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Log in eastern Thailand South East Asia and some US remote SDR rxs in FL, NJ, MI state; as well as Kiwi SDR in TWR Bonaire Antil  View Printable Version 
Monday, November 04 2019


Some US remote SDR rxs used at 01.20 to 01.40 UT Nov 4 in FL, NJ, MI state;
as well as Kiwi SDR in TWR Bonaire Antilles installation.

CUBA 6180even CRI Beijing English sce via Cuban Quivican San Felipe TITAN
250 kW relay site, excellent audio tonight at 01.25 UT on Nov 4.
S=9+15dB in NJ and MI.

5999.994 kHz RHC in English, also via same bcast center TITAN, though
distorted and overmodulated audio at 01.27 UT on Nov 4.

5799.997 USA WRMI poor S=7 signal in eastern US remotes except much stronger
in Kiwi SDR at Arizona, mx at 01.29 UT, but powerhouse signal noted on
remote TWR Bonaire Antilles Kiwi SDR like S=9 or -64dBm !

So 5800 / 6060 kHz entries of TX #3 seen on new WRMI data sheet of Nov 4,
use an antenna at 160 degrees southwards of Okeechobee Florida.

5850 kHz outlet at 315 degrees towards AZ / CA / VA states, noted
only S=6-7 or -88dBm signal in Bonaire.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 4)

log in eastern Thailand South East Asia SDR rx installation
on Nov 3 / 4 at 23.00 to 01.00 UT

3915even SNG BBC via Kranji Singapore relay En sce in 23-24 UT hour,
at 23.10 UT on Nov 3 S=9+35dB powerful noted in South East Asia,
11.6 kHz wideband excellent signal, presenter talk on
Mandalay Burma novella.
3990.004 CHN PBS Gannan in Tibetan, S=8 or -76dBm at 23.20 UT in eastern
Thailand SoEaAS.

CODAR signal in 4385 - 4415 kHz range.

4800even CHN CNR1 Geermu in Chinese at 23.25 UT, S=9+20dB or -62dBm,
20 kHz wideband signal.
4810even IND AIR Mumbai, empty carrier still on air already at 23.31 UT
S=9+5dB signal.
4820even CHN PBS Xizang from Lhasa Tibet in Chinese, S=9+15dB at 23.33 UT
4905even CHN CNR11 PBS Xizang from Lhasa Tibet in Tibetan,
S=9+20dB at 23.33 UT on Nov 3.
Not stable fq, moved up and down 5 Hertz. S=9+15dB on
4919.972 CHN same program from Lhasa Baiding site at 23.37 UT.
4949.730 AGL R Nacional Mulenvos weak and tiny signal in SoEaASia.
S=3-4 or -110dBm at 23.38 UT on Nov 3.

Strongest stn program signal in 60 mb:
5050even CHN VoBeibu Bay Radio in Chinese from Nanning site #954.
S=9+35dB powerful, 16.5 kHz wideband audio signal. 23.40 UT.
5890even SNG BBC English via Kranji, extreme S=9+45dB powerhouse signal
2 x 5.4 = 10.8 kHz wideband. At 23.43 UT on Nov 3.
5914.982 MMR Myanmar Radio from new capital Nay Pye Daw, S=9+30dB,
Burmese sce, 18 kHz wideband at 23.44 UT, underneath weak tiny
5915even CHN CRI Kashgar in English, at 23.47 UT.
5925even VTN Voice of Vietnam 2nd px from Hanoi Xuan site. empty carrier
of S=9+20dB at 23.48 UT. Underneath CNR5 from Beijing CHN.
5959.925 CHN PBS Xining Lingshi via Urumqi, S=8-9 at 23.51 UT and co-ch
5960.005 TUR TRT Emirler English underneath reception.
5970even very bad mixture channel of various program and jamming outlets
UAE RFA Al Dhabbaya relay in Tibetan, co-ch CNR1 some jammer
accompanied ECHO effect at 23.53 UT on Nov 3, S=9+30dB jam .
5985even MMR Myanmar Radio from old capital Yengu - Yangoon, S=9+30dB
Burmese, 23.55 UT, 8 kHz wide audio block visible on screen.
6014.989 CHN PBS Xinjiang in Kazakh from Urumqi site, pop mx S=9+5dB
at 23.58 UT on Nov 3 checked in same program 7340even kHz.
6020even VTN Voice of Vietnam 4th px, from Dac Lac Buon Ma Thuot
noted at 00.00 UT on Nov 4 on S=9+25dB level in eastern THA,
8 kHz wide signal seen. Observed again two main accompanied
main spurious signals of S=8 strength
- as since last decade observed - on
6006.580 and
6033.420 kHz, as well as some minor spurious peaks visible on 50, 190,
380, 560, 750, 1310, 1700 Hertz distance. Two SW ant / 4 masts
visible, as well as tall MW mast in center on G.M. and Bing maps



6059.990 CHN PBS Sichuan in Tibetan from Chengdu site, S=7-8 fair
signal at 00.10 UT on Nov 4. Co-channel program underneath on
6060.004 IRN IRIB Arabic from Zahedan site.

