimes, but hit now by heavy wall-of-noise jamming.
There is no exile programming in Spanish at 0000, but two other
Spanish shows on UT Fri & Mon; however, Radio Libertad must be jammed
at 2315-2400 M-F, and the sloppyraters at the DCJC certainly don`t
care about causing collateral damage to enemy RMI.

Note that from Nov 4, all programming on 9955 shifts one UT hour later
to stay at the same ET. Jeff White notifies that this also applies to
9395 and 9455, but all other frequencies stay at the same UT (Glenn
Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also UNID 7730

** U S A [and non]. 13685-13690-13695, Nov 1 at 1332, assymetrical DRM
noise, just like we used to hear on 15665-15670-15675 from WINB, which
has been missing: `Normal` DRM on hi side, `rough` on lower side. So
now I bet it`s WINB. Seems that for latest WINB info one must check
their twitting, not the winb.com website, but which at least refers to

``winbâ@SWWINB Oct 29
Here is our fall DRM schedule: Mon-Fri only:
7315 kHz 062 deg. 0700-0900 UT
9265 kHz 062 deg. 0900-1100 UT
13690 kHz 062 deg. 1100-1700 UT
On weekdays, time between 1700 and first scheduled AM broadcast is
occasionally used for transmitter testing on 9265 kHz, often DRM``

I`ve yet to hear or see any reports of DRM on 7315 or 9265, but could
easily be missed overnight. HFCC B-18 indeed no longer has WINB on
15670, but 13690, however as ``D`` which means NOT DRM! This defective
13690 DRM still going at 1428 check.

BTW, no DRM on 13645-13650-13690 today (as in previous report I
wondered if 13690 could be spur out of KUWAIT), but here is another
twit about that, from who knows where:

``DRMNA.INFO Retweeted
Benjamin @Benjami51372632 Oct 31
2018-31-10 1400z DRM radio_Kuwait is on 13650khz in arabic for last 5
hrs. Loud and clear. The show goes on! #drmlog 0 replies 2 retweets 4
likes`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 840, Nov 1 at 1245 UT, ``102.9, mÃs mÃsica y variedad --- en
espaÃol, el motivador``. Must be US station, as a Mexican would never
need to say it`s in Spanish! Loops E/W. NRC AM Log shows it`s KJFA
BelÃn, Nuevo MÃjico, 1800/30 watts U1, slogan as Ãxitos 102.9. Yes, of
course, it`s way pre-sunrise there, so on day power? Official sunrise
is not until an hour later, 1345 UT! (December: 1400). First time I`ve
heard it here; KJFA-840 is successor to KARS-860 BelÃn. Now for
Albuquerque market, address for the cluster at 4125 Carlisle NE, which
I think used to host KHFM i.a.

I thought 102.9 would be a translator, even on Sandia Crest, but no,
KJFA-FM is 3.7 kW ERP horizontal only, licensed to Pecos NM, on the
other side of SC, do how does that get into ABQ? FCC coverage map
shows it does not, and barely into Santa Fe and Las Vegas (Glenn

** U S A. 870, Nov 1 at 1225 UT, weather in the 20s and 30s, snow,
mention northern Wisconsin, so this sure isn`t WWL. First on R75, then
switch to DX-398 to get a bearing. Yes, with WWL nulled. 1228 UT more
such weather, highs in 40s. 1231 UT TC for 7:31 =CDT, now 25 degrees,
mention Minnesota. This is certainly KPRM Park Rapids MN, 50/2.5 kW
U2. Suspect on 50 kW ND day pattern as night nulls south. But official
FCC November sunrise is not until 1315 UT! Even in October it was 1230
UT, so I should not have been hearing it already at 1225. December
will be 1400 UT which they will probably also precede (Glenn Hauser,

UNIDENTIFIED. Trans-Pacific JBA MW carrier search, Nov 1 at 1215-1221:
531, 558, 567, 585, 594, 702, 711, 738, 747, 756, 774, 828, 837, 855,
864, 873, 945, *972, 1008, 1017, 1044, 1098(2), 1143, 1566.
*=strongest, no doubt Korea South; (2) = at least two carriers
beating, Marshalls and what? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 880, Nov 1 at 1304 UT, Spanish M&W with KRVN nulled; too
late for Chihuahua (the 700s were big at 1235, but gone by our sunrise
1255). Too many US possibilities in NRC AM Log: WIJR Highland IL (St
Louis mkt), WMDB Nashville TN, KJOZ Conroe TX (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

