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AM stations with "Limited Time" day-power designations  View Printable Version 
Thursday, March 14 2019

I had promised a few people in the hobby some time back that I would get around to this, and now I finally am. What follows is a list of AM stations that, to the best of my knowledge, are still desginated as "limited time" (my own two cents, first: "limited time" is perhaps the ultimate misnomer, as NONE of these stations are having their day-power hours limited to anything less than a sunrise-to-sunset schedule. If anything, the designation should be what it really is -- "extended time" for each station). In the case of many of these, the information listed is what they were using back in the 1990s, so if anything has changed in the years since with any station, PLEASE feel free to make a correction and/or update.

710 - WEKC Williamsburg, KY and WTPR Paris, TN - both stations sign on at monthly sunrise time of WOR in
New York City
750 - KMMJ Grand Island, NE - goes to day power at monthly sunrise time of WSB in Atlanta
770 - WEW St. Louis, MO - signs on at monthly sunrise time of WABC in New York City
780 - WJAG Norfolk, NE - signs on at monthly sunrise time of WBBM in Chicago
810 - WSYW Indianapolis, IN - signs on at monthly sunrise time of WGY in Schenectady
840 - KTIC West Point, NE - I'm listing this one simply because they sign on with full day power every
morning at 6:00 local time, even if it's before the monthly sunrise time of WHAS in Louisville
850 - KFUO Clayton, MO - signs off at monthly sunset time of KOA in Denver
870 - WHCU Ithaca, NY - goes to night power at monthly sunset time of WWL in New Orleans
1020 - WPEO Peoria, IL - signs on at monthly sunrise time of KDKA in Pittsburgh
1030 - KCTA Corpus Christi, TX - goes to day power (no sign-on announcement!) at monthly sunrise time of
WBZ in Boston
1060 - WHFB Benton Harbor, MI - goes to 2500 watt critical hours power at monthly sunrise time of KYW in
1110 - KFAB Omaha, NE - is, of course, 50 KW all 24 hrs, but goes to its non-directional day pattern at
monthly sunrise time of WBT in Charlotte
1140 - WVEL Pekin, IL - goes to 3200 watt critical hours power (no sign-on announcement) at monthly
sunrise time of WRVA in Richmond
1160 - WYLL Chicago, IL - goes to its night pattern at monthly sunset time of KSL in Salt Lake City
1530 - WCKY Cincinnati, OH - goes to its directional night pattern at monthly sunset time of KFBK in

Rick Dau
South Omaha, Nebraska EN21af


TP DX in Seattle March 13  View Printable Version 
Thursday, March 14 2019

This was my first TP DXÂ session in many weeks and it was actually quite
interesting. The usual low-band NHK stations were subpar as was
HLCA-972, but some of the Chinese stations made up for it. The best DX
was above 1300 today, with several Japanese commercial stations making
respectable appearances, and VOA producing its best signal in a while.Â
Even the 1602 NHK stations were trying to cut through the domestic splash.

693ÂÂÂ JOAB 1400 time pips & talk poor in CBU splash

747ÂÂÂ JOIB 1415 English lesson poor //828

756ÂÂÂ CNR1Â 1401 male talk poor //891

774ÂÂÂ JOUB 1405 English lesson poor //828

828 JOBB 1406 fair English lesson

850ÂÂÂ KICY, 1401 pseudo sign-on announcement poor-fair mixing with KHHO

945ÂÂÂ CNR1 1402 Chinese talk poor //981963

963ÂÂÂ CRIÂÂÂ 1408 woman in Russian fair

972ÂÂÂ HLCA, 1359:40, fair woman with standard ID in Korean, KBS
mentioned, then time pips

981ÂÂÂ CNR1 1401Â Chinese talk fair in CKNW splash

1098ÂÂÂ CNR1 1407 male talk //981 very poor

1206ÂÂÂ Yanbian presumed 1408 very poor talk

1287ÂÂÂ JOHR, 1357 man & woman recognizably Japanese, poor in splash

1314ÂÂÂ JOLFÂÂÂ Japanese woman fair-poor 1359

1323ÂÂÂ CRI, 1408 woman poor //9631386

1332ÂÂÂ JOSFÂÂÂ 1401 Japanese woman fair-poor

1386ÂÂÂ NHK2 1403ÂÂÂ English lesson //828 poor-fair

1422ÂÂÂ JORF 1401 lively male & female talk in Japanese fair-good

1494ÂÂÂ Unid, 1401 poor woman in Japanese, probably JOYR

1503ÂÂÂ JOUK, 1420 poor-fair Japanese male

1557ÂÂÂ Unid, 1419 talk, probably Taiwan, poor

1566ÂÂÂ HLAZ, 1359 Chinese male, brief choir, then anmt by woman fair-good

1575ÂÂÂ VOA, 1359-1429 good-poor w/pgm in SE Asian language, English IDs
& Yankee Doodle 1429

1593ÂÂÂ CNR1 1404 poor in Splash with Chinese talk

1602ÂÂÂ NHK2, 1420, language lesson poor //1386


Alberta TPs for 13 March 2019  View Printable Version 
Thursday, March 14 2019

 Listened from 1315 to 1400. Pretty much an exact copy of
yesterday, minus the Japanese on 666, but adding Korea on 1566. Islamic
Voice noted again on 1701.02. Â In summary:

Japan: 594, 693, 747, 774, 828

Korea: 1566

Australia: 1548, 1701.02


ÂNigel Pimblett
Dunmore, AB
Perseus SDR with Wellbrook Phased Array


UN ID'd 1000  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, March 13 2019

KFLG 1000 Bulhead City AZ ????? // Star 99.3 ???????


UN ID'd 1000  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, March 13 2019

Any idea who on 1000khz would play a Bruno Mars song at 625pm
mountain/725pm central, 0225UTC ), which is Hot AC pop? They then played
another hot AC/pop song and 5 minutes later signed off entirely or severely
dropped power?

I dont think its XETAC Tapachula and I found a stream for XECSV 1000 which
does appear to play english language music, but couldn't find a previous

Im in Laramie, WY

Paul walker


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