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SWR eQSL  View Printable Version 
Monday, December 10 2018

Manuel MÃndez
Lugo, Spain

FINLAND, 11720, Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Virrat, eQSL received in 8 days, v/s Tapani Hakkinen. Reception report send via email to: info@swradio.net

Next SWR transmission: from February 01 2019 2200 UTC to February 02 2019 2200 UTC.

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�tf-8?q?FRS Holland QSL recibida y transmisión par �tf-8?q?a el día 30 de diciembre  View Printable Version 
Saturday, December 08 2018


Manuel MÃndez
Lugo, EspaÃa

HOLANDA; 7699.9, FRS Holland, recibida e-QSL por un informe de recepciÃn
de una transmisiÃn que tuvo lugar el dÃa 18 de noviembre entre las 1140
y las 1215 UTC, con una potencia de 350 watios. Tardaron en contetar 20

Por otra parte, en un PDF adjunto, envian "FRS Newsletter", participando
una transmisiÃn especial "FRS Holland's Holiday Season" para el dÃa 30
de diciembre:

"NEXT FRS-HOLLAND BROADCAST Itâs a long time traditionâ.FRS-Hollandâs
Holiday Season broadcast. On Sunday December 30th FRS-Holland will be on
air with this annual festive broadcast. Note that the this broadcast
will be on 7700 Ãnd a 5.8 MHz frequency (replacing 9300). Programnmes
are run twice between 08:52-14:05 UTC/ 09:52-15:05 CET and 14:05-19:15
UTC/ 15:05-20:15 UTC. We realize that part of the 2nd run will be in the
dark hoursânot favourable for Europe but on the other hand better
chances for North America. Our 5.8 MHz frequency (5800 or 5810
hopefully) will do better than 9300 in the later part (less risk of long
skip). FRS-Holland offers you the opportunity to send in your December
Greetings to radio friends and relatives. Your contributions are highly
appreciated and will add something special to our programmes! You can
easily produce a little (written) message and send it to
[frs@frsholland.nl]. It only takes a few minutes of your spare time....
We raffle a radio DVD among those who participate in our December
broadcast with their Seasonal greetings. We'd like to ask you to do it
as soon as possible as some shows will be recorded within 10 days.Don't
hesitate but just do it! If you have the opportunity to send in an audio
(mp3) clip you are more than welcome! Written messages are also welcome
via POBox 2701, 6049 ZG Herten in the Netherlands. Join us ringing out
2018....the FRS-Holland staff is looking forward to hear from you... I
hope you will be tuning our way December 30th. Watch your mailbox as we
always forward an e-mail prior to a proposed broadcast. And of course
check our website. All info will be published at least 5 days before any

REPORTS Reception reports sent by mail are consequently verified with
our e-QSL. For snail mail we offer a high quality printed A5 size hard
QSL copy- in full colour- which has a different (much better looking)
back and is of course much more desirable compared with the e-QSL.
Although we realize that an e-mail report is a quick and easy way in
reporting, we feel that a âletterâ report to our mailbox (POB 2702) is a
more âcharmingâ and personal way. For only 3 euro/ 3 US dollars we
forward that desirable QSL along with a large A5 size color sticker! If
you are interested in our exciting, adventurous historyâyou can obtain a
hard-copy of our specially produced â30 Years of FRS-Hollandâ booklet
(24 pages, in colour!). Send 5 euro/ 7 US dollars to FRSH, POBox 2702,
6049 BE Herten, the Netherlands. A very interesting read is guaranteed!!
All the best & 73s, Peter V. (on behalf of Jan, Paul, Dave, Roger, Bert,
Bobby & Brian) 73s Peter V.

"AUTUMN 2018 BROADCAST On Sunday November 18th FRSâ third 2018 broadcast
took place. It was decided to put out the programme schedule twice:
09:52-14:05 CET followed by a second run 14:05-18:10 CET.
The driving idea was to give listeners two chances tuning our way. In
case someone would be prevented listening in the morning hours, there
would be a 2nd chance in the afternoon. And of course vice versa!
Additional advantage: propagation in the afternoon could be different
(read: more favourable) compared with the morning hours. Frequencies
were âgood oldâ 7700 in parallel with 9300 kHz. On Sunday Nov. 11th a
few tests were successfully run on 9300. We were confident 9300 could do

Propagation that Sunday was fair/good and during most of the day signals
on both freqs were audible in wide areas of the European continent. 7700
was the strongest/ loudest but there were areas in which 9300 was equal
to 7700. FRS signals were received in at least 16 countries. Remarkably
strong signals for instance in countries like Switzerland, Iceland,
Italy & Norway. But also stable reception in Estononia and Kongsfjord
(Artic). Later in the evening 9300 faded out in most areas.