UNIDENTIFIED. 7730, Oct 31 at 2113, weak DRM-like noise; could WRMI be
testing it? Probably not but check further (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

UNIDENTIFIED. 17750-USB, Oct 31 at 2109, 2-way INTRUDERS, probably in
Spanish (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 17850-AM, Oct 31 at 2110, JBA carrier, and the OSOB to
boot; but nothing scheduled now in HFCC or Aoki/NDXC (Glenn Hauser,

This report despatched at 1811 UT November 1


Glenn Hauser logs October 30-31, 2018  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, October 31 2018

** EAST TURKISTAN. 11880, Oct 31 at 1402, CRI news in English, S9-S6
with heavy flutter, about 1 second ahead of 15700 Habana relay. This
is one of the ubiquitous 500 kW, 308 degree transmissions aimed at
Europe from Kashi-Saibagh 2022 site as Aoki/NDXC denotes it, i.e. from
a.k.a. China`s Xinjiang province, where a million Uighurs are being
imprisoned and brainwashed. Here just one of many reports about that:

** ERITREA. 7140.020, Oct 31 at 0334, JBA carrier, presumed VOBME as
others have reported, still Intruding, while the other VOBME is not
being heard on 7180v (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KUWAIT. 13645-13650-13655, Oct 31 at 1353, S9 DRM noise, still at
1438. I can only assume another SNAFU at R. Kuwait which is not
supposed to be here until 1700-2000 in Arabic DRM, according to HFCC
and Aoki/NDXC. In fact, at 1300-1400 the other Kuwaiti site is
scheduled on 13650-AM, IBB in Tibetan! That would be the JBA carrier I
can barely hear amid on 13650.

Furthermore, I hear narrowband DRM noise about 13690-13695. This could
be a spur from the 13650 transmitter. After all, everything else can
go wrong, so why not DRM spurs just like we can get AM spurs?? (Glenn

** OKLAHOMA. KWTV must be getting close to repack QSY from RF 39 to RF
25. At 0350 UT Oct 31, glimpsed a promo for http://rescanoklahoma.com

Altho obviously sponsored by KWTV-9, site provides only generic info
about the need to rescan, no explanation of what is really going on!
It`s not that simple. Depending on tropo conditions when you do it,
you could gain unexpected channels, or lose old channels due to CCI!
What you need is a TV/STB that lets you manually add and delete
channels --- one of my TVs does not, requires autoscanning only, to my

25 is always on but too weak to decode whether it`s still color bars
or KWTV programming already. IIRC, not allowed to // program both at
once. They better get up to full power on 25 before abandoning 39,
lest they lose a lot of viewers in the fringe area! (Glenn Hauser,

** SOMALILAND [non]. 7120-LSB, Oct 31 at 0334, unID SS ham benefits
from R. Hargeisa still silenced; couldn`t they just go to a proper
SWBC frequency? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. 9690, Tue Oct 30 at 2313, REE S9+10 with rock music, 2315
Castilian announcement --- NOT in English like dÃbut yesterday at
2300. 2330 timesignal and into French, YL and music; by 2352 fading
down with flutter, S9 to S5. At 0000 UT Wed Oct 31 I can barely tell
it has switched to Portuguese. By 0333 I can`t hear anything on 9690,
so can`t confirm whether it`s really on until 0400 including an
English repeat at 0300. REE needs a better understanding of basic
propagation, like using a lower band to us on winter nights!

Turns out that unlike other languages, English is scheduled on M/W/F
only. Dave Kenny, BDXC-UK, also heard the first one saying that it
repeats at 0300 following UT days (altho 2300 UT is already the next
day locally in Spain with its wacky advanced timezoning). Dave:

``This is confirmed by the online programme schedule which also give
the times of some of the other languages
(NB this schedule is in Spanish time - subtract one hour for UTC)

The repeat English broadcast at 0300 needs confirming as according to
REEâs earlier frequency announcement shortwave broadcasts stop at
0300, although HFCC shows 9690 continuing until 0400.

