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New website of HCJB Australia  View Printable Version 
Monday, July 21 2008

HCJB Australia has a new website at :

Latest (May 2008) issue of HCJB Australia newsletter "HCJB News" is
available for download at :

Alokesh Gupta
New Delhi


Seen On The RNZI website  View Printable Version 
Monday, May 26 2008



Ex 13840 from 29 May, not May 22nd.

Seen On The RNZI website

Frequency Change From 29 May
25 May, 2008 20:38 UTC
Effective from 29 May
2050-0158 UTC [AM] 13730 kHz
0159-0458 UTC {DRM] 13730 kHz

Present schedule see



Radio Netherlands launches Chinese website  View Printable Version 
Saturday, February 09 2008

Radio Netherlands launches Chinese website


HILVERSUM - On Monday 11 February, Radio Netherlands Worldwide
(RNW) will be launching its new Chinese-language website
www.rnw.nl/chinese in Amsterdam.

The site is aimed at Chinese people with a special interest in the
Netherlands and provides Dutch news and background information. It is the
first time RNW has targetted China. The site is designed to help promote
press freedom and pluralism in China long-term.

There will be daily news reports from the Netherlands and a review of Dutch
newspapers on the site. It will also include topical pieces where the Dutch
view is of interest to China, for example, the environment, water
management, health care and culture. Chinese people will gain information
on the Netherlands and Dutch society.

The website will have to take some account of the limitations in China.
RNW's Deputy Editor-in-Chief, China expert Ardi Bouwers, explains:

"We've chosen a realistic approach without setting ourselves editorial
limitations. Bearing in mind the very specific information contained on the
site, we don't expect to be blacked out by the Chinese government
straightaway". However, the editorial team are not going to avoid politically
sensitive issues. "We intend to make use of what room we believe is
available. If risky topics are considered to be within the scope of the site,
we'll publish."

RNW has chosen an approach which looks to the future, and it will continue
to analyse China's media landscape and the state of press freedom into the
years after the 2008 Olympic Games. "We hope the website will be a bridge
for Chinese people on the lookout for information. We hope to extend what
we do as soon as new possibilities open up," says Ardi Bouwers.

Launch event
RNW is launching the site on 11 February at Amsterdam's Pakhuis de
Zwijger. Speakers at the launch event, whose theme is 'China and the
Internet: opportunities and limitations', will include Xiaoying Zhang of
Deutsche Welle, Jeroen de Kloet from the University of Amsterdam and
China and Internet expert, Xiao Qiang, who is flying from the United States
to attend.

Editorial staff please note
Those interested in attending must register for the meeting. Please contact
Marjolein Klaassen-Hulst of Radio Netherlands Worldwide on 035-67 24
212, 06-5115 6394 or marjolein.klaassen@rnw.nl. She can also provide
further information about the website, interviews and press photos.

Each week, Radio Netherlands Worldwide informs tens of millions of people
about developments in the Netherlands, Europe and the world via radio,
television and the Internet. RNW provides an independent, objective,
unbiased and trustworthy source of news to its global audience in ten
languages, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
http://zliangas.blogspot.com (radio tech , gadgets, grk ethics)
http://zlgr.multiply.com (radio monitoring site plus audio clips ) MAIN SITE
http://www.worldisround.com/articles/302315/ (Litohoro) 321199/Tinos
http://www.flickr.com/photos/zachgr pictures upload
Zacharias Liangas , Thessaloniki Greece
greekdx @ otenet dot gr ---
Pesawat penerima: ICOM R75 , Lowe HF150 , Degen 1102,1103,108,
Tecsun PL200/550, Chibo c300/c979, Yupi 7000
Antenna: 16m hor, 2x16 m V invert, 1m australian loop


Somalia, Radio Baay/Bay website  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, November 27 2007

SOMALIA. Radio Baay/Bay, operated by the Transitional Government
of Somalia seems to have a website
At a quick glance I found no info about their present frequencies. I
make the internal links on the left side work. Maybe still under
construction. This station was heard on shortwave 6950 in the
beginning of 2007.
Jari Savolainen


SABC not clear on why access to SW Radio Africa website is restricted  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, April 25 2007

SABC not clear on why access to SW Radio Africa website is restricted
By Tererai Karimakwenda
23 April, 2007

Last week we reported that computers at the South Africa Broadcasting
Corporation (SABC) were denying journalists access to SW Radio
Africa?s website. A search for our web address returns a message that
says ?Access to the requested URL has been denied by SABC Policy.?
Several staff members at SABC verified this last Friday and the head of
television news, Amrat Manga, told us he was not aware of the policy
but would investigate. A trial done by our web master also showed that
it is our domain name that is being blocked.

On Monday we talked to Fakir Hassen who works in the IT division and
he confirmed that SABC has what he called ?control measures? in place
that restrict access to pornography, downloading large files and audio
streaming. He stressed that it had nothing to do with censuring any
radio station. Regarding written stories Hassen said: ?There is no
problem in accessing a website that is purely word in content, if you will..
When it comes to audio downloads etcetera, there are restrictions

But when we asked several employees at SABC, in different
departments, to try and access some websites that have audio
streaming, they told us the sites opened without a problem and allowed
them to read the text. It is when they wanted to open the streaming that
they were blocked. Among the sites tested were South Africa?s Radio
702, Radio Veritas, Afrosounds FM and several websites that cover
Zimbabwe. This indicated that there is a different reason for the
blocking of our website.
It is not just the audio streaming that is blocked but the entire site, so
not even the text can be read. Asked to comment on this Hassen said:
?We are not sure exactly what is going on. The guys in that department
are not available. Let?s wait for the experts to let us know.?

SW Radio Africa will continue to investigate this issue to determine
exactly what is going on.

SABC has recently been highly criticised for a blacklist that came to
light which included Zimbabwe?s Archbishop Pius Ncube, publisher
Trevor Ncube and human rights activist Elinor Sisulu. SABC journalists
were banned from interviewing them in any stories on Zimbabwe. An
interview with outspoken Archbishop Pius Ncube was also edited out of
a television story by the head of SABC news.

http://zlgr.multiply.com (raidio monitoring site plus audio clips )
http://www.worldisround.com/articles/302315/ (Litohoro) 321199/Tinos
http://www.flickr.com/photos/zachgr pictures upload
on my main : www.geocities.com/zliangas
-tty-px.html : test of various TTY programs
-ethics.htm : greek ethics , days and institutions
-frape.htm: the greek way of cofee !!!
Zacharias Liangas , Thessaloniki Greece
greekdx @ otenet dot gr ---
Pesawat penerima: ICOM R75 , Lowe HF150 , Degen 1102,1103,108,
Tecsun PL200/550, Chibo c300/c979, Yupi 7000
Antenna: 16m hor, 2x16 m V invert, 1m australian loop


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