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Dec 27, log 08.30 - 09.00 UT  View Printable Version 
Friday, December 27 2019


INDIA 9949.810 much odd fq AIR, probably Delhi Kingsway bcast center:
Urdu program, at 08.35 UT on Dec 27. S=9+10dB.

Much BUZZY bad audio quality,
12 x strings visible on screen,
i.e. some 455, 555, 655, 755 ... 955, 1055, 1155 Hertz
apart distance audio strings, on lower sideband.

MALAYSIA 9835 kHz RTM K-L Kajang site, noted on air at 08.35 UT,
heard on remote SDR rx in Brisbane Queensland NoEaAustralia.

S=9 fluttery signal across the Pacific, but hit heavily from neighbour
CNR1st sce powerhouse - scheduled 100 kW?, from Beijing on 9830 kHz.

11665 kHz RTM K-L Kajang site, noted S=8 signal at 08.42 UT in
Queensland remote SDR rx.

CHINA Nearby in lower part of 25 mb a lot of CNR1 jammer powerhouses
against SOH Taiwan outlets noticed
10820, 10870, 10920, 10960, 11150, 11170, 11440, 11460,
11600CNR2, 11610 kHz and some more CNR5 CNR6 music program channels too.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 27)


�tf-8?q?Radio Piraña Beacon  View Printable Version 
Friday, December 27 2019

 Europe. We have received several reports for the beacon transmission. But to nite we change the frequency to 6355kHz, alternative frecuency will be 6330kHz. Check our web page where we will update any frecuency change, and also an alert of when it is in or off. www.radiopirana.com

Normal sched until January the 2nd is from 23 utc to 08 utc. Frequency 6355kHz 10 watts.


Wolfgang Bueschel log  View Printable Version 
Friday, December 27 2019


Und um 23.45 - 00.08 UT Dec 26 / 27:

4875.017 BRA ZYG810 R. Roraima, Boa Vista RR, cancoes,
Web: <http://www.radiororaima.com.br/>
S=8 in western Europe remote SDR rx. 23.45 UT Dec 26

4775.041 PRU Tentat. R Tarma, noted S=8 or -78dBm signal in Spanish !
- definite not Portuguese language, 23.54 UT on Dec 26.

4924.977 BRA ZYF271 Radio Educacao Rural de Tefe-Tefe, AM
Web: <http://www.radioruraltefe.com.br/>
only poor S=5 signal, time pips at 00.00 UT on Dec 27.

4949.731 AGL Radio Nacional Angola Mulenvos, S=5-6 poor signal in Europe.
00.08 UT Dec 27

73 wb df5sx


Wolfgang Bueschel observations  View Printable Version 
Thursday, December 26 2019


9835 kHz festival, hi:

IRAN 9835 exact minus a half Hertz. Noted at 17.21 UT on Dec 25.
IRIB Russian language section at new time,
S=9 in central and northern Europe,
but signal peak more southwards from Iran,
heard rather S=9+15dB strength in Italy, Greece
and Austrian-Yugoslav border area.
Former IRIB Russian given as Sirjan site 500 kW at 336degr azimuth.

The whole technical and program schedule moderate IRIB behavior
in Iran can only be accepted with a violent shake of the head.

On the other hand to compare, Cuba SW Radio is an oasis of wellbeing. 😊

MALAYSIA 9835 even exact, seemingly acc Aoki Nagoya list 100 kW at 93degr
azimuth straight eastwards signal. Poor at remotes in Qatar and Delhi India.

But much stronger at S=8-9 this Dec 26 morning at 10.10 UT in Hiroshima,
Nagara River and at SDR rx in Tokyo Japan.

Likely RTM Kajang 'FM Sarawak' px. Pop mx heard at 10.11 UT. But much poorer
across Kamchatka peninsula, Alaska path into Edmonton, Alberta western
Canada at S=4-5 or -104 dBm level.

KUWAIT 7249.854 usual odd fq. Radio Kuwait Persian service from Kabd
site noted at 09.38 UT on Dec 26. S=9+30 in Doha Qatar,
19.2 kHz wideband excellent audio quality from Radio Kuwait installation.
Non-directional ITU #935 antenna of quadrant type.

CHINA/MONGOLIA 7259.990 / 7260 nearly even fq.
7259.990 PBS Xinjiang Chinese program from Urumqi Changji #523 bcast center.
At 09.50 UT on Dec 26. Also a weaker signal peak seen on x.000 kHz likely
from Ulaan Baatar Mongolia ?

73 wb df5sx


Cuba observations  View Printable Version 
Thursday, December 26 2019


Cuba Radio report, Thursday Dec 26, traced at 13.50 to 14.40 UT,
noted in various remote SDR rx installations in North America:
at Edmonton Alberta CAN, in Massachusetts and at New Jersey US states.

CUBA 5025even Radio Rebelde Bauta site, S=9+35dB in Alberta, 13.50 UT,
Spanish female locutora. Perseus antenna selection switch set to ATT- at
30dB, rightest selection button set. 20 kHz wide audio block in peaks,
well audio quality at S=9+35dB signal level.

5999.996 RHC Spanish from Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250 kW site.
Quality technicalwise mixed feeling, low distorted modulation,
though very strong signal at 13.56 UT on Dec 26.
Some 12 kHz wideband audio block.

6100 couldn't be heard when tuned-in around 14.03 UT.

7340.006 RHC transmission in Spanish towards Antilles from Bejucal site
(ex 9640 kHz in A-19 season). S=9+25dB in Alberta CAN at 14.07 UT,

9535.003 RHC Bejucal site at S=7-8 level at 14.10 UT.

11760 even kHz RHC Bauta non-directional to all-Caribbean target, S=9+25dB
strength traced at 14.16 UT on Dec 26.

13700 even kHz RHC Bauta outlet, S=9+15dB signal on the east coast at
Massachusetts and New Jersey US state, 14.18 UT

13740 even kHz RHC Bejucal site, S=9 level, but much low modulated in US,
maybe audio characteristic different in Antilles and further
at South America target. 14.22 UT.

And on east coast units heard also two S=6-7 SPURIOUS - like FM - signals
either sideband of 13700 kHz Bauta site transmission, at 14.28 UT on:

13837.97 kHz. Signals unstable, wobbles some 10 to 50 Hertz up and down.

15140 even kHz RHC Bauta S=9 strength in MA US state, towards SoAmerica
at 14.32 UT.

15230 even kHz RHC Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250 kW site, S=7-8 at 14.40 UT
towards San Francisco, western USA / Canada.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 26)


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