The English programme can be downloaded at
This confusingly states "English Language Broadcast Martes, jueves y
sÃbado da las 23.00 horas UTC y las 03.00 horas UTC"``

Note that the full schedule does not give any program titles for
English; despite my monitoring confirmation of Russian at 1800 UT, it
claims Portuguese instead of Russian at 19h HOE; and Sefardi is
weekly, only Sundays at 2230 UT.

The English archive briefly gives the topic of each one; note that all
are a bit over 30 minutes long, a few much over, like 34, 37, 41. This
may be inconvenient to fit into SW slots (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

** TURKEY. 11815.707, Oct 31 at 1359, VG S9+10 signal from TRT Turkish
which just moved from 15350, way atop NHK JAPAN on 11815.0 producing
only a weak het. Yesterday TRT was within a few Hz of 11815.00. Note
that today`s offset is exactly the same as I measured yesterday at
same time on English, 12035.707! Today the latter is back close to
12035.00. Do they have one transmitter which is always way off, and
swap it around, or what? A time signal at 1400 is about a semi-second
early compared to WWV (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1954 monitoring: confirmed Tuesday October 30
after 2030 on WRMI 7780, very poor/JBA in daytime noise level off side
of the beam. How is it in Europe? Also confirmed Wednesday October 31
at 1050, the 1030 on WRMI 5950, fairly sufficient. Next:

2100 UT Wednesday WRMI 9955 to SSE
2100 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW
0729 UT Saturday HLR 6190-CUSB Germany to WSW
1231 UT Saturday Unique 9265V via WINB to WSW
1531 UT Saturday HLR 9485-CUSB Germany to WSW
1700 UT Saturday WRN 5950 via WRMI to WNW
1930vUT Saturday WA0RCR 1860-AM non-direxional
0300vUT Sunday WA0RCR 1860-AM non-direxional [nominal 0315-]
1130 UT Sunday HLR 7265-CUSB Germany to WSW
2130 UT Sunday WRMI 7780 to NE
2230 UT Sunday WRMI 9955 to SSE
0230 UT Monday WRN 5950 via WRMI to WNW [? not last week]
0400vUT Monday Area 51 5130v via WBCQ to WSW
0430 UT Monday WRMI 9955 to SSE

** U S A. 15665-15670-15675, Oct 31 at 1354 & 1435 chex, no sign of
DRM today as scheduled from WINB; making up for that with extra DRM on
13650 is KUWAIT, q.v. (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This report dispatched at 1707 UT October 31


Glenn Hauser logs October 30, 2018  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, October 30 2018

** CANADA. 385 kHz, Oct 30 at 0604, dash and NDB ID as QV, which is
100 watts from Yorkton, Sask.; so my unID as YV was a miscopy (Q and Y
are opposites in Morse).

366 kHz, Oct 30 at 0605, dash and NDB ID as YMW, which is 500 watts at
Maniwaki, Quebec (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non]. 7545, Oct 30 at 1435, Chinese atop another signal,
i.e. CNR1 jamming vs VOA via PHILIPPINES (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

** CHINA. 7435, Oct 30 at at 1437, Chinese? pop song, S9 to S9+10 with
flutter, 1439 Russian announcement, strange accent; from CRI at 14-15,
500 kW, 37 degrees for DVR thus also USward. HFCC shows simulsked this
hour for CRI Nepali, 283 degrees from Kunming, unheard here. It`s also
a standby frequency for JIC MIC, Japan, inadvisable (Glenn Hauser, OK,

** THAILAND [and non]. 9940, Oct 30 at 1428, presumed HSK9 in English
is VP, closing 1429 with bells and off 1429.5*, succeeded by even
weaker signal which is FEBC Philippines opening Uighur. At least 9940
has no ACI problems. Ex-9390 abutting 9395 WRMI.

R. Thailand full usage of 9940 per HFCC is: 1200-1215 Malay, 1230-1300
English, 1300-1315 Japanese, 1315-1330 Mandarin, 1330-1400 Thai, 1400
-1430 English; switching azimuths for each from Udorn. Englishes are
both 132 degrees, no good for us, while the intervening Asian
languages are at 30 or 54 degrees which should carry on USward much
better (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY. 12035.005, Oct 30 at 1355, VOT English back almost on-
frequency after jump to 12035.707, 24 hours ago.