That also counts for 7700 but that was later and in a smaller area. All
in all we at FRS were happy with the overall results. At 11:15 CET our
TX engineer decided to make a move from 9300 to 9335 kHz. Reason was a
very annoying Stanag/ data signal causing a nasty heterodyne. Some
listeners assumed the TX developed a faultâthat was nÃt the case as we
moved to 9335 kHz were the 31 mb outlet successfully continued.
Salient detail: not long after moving to another channel the data signal
disappearedâ Although we announced 9213 as a standby frequency, it was
decided to continue on 9335.

Perhaps confusing for some listeners! A message was put on the website
in which we informed about the 9300 â 9335 move. Please keep in mind:
unforeseen circumstances can cause a necessary frequency change. In most
cases FRS will move to an alternative near by frequency. And: in most
cases weâll put a quick message on the FRS site www.frsholland.nl. Just
after 14:00 CET when the full repeat of pxs started, FRS moved back to
9300. Minutes later an Asian station signed on on 9305 and stayed for
the next 50 minutes or so. That affected the 9300 signal but: we decided
nÃt to move knowing the station would likely sign off within an hour.
And that
Free Radio Service Holland is an independent, non-religious/
non-political Short wave station broadcasting to Europe since 1980.

Mailing address: P.O.Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten in The Netherlands.
E-mail: [frs@frsholland.nl] â Website: [frsholland.nl]

A Balance between Music & Information joined to one Format, the
FRS-Holland Sound tastes Different, Just a Bit Different
happened! FRS signed off at approx. 18:20 CET. November shows were
presented by almost our complete team; only Roger Davis couldnât make it
this time. For the first time since long, a 30 minute FRS goes DX
edition was part of the programme schedule. The show contained a wide
variety of News from around the World and short wave news. On Nov. 24th,
25th (twice!) and 27th the complete November broadcast was streamed on
the Internet. PRACTICAL TIP When receiving reports we notice again and
again that there sometimes are huge differences in signal quality
between listeners living not that far away from apart. No doubt SW
signals can âactâ quite unpredictable but thatâs not always the main
cause. A good aerial is of vital importance! In particular when not
using an expensive top receiver. A telescopic aerial isnât as senstitive
as an (outdoor) wire antenna. Even when not having enough space outside,
you can try to connect a few metres of wire to your telescopic antenna
inside the house; temporarily. Just try and test for the best results.
Reception could certainly improve. Itâs worth giving it a tryâ"

Hard-Core-DX mailing list


QSL  View Printable Version 
Friday, November 23 2018


Received (for 18 days) QSL card from BBC Radio Scotland (810 kHz). Report sent to: RadioPlanning-Scotland [at] bbc.co.uk

Ivan Zelenyi (Nizhnevartovsk, Russia)
Hard-Core-DX mailing list


QSL  View Printable Version 
Thursday, November 22 2018

Received (for 3 months) e-QSL for receiving âRadio Ozodiâ (7475 kHz, via Kabd). Report sent to: manager_kuwait [at] kuw.ibb.gov

Ivan Zelenyi (Nizhnevartovsk, Russia)
Hard-Core-DX mailing list


QSL  View Printable Version 
Thursday, November 22 2018


re Kuwait QSL

US IBB BBG VoA / RL / RFA bcast center Kuwait relay site
is n o t at Kabd,
rather 43 kilometers northerly at
al-Dschahra suburb
29 30 45.59 N 47 40 17.84 E


- - -

Kabd site - by state Radio Kuwait on MW and SW - is southerly at

29 08 42.61 N 47 46 03.30 E


Three - Alliss Thales like antennas are away distance:

1 kilometer northwards corner,

1.3 kilometer southwards,

1.4 kilometer westerly

But not ALLISS type with the TX hut in the basement
The rather different rotatatable Ampegon RIGID type, see leaflet


is fed by feederline from the central TX house center.

and nearby area
KUWAIT - old destroyed Kabd MW & SW station til 1991 Iraq - Kuwait war
at 29 10 25.28 N 47 42 35.63 E


73 wb df5sx

----- Original Message -----
From: "Ivan Zelenyi via Hard-Core-DX" <hard-core-dx@hard-core-dx.com>

Sent: Thursday, November 22, 2018 5:36 AM
Subject: [HCDX] QSL

Received (for 3 months) e-QSL for receiving âRadio Ozodiâ (7475 kHz,
via Kabd).
Report sent to: manager_kuwait [at] kuw.ibb.gov

Ivan Zelenyi (Nizhnevartovsk, Russia)
_ Hard-Core-DX mailing list

Hard-Core-DX mailing list


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