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Christchurch Earthquake and NZ Radio DX League website  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, March 01 2011



On the New Zealand Radio DX League website I've put up a Google
Earthquake People Finder gadget which may assist people in finding
friends/family displaced during the Earthquake.

I've also been having people from Overseas and around NZ email me
webmaster@radiodx.com asking about individual Christchurch DXers.

I have just started putting up a list of Christchurch DXers but only
with their permission on the website http://radiodx.com/nzrdxl/

If you have any concerns or queries about a Christchurch DXer who is
not listed, please feel free to contact me at editor@radiodx.com or
webmaster@radiodx.com and I will try to assist.

Mark Nicholls
Chief Editor/Webmaster
NZ Radio DX League



website of the Spanish section of Radio Damascus  View Printable Version 
Saturday, April 04 2009

Dear Radio friends

An interesting and informative website of the Spanish section of Radio Damascus (Radio Damasco) :


Hopefully the Spanish section of Radio Damascus (and all the other language departments) will have their daily program online soon at :


With thanks to :
Jeronimo Zamora,
SJR, QRO, México

who provided me with this information


email : radiodamascusenglish@yahoo.com

http://www.radio-damascus-listeners-club.tk or


http://www.rtv.gov.sy (RTV Arabic Website)

http://www.syriaonline.sy (RTV English Website)

http://cobaq10.iespana.es/damasco/index_es.html (Radio Damasco - Spanish section)



Radio Heritage Non-Profit Website  View Printable Version 
Friday, March 13 2009


Hello from the Radio Heritage Foundation in Wellington, New Zealand.
[you'll find us at www.radioheritage.net]

In case you never saw our earlier email about our website, here it is
again! Our thanks to those of you who have already responded! Thanks
for your encouragement.

Just this week we learned that Jay Howell, one of the original
broadcasters at WXLE on Eniwetok [in 1944] in the northern Pacific
passed away in Augusta, Georgia. Only a few weeks earlier, he had
made contact with us, and was keen to tell his story. Sadly, he never
made it. There are so many lost stories, but we're so very grateful
that so many people help us capture some of these stories before it's
too late.

We put these stories on www.radioheritage.net. Will you help us
continue to share these stories about radio heritage from around the
Pacific? Here's how you can make a real difference with as little as
US$ 10 today.


New Radio Damascus website (unofficial)  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, January 28 2009

Dear DX-friends and radio enthusiasts

Here folllows some news about "Radio Damascus" I have to share with you.
made a (temporary) unofficial website for "Radio Damascus" pending an
official website of "Radio Damascus" where listeners can get all the
necessary information to tune in to "Radio Damascus" AND with a direct link to the daily audio recordings.
As it is almost impossible for non-Arabic speaking and reading
listeners to find the "Radio Damascus" audio recordings on the general
RTV Syria website, I hope to offer a solution to this problem by making
this website for "Radio Damascus" at :

www. Radio-Damascus.net

where the listeners can directly click through to the audio recordings.

Reminder : "Radio Damascus Listener Club" website :
http://www.radio-damascus-listeners-club.tk or
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/radio_damascus .

greetings fom Belgium!
Kris Janssen


New Zealand Radio DX League Website Redesign/Relaunch  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, September 10 2008


"Over the last few months our Webmaster, Chris Mackerell, has
gradually been giving the New Zealand Radio DX League's website, a
make-over. ( http://radiodx.com )

This process has now reached a stage where Chris is happy to switch
on the new site for public access.

The new site moves from simple HTML web pages to a "Content
Management System", in this case one called Mambo. The reason for
making this change was to move from a site where only the Webmaster
can edit pages, to a site where all League members can actively
contribute content to the site.

In addition to a fresh new look, some of the things you will find on
the new site include:

* the ability to author & edit web pages or sections. If you
are interested in this

please contact us for a login.

* a premium content area for financial members - there is
nothing there at
present, but we would welcome suggestions. One option being
considered is

an archive of copies of the DX Times.

* a forums section - this is open to all once you have
registered. The list of forums is open to
change if people want other or more appropriate subjects.

* integration of existing mailing list management, eg Ripple

* an experimental chat facility

* all content from the previous version of the website

This has been a large conversion job and there is a lot left to do.

The webmaster (Chris) welcomes volunteers to go through the new site
and find all the mistakes, and to provide new content.

You can contact Chris at webmaster@radiodx.com

So please feel free to point your browser at the all-new radiodx.com!"


Mark Nicholls
Chief Editor
New Zealand DX Times
New Zealand Radio DX League


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