11815, Oct 30 at 1359, ME music with flutter atop NHK in Japanese,
making fast SAH a few Hz apart but unmeasured; 5+1 TS at ToH, and YL
Turkish talk, of course, since TRT has just moved here from 15350
which I also a heard a few minutes earlier. These two now overlap an
hour 14-15 per HFCC, but acceptable to them since targets are far
apart, neither for North America, altho Emirler is axually aimed
USward 310 degrees beyond W Europe, and this would probably be our
best frequency to hear NHK music at this time; or Turkish music if it
were in the clear (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 382 kHz, Oct 30 at 0602, NDB ID as SP. This is 25 watts at
Springfield IL; I was tuned to 380.

BTW, no sign of EN around 194 tonight, Kenosha/2, nor 388 (Glenn

UNIDENTIFIED. 7340, Oct 30 at 1438, pop song, not // 7435 CRI Russian.
Aoki/NDXC B-18 which is now available zipped via
shows it could be either: AIR in Sindhi, 100 kW, 10 degrees from
Mumbai; or PBS Xinjiang in Kazakh, 100 kW ND from Urumqi, East
Turkistan, where mega-Uighurs are being brainwashed. That must make
for quite a collision in the area (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

UNIDENTIFIED. 15151.50-USB, Oct 30 at 1354, 2-way in colloquial
Spanish, INTRUDERS. This is a longtime spot for such, like Dec 5, 2014
at 1455 on 15151.0 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This report dispatched at 1739 UT October 30


Glenn Hauser logs October 28-29-30, 2018  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, October 30 2018

** AUSTRALIA. 9740, Oct 29 at 1457, `Spotlight Radio` in special
English, S9-S6, outro ref to www.radioenglish.net and 1459 RBA sign-
off until 1400 tomorrow. Spotlight uses English teaching as an
evangelical ploy, to worm their way into learning minds. Het from
another carrier overlaps just before 1500, i.e. AWR SRI LANKA, q.v.
And, remember when 9740 was a signature frequency of BBCWS Singapore?
Now in B-18, it`s not BBC anywhere, anywhen (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

** BULGARIA. 11600, Oct 29 at 1454, a bit of Brother Scare until
cutoff at 1455*, seeming same if not synch with 9330.1 WBCQ. SPC has
registered this even frequency 24 hours, but also BRB with Kurdish via
KCH until 1600. In A-18, EiBi had BS via Bulgaria instead at 1500-
1655. How sad that the Bulgarians would rather broadcast BS than Radio
Sofia/Bulgaria (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [non]. 6180, Oct 30 at 0135, CRI English here at S9+10
discussing robotix, // 6020 via Albania. 6180 is really too strong and
steady to be fro Kashgar as scheduled southward --- because HFCC B-18
has the answer: ALSO during the 01-02 hour, CRI English via HABana!
250 kW at 10 degrees (and also at 02-03 in Chinese). Must be a
replacement for 9580, no longer on sked. CRI did not make such a
change in B-17. This also must explain why I was hearing RHC Spanish
on 6180, Oct 28 at 0135 --- Cuba was getting ready to relay China here

** CUBA [and non]. 13605, Oct 29 at 1450, wall-of-noise jamming
against nothing, as the incompetent Dentro Cuban Jamming Command keeps
after Radio Martà where it should have known was last in use Oct 27,
moving Oct 28 to 13820 as always in B-seasons. There, RM is S9+30 with
no jamming audible. 11860 continues on M-F only from 1400v, but it`s
under WON jamming (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1954, DX LISTENING

** IRELAND. 3413-USB, Oct 29 at 0453, YL VOLMET VP S5 equal to band
noise level, EiBi says it is Shannon between 22 and 10; 3413 could
also bear ATC comms from San Francisco at any hour. They are far
apart, but why risk sharing? One could be on LSB, e.g. (Glenn Hauser,

** MADAGASCAR. 13670, Oct 28 at 1850, African Pathways Radio on MWV,
S9+10 and better than expected despite losing 2 MHz of MUF in B-18 QSY
ex-17640. Closing with updated frequency announcement of this at 18
and 11965 at 20, still 11825 at 04, to theme ``Don`t Worry, Be Happy``

** SPAIN. 9690, Oct 28 at 1854, REE `Tablero Deportivo` excited about
sports scores, on reactivated B-frequency for North America, ex-17855;
would be sufficient by now, except for het! From weaker off-frequency
-to-low-side Voice of Nigeria, which also reactivated this frequency
several weeks ago; a collision everyone should have anticipated
despite Nigerian absence from HFCC; should be over by 2030 or 2100.

