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Again QSL cards from ORF shortwave!  View Printable Version 
Saturday, March 12 2022



Again QSL cards from ORF shortwave!  View Printable Version 
Saturday, March 12 2022


taken from OE newsgroup a-dx

----- Forwarded message -----
From: Christoph Ratzer
Subject: QSL cards from ORF shortwave again!

Against the background of the war in Ukraine, ORF expands its information
offer via radio shortwave.

From now on, in addition to the "Ö1 Morgenjournal"
(6155 kHz, 7.00 a.m. CET, Mon-Sat, 6 UTC),
ORF offers daily the "Ö1 Mittagsjournal"
(13730 kHz, 12.00 a.m. CET, Mon-Sat, 11 UTC) and the
"Ö1 Abendjournal" (5940 kHz, 6.00 p.m. CET, Mon-Fri and Sun 05 UTC)
via shortwave.

We are pleased about reception reports and write:
Due to our expanded shortwave program, we are now sending QSL cards
again. If you send us a reception report, we will gladly confirm it.
The address for reception reports is <oe1.service@orf.at>

Kind regards
Antonia Chott
ORF Ö1 Listener Service

According to information from Alfred Albrecht and Ing. Thomas Zurk

Hard-Core-DX mailing list


�tf-8?q?Japan QSL Cards Recv’d  View Printable Version 
Friday, February 11 2022

I got two QSL cards in the mail yesterday.

One was for STV’s JOWF 1440kHz Sapporo, Japan (50kw, Non Directional)

Another was for HBC’s JOHR 1287kHz Sapporo, Japan (50KW, non directional)

Here’s my audio of JOWF:

Here’s my audio of JOHR:

For anyone wondering, I simply sent postal mail to the station address
listed on the website to get my QSL
Hard-Core-DX mailing list


KJJR 880 kHz DX Test -- QSL INFORMATION  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, December 28 2021


The Courtesy Program Committee (CPC) of the National Radio Club & The International Radio Club of America is pleased to announce a special DX Test for distant listeners for KJJR 880 kHz in Whitefish, Montana. The test is scheduled for Saturday morning, January 8, 2022 at 00:01 AM MST (07:01 UTC). The test will run for two hours until 02:00 AM MST (09:00 UTC).
The Chief Engineer for KJJR, Todd Clark will be performing regular maintenance of the station's audio chain during the test. Listeners will hear Morse Code IDs at 10 WPM 800 Hz and 20 WPM 1,000 Hz. There will also be sweep tones, telephone off-hook indicators, long-duration tones at 1,000 Hz, music, jingles, and more.

Test will be conducted at their daytime power level of 10,000 watts.


Please send reports of your reception of the test to the attention of the CPC Chairman at:

les@highnoonfilm.com <mailto:les@highnoonfilm.com>

The CPC will design a custom QSL card for the test (Thanks to the talents of Joe Miller, KJ80) and send those reports which are verified to be correct via email. The requirements for a reception report are as follows:

Please send a brief recording of your reception (2 minutes in length or less) in .mp3, .wav, or .mp4 video format.
Include a description of equipment used including antenna, receiver, etc.
Your report must include an email address, and location (city, state, country if outside US)
If DX’er uses a remote SDR to receive the test, they must include the location of the SDR used, and the owner of the remote receiver (if known).
QSLs are limited to one per DX’er. If you receive the test on multiple SDRs in different locations, that’s great—and we’ll include the results in the report, but only one QSL will be issued.
Written reports with details are welcome, but cannot be accepted as proof of reception without a recording.
Reception reports must be submitted within 30 days of the test. (February 8, 2022)

A detailed report of the receptions will be provided to KJJR for their information and evaluation.

The IRCA/NRC CPC would like to thank the owners of KJJR, Todd Clark, and Paul Walker for helping to arrange the test. Best of luck to DX’ers!


Les Rayburn, N1LF
les@highnoonfilm.com <mailto:les@highnoonfilm.com>
121 Mayfair Park
Maylene, AL 35114

NRC & IRCA Courtesy Program Committee Chairman

Perseus SDR, Elad FDM-S2 SDR, AirSpy + Discovery, SDRPlay RSP-2 Pro, Sony XDR-F1HD [XDR Guy Modified], Dennon TU-1500RD, Sangean HDT-1X, Ray Dees RDS Decoders, Korner 9.2 Antenna, FM-6 Antenna, Kitz Technologies KT-501 Pre-amps, Quantum Phaser, Wellbrook ALA1530 Loop, Wellbrook Flag, Clifton Labs Active Whip.

“Nothing but blues and Elvis, and somebody else’s favorite song…”

Hard-Core-DX mailing list


eQSL Radio Casanova  View Printable Version 
Sunday, December 26 2021


Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain

NETHERLANDS, 6135, pirate station Radio Casanova, received eQSL in 5

Reception report sent to: radiocasanova@hotmail.com
Hard-Core-DX mailing list


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