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East Coast SDR's (the non-lemons)  View Printable Version 
Friday, February 01 2019

I recall the days in the 1970's when we had a couple of active foreign DX'ers in South Florida, it was often

the case that when we had good TA's up here, they didn't. At the time the thought was that their signal

paths were longer, and their location close to the tropics had a higher atmospheric noise level.

Russ Edmunds


Blue Bell, PA

Grid FN20id


East Coast SDR's (the non-lemons)  View Printable Version 
Friday, February 01 2019



East Coast SDR's (the non-lemons)  View Printable Version 
Friday, February 01 2019

Great list Mark!

I found a Tech report somewhere of the TOP Kiwi WebSDR's on the Planet
based solely on average S/N ratio...
and oddly, one of the ugliest ones was either in Indonesia or India where
the environmental noise level
was between S9 and 10DB over S9.

One would ask: Why bother installing such an expensive piece of kit is such
a crappy listening environment?

Colin Newell - Editor and creator *of *Coffeecrew.com
<http://www.Coffeecrew.com> and DXer.ca <http://www.DXer.ca> -
VA7WWV | Twitter @CoffeeCrew | Victoria - Canada


(New) Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide, etc.  View Printable Version 
Friday, February 01 2019



I agree with Bill and Nick. So far, I've only had a minute or two to
look at it, but there's a lot of interesting stuff to dig through.Â
Thanks for putting it together.


On 1/31/2019 1:54 AM, bill [his.com] wrote:

I can only echo Nickâs comments Chris â what a great page. Itâs going to take some time to explore all the things youâve got here.

And what a great resource for helping ID Asian MW stations! Looking forward to using it on some real, live DX soon!

Thanks for your efforts!

Bill Whitacre


On Jan 30, 2019, at 10:24 PM, Nick Hall-Patch <nhp@ieee.org> wrote:

Hi Chris,

I only wish that I had more hours to go through your site. Interesting radio stuff of course, but your impressions of Korea and other details of that nature are extremely worthwhile also.

I think that the write up on Asian DX targets' webstreams is still to come is it?

Thanks for putting that up.


At 13:27 2019-01-29, Chris Kadlec wrote:

Just a note that my Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide has moved to:

http://chriskadlec.com (see the Radio menu)

I have added numerous full-length propaganda clips (AM FM SW) that I hadn't featured before, as well as photos and more. My old page was merely a temporary home for two years in lieu of this new page that had been planned for that pretty much that long.

In addition to that, I have built new pages featuring all KBS local addresses for those QSL seekers and a new/improved page for Chinese ID vocabulary (i.e. guangbo, dianshi zong tai, zhi sheng, etc.) with full English and pinyin translations for each clip. Both were previously PDFs. I also have a plan to add a similar page for MBC local addresses and update my list of Asian station streams.

For those who have interests beyond MW, you can also find all my FM content, including my full Chinese tropo and E-skip log with 3 hours of audio, and my new 6-hour 500 top-of-hour ID project for my 530 FM regulars here in Michigan. And other stuff too.

Hope some of you will check it out and let me know if there are other such resources that I may have access to that anyone would be interested in.

-Chris Kadlec


TP 31 Jan Victoria version.  View Printable Version 
Friday, February 01 2019

Once more into the bucket, dear friends (with apologies to Shakespeare, who likely wasn't a DXer, and with conditions like this morning, who could blame him?)

pretty darn good audio (all of it understandable by a native speaker, at least briefly):

not in the slightest

Reasonable audio at times during the period (much of it understandable by a native speaker, though often battling with splash or noise):

the above passing through

not so reasonable audio, occasional words or phrases in splash or noise could be understood by a native speaker:

too much to ask for

Burbles in the splatter and noise (if lucky, language might be guessed at by cadence of talk, or parallel established by changes in talk or music)

594 JOAK man talking, very weak and ragged but clear enough to guess Japanese 1459UT; rewarded at 1500UT with pips

1017 man talking, perhaps island language 1518UT, likely Tonga

Strongish het, no or "near imaginary" audio (either undermodulated or ravaged by splatter)

747 972 1593 seemed to be Asian;
891 seemed to be DU

best wishes,


Nick Hall-Patch
Victoria, BC


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