And guess what, Madagascar WV northerly in Russian is also listed on
9690 at 19-20! // 12030 REE is better, S9 and no QRM, tho aimed 110
degrees, exactly opposite from 9690, expanded scheduling for which
calls for 15-23 Sat & Sun, but 19-04 on M-F/UT Tue-Sat. 12030 HFCC
sked is different: Sat/Sun 15-24, M-F 16-24. I`m not sure all those
times are exactly correct, as REE itself has put out conflicting info.

Still registered are a bunch of other frequencies, most of them surely
alternates from four transmitters max, often fewer: 11685, 11940,
15110, 15390, 15500, 17715, 17755, 17855, 21620.

12030, Monday October 29 at 1800, REE starts new Russian broadcast
after Spanish; as some Russian DXers had been notified to expect. I
wonder if REE adjusts its antenna headings, as this one has been
toward ME, with none toward Russia.

9690 is not on yet, just Nigeria on 9690-. While I`m busy with WORLD
OF RADIO, John Figliozzi discovers 9690 with new English broadcast at
2300 Oct 29, and welcomed by several others in eastern North America.
Supposedly on air until 0400, with any other languages or more
English? By 0100 Oct 30 check here, has faded to JBA and hardly
anything else on 31m, despite K-index of 0 and no storms (Glenn

** SRI LANKA. 15179.877V, Oct 29 at 1443, way off-frequency JBA; It`s
AWR via Trincomalee, scheduled at 1430-1500, 125 kW at 45 degrees in
KxF language which EiBi`s readme.txt shows means Manumanaw Karen /
Kawyaw / Kayah: Myanmar with (10,000) speakers. How many have been
converted to SDA already, and counting? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

** SRI LANKA. 9739.918, Oct 29 at *1500, AWR theme after a few seconds
overlap-hetting RB Australia, q.v. It`s Nepali until 1530, 125 kW, 15
degrees from Trincomalee. Are any of their frequencies accurate? Seems
like originally they were; what happened? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

** TURKEY. 12035.707, Oct 29 at 1408, VOT English to WEu and NAm
beyond, has jumped off-frequency, while 24 hours earlier it was close
to on 12035.0; S9+10 to S8. I start to measure it during music but
miss the Question of the almost-over Month as a result; 1414 more
filler with the multi-lingual ID reel; more music and 1424 sign-off
with outdated claim to be on 15450 at 1230! IS plays until 1427:43 as
some Turkic-language IDs start to be interspersed, but hopefully off
in time to complete QSY before 1430 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO

** U S A. 347 kHz, Oct 29 at 0501, beacon AFK, which is 25 watts at
Nebraska City NE; I was tuned to 348.

389 kHz, Oct 29 at 0602, beacon CSB, which is 25 watts named `Harry
Strunk` at Cambridge, Nebraska --- between McCook and Holdredge on US
6 in SW NE, not far from KS (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 1953 monitoring: confirmed Sunday
October 28 at 2130 on WRMI 9955, and about 1 second behind on WRMI
7780 --- in separate playouts rather than a joining of Systems. 9955
has pulse jamming underneath --- tnx a lot Arnie, and 7780 with less
noise. NOT confirmed UT Monday October 29 at 0130 on WRMI 5950, unlike
a week ago during WRN English relay; rather more Radio Martà in
Spanish; but anyway WRN has already made un-DST change a week too
early, confirmed on their webcast, WOR at 0230 when 5950 is still SS.
Confirmed on Area 51 webcast from 0300 UT Monday Oct 29; and at 0313
on VP WBCQ 5129.84. Not confirmed at 0330 UT Monday Oct 29 on WRMI
because 9955 has faded to a JBA carrier; but confirmed on webcast.

WORLD OF RADIO 1954 contents: Antarctica, Bhutan, Brasil, Canada,
China, Cuba, Greenland, Korea South, Madagascar, Nepal, New Zealand,
Nigeria and non, North America, Northern Mariana Islands, Spain,
Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK and non, USA, Vatican, Yemen non? and the
propagation outlook.

WOR 1954 ready for first airings UT Tue October 30: confirmed at 0030
on WRMI 7730, good but fading down tho still sufficient by 0100.
Immediate repeat at 0100 on WRMI 9955: no signal on outfaded 9955, but
confirmed on webcast. By 0115 all three 7 MHz frequencies are also
weakening. From next week, WOR should be even later into the dark, at
0200 UT Tuesday on 9955, while 7730 stays at 0030. Next:

2030 UT Tuesday WRMI 7780 to NE
1030 UT Wednesday WRMI 5950 to WNW
2100 UT Wednesday WRMI 9955 to SSE
2100 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW
0729 UT Saturday HLR 6190-CUSB Germany to WSW
1231 UT Saturday Unique 9265V via WINB to WSW
1531 UT Saturday HLR 9485-CUSB Germany to WSW
1700 UT Saturday WRN 5950 via WRMI to WNW
1930vUT Saturday WA0RCR 1860-AM non-direxional
0300vUT Sunday WA0RCR 1860-AM non-direxional [nominal 0315-]
1130 UT Sunday HLR 7265-CUSB Germany to WSW
2130 UT Sunday WRMI 7780 to NE
2230 UT Sunday WRMI 9955 to SSE
0230 UT Monday WRN 5950 via WRMI to WNW [? not last week]
0400vUT Monday Area 51 5130v via WBCQ to WSW
0430 UT Monday WRMI 9955 to SSE

** U S A. 5950, UT Tue Oct 30 at 0030, WRMI is back to English,
presumably WRN with Israel Radio, ex-2330 as un-DST shifts have
already been made, obviously for the convenience of Londoners, not
Americans. It`s totally unclear just when 5950 is going to be with WRN
and when with alternative programming on ``W-Radio-MartÃ-I`` (Glenn

UNIDENTIFIED. 386 kHz, Oct 29 at 0602, beacon with dash and YV. Can`t
find any listing. There is a QV at Yorkton Sask on 385, so maybe I
miscopied as I was dozing off (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 11840, Oct 29 at 1453, S9 carrier with some pulsing
quick cut-outs, soon off to stay. Could it be a test from
International Radio for Disaster Relief, from SMG VATICAN, the only
thing allowed in HFCC, as Cuba doesn`t count? Would not be on 11840 at
this hour, anyway (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 15156.00-LSB, Oct 29 at 1447, 2-way in Spanish INTRUDERS

This report dispatched at 0419 UT October 30


Glenn Hauser logs October 28, 2018  View Printable Version 
Sunday, October 28 2018

** CANADA. 388 kHz, Oct 28 at 0650 UT, beacon MM and dash, which means
it`s Canadian. Classaxe.com shows 125 watts at Fort McMurray, northern
Alberta. 2478 km = 1540 statute miles.

382 kHz, Oct 28 at 0652 UT, beacon YPL, which is a regular here from
Pickle Lake, Ontario, 1000 watts (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

** CANADA. 650, Oct 28 at 1204 UT, outro news from Canadian Press,
``650 CKOM Update``, 1205 weather from minus 5 to plus 19; plug
CKOM.com, back to ``Saskatchewan`s biggest conversation`` seems a
playback. WSM easily nulled, XETNT not fading up until later, and KGAB
no obstacle. 10/10 kW U4 from Saskatoon. Night pattern is supposed to
be all-north; day with a minor lobe south. Last logged here Sept 7,
2017 at 0549. At first I thought they were saying CKON, but that might
be in Ontario. Branded as ``650 CKOM`` several times but did not hear
``NewsTalk 650`` as in NRC AM Log, altho that is certainly their
format and might still be uttered (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

** CHINA [non]. 15700, Oct 28 at 1409, S9+40, CRI English via CUBA is
back on B-frequency, ex-13740 in A-18. So no more overlapping possible
with RHC Spanish. At 1402 I had noticed 13740 off, but nothing on
15700 yet which must have come up late. Something`s always wrong at
RadioCuba (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [and non]. 13820, Oct 28 at 1401, R. Martà has cut on new B-18
frequency, ex-13605 which remains heavily jammed, while 13820 is clear
for now at S9+30. 13820 was empty as late as 1359.

Also, HFCC B-18 as of Oct 26 shows once again this B-season, RM is
jumping around 7 MHz frequencies, to keep the jammers on their toes;
no more 7335, but:
7355 at 10-14, 23-06
7365 at 01-02
7375 at 22-23
7435 at 12-14, 23-01, 02-07

** MEXICO. 630, Oct 28 at 1215, Spanish plugging a program on Alba?
104.5, a Grupo Radio Centro station, 6:15 timecheck, music; loops SSW.
Suspected XEFB Monterrey NL. WTFDA FM Database shows slogan ALFA
104.5, CHR format for XHMF-FM in Mty but does not relate it to 630
XEFB, which used to be news/talk. Is it now just an appendage of an
FM, like so many US AM stations, or a promo for sibling station?

** NEW ZEALAND [and non]. 7390, Oct 28 at 1346, RNZI on NF for B-18,
ex-5980; would be sufficient were it not for high local crackling
noise level, which if it upkeep will severely limit my monitoring!
It`s S9+20 peaking on the 7 MHz band, less but plenty above and below.
At least WWCR has not shown up on 7390, a surprise new frequency it
registered for 14-18 at 85 degrees, alternate for WWCR-2? Nor is 7390
on the B-18 schedules at wwcr.com; while 7490 continues with WWCR-2,
S9+50 at 1400 check, until 1600 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING

** TURKEY. 12035, Oct 28 at 1353, Turkish song with good signal, as
VOT English to W Europe and N America beyond, has moved one hour later
at 1330 ex-1230, and two bands lower, ex-15450, and should propagate
better; altho Turkish about to close is also audible on 15350 (Glenn

** U A E. 11720.115, Oct 28 at 1356, JBA fluttery off-frequency
signal, perfectly fitting for DHA site, B-18 scheduled to carry DW in
Dari and Pashto at 1330-1430 on ``11720`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

** U S A. 193.5 kHz, Oct 28 at 0636 UT, I`m checking ~24 hours later
for the beacon ID EN, and do just barely hear it again when tuned to
193 kHz (but a carrier zero-beats on 193.5). Cannot hear anything to
match on x2 = 387 kHz altho there are several carriers in the area.
(And see CANADA!) The cycle is very long, 26 seconds, not 8+ as shown
in classaxe for the Kenosha WI fundamental of which this EN appears to
be a subharmonic. The space between the E and the N is also prolonged,
altho the axual dits and dahs are not very elongated. It could be that
the transmitter is totally out of whack, radiating on half the
intended frequency, which is generated but supposed to be suppressed
until multiplied (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9955, Sunday Oct 28 at 1412, WRMI is still on with Blalock
the Blaster. Extension past 1400 had been on Saturdays only, but
skedgrid now shows Sat & Sun 14-16 from XMTR 5 on 9955, with System D
in yellow, unshown content (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 15300, Sunday Oct 28 at 1404, something new for B-18,
VG S9 signal of rock/Afro pop music, so strong it must be Greenville;
rare announcements in French as ``VOA Afrique``, past 1456 but weaker.
Instead, HFCC shows at 14-15 Sat & Sun only, this is IBB via SMG
VATICAN, 250 kW, 169 degrees in Kinyarwanda! If it`s not GB
substituting, yet another example of SMG`s great coverage in the wrong
direxions; violating Separation of Church & State. See also VATICAN
[non]. BTW, GB is again scheduled at 21-22 on 15580, which should
reaudiblize Afropop Worldwide for us on Fridays (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX

** VATICAN [non]. 9695, Oct 28 at 1224, S9-S7 open carrier; what`s
this? 1236 recheck it`s papal stuff in Spanish with Italian accent,
obviously VR, the relay via Greenville B violating Separation of
Church & State, new time and frequency for B-18, ex 1130-1145 on 9610,
but at 1230 now 9610 is occupied by KSDA in Chinese. This timeshift
obviously for the convenience of Romans, not Americans, to keep it at
the same local clock time in the See, post-DST over there (Glenn

UNIDENTIFIED. 15440-USB, Oct 28 at 1413, 2-way in Spanish, INTRUDERS.
Who cares? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This report dispatched at 1719 UT October 28


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