Terrible bad audio signal mixture on
6075 kHz CHN S=9+30dB CNR jamming at 00.13 UT on Nov 4, against
6075 kHz TWN RTI some Chinese sce. Also regular
6075even CHN CRI English from Kashgar,
6075 CHN PBS Qinghai Yushu as CNR1 relay Chinese relay 6074.937 kHz

6079.995 CHN PBS Hulun Buir Hailar in Mongolian, S=8 fair at 00.17 UT.
6089.985 CHN CNR 2nd China Business Radio sce from Geermu #916 site,
S=9+15dB at 00.19 UT; and co-channel
6090even CHN PBS Xizang from Lhasa Tibet relay site. lower S=9+5dB

6130v kHz as not observed in recent months NOT ON AIR - LNR Vientiane.

6140.027 IND AIR Urdu sce, late program start noted at 00.21 UT on Nov 4.
unstable in frequency, wandered up/down +/- 10 Hertz distance.
S=9+5dB fluttery signal in eastern Thailand remote SDR.
AIR pause signal heard at 00.24 UT.
6150.004 THA VoA Udorn Thani, in Burmese, S=9+35dB powerhouse at 00.26 UT
11.7 kHz wideband signal.
6164.996 MMR Thazin Radio from Pyin U Lwin in northern Myanmar.
At 00.27 UT S=9+20dB powerful, empty carrier only til regular
program day-start gamelan folk mx px start at 00.30 UT. And
6165even CHN underneath CNR6 Amoy program from capital Beijing.

7210even VTN Voice of VTN 1st program, from Dac Lac Buon Ma Thuot site
S=9+30dB on neighbourhood in eastern Thailand SoEaAsia,
at 00.34 UT, and two BUZZ strings on 90.5 and 190 Hertz distance
accompanied by often reported main spurious peaks on
7196.165 and
7223.835 kHz.

7270.009 IND AIR Chennai, much bad modulation, of Tamil sce at 00.38 UT
S=9+15dB in eastern Thailand, 8 kHz wide audio block.
7325even ROU Backlobe of RRI Bucharest Tiganesti signal Spanish sce to
South Latin America azimuth, heard S=9+10dB signal in SoEaAsia !
00.40 UT on Nov 4.
7340.003 IND AIR Mumbai Urdu sce scheduled, at 00.44 UT weak S=5-6 signal
in eastern Thailand SDR rx.
7550DRM mode block visible IND AIR Bangalore 22.45-00.45 UT scheduled,
powerhouse S=9+40dB data block at 00.45 UT, switch off txion end.

7560even CHN/THA Terrible audio mixture at S=9+35dB signal level,
VoA Chinese from Udorn Thani relay site of AGM United States Agency
for Global Media (USAGM). At 00.48 UT CNR1 and ECHO audio jamming.

7580even CHN/KWT Terrible audio mixture at S=9+20dB signal level,
VoA Tibetan sce from USAGM VoA Kuwait al-Dschahra relay site
of AGM United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM).
At 00.53 UT on Nov 4 CNR1 and ECHO audio jamming.

vy73 wolfgang

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 3 / 4)


Stations heard in Reinante and Lugo  View Printable Version 
Monday, November 04 2019


BRAZIL, 4885, Radio Clube do Pará, Belém, 0629-0656, 31-10, Portuguese, comments, id. “Radio Clube”. 35433.

CANADA, 6070, CRFX, Toronto, 0650-0725, 01-11, English, comments, news, advertisements. At 0715 QRM from Rohrbach on the same frequency. 12421.

CONGO, 6115, Radio Congo, Brazaville, 1817-1830*, 31-10, French, news, comments. 14321.

CONGO, D. R., 6210.2 , Radio Kahuzi, Bukavu, more days out of air last weak, but today Sunday, 1745-1805*, 03-11, on air with extremely weak signal heard here in Lugo, carrier and some comments detected.

7140, Voice of Broad Masses, Asmara, 1720-1735, 31-10, Vernacular comments. QRM from Ham stations. 12421.

7180, Voice of Broad Masses, Asmara, 1732-1740, 31-10, Venacular comments. 14321.

FINLAND, 11689.8, Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Virrat, 0850-0923, 02-11, Finish, comments, male and female, pop songs. Very weak. Despite they scheduled 11720 at this time, on air on 11689.8 and not 11720. 15311.

GUATEMALA, 4055, Radio Verdad, Chiquimula, 0550-0622*, 31-10, English, religious songs and comments, id. In various languages, anthem and close. Best on LSB. 15321.

GERMANY/FRANCE, 183 LW, Europe 1, 0605-0621, 04-11, back on air, French, news and comments. 24322.

4800, AIR, Hyderabad, 1720-1733, 30-10, Vernacular comments, at 1730 English, news. Strong QRM from China on the same frequency. 11421.

4810, AIR, Bhopal, 1630-1650, 30-10, Hindi songs, Vernacular comments. 25432.

LIBERIA, 6050, ELWA Radio, Monrovia, 0645-0657, 01-11, English, religious comments. 15321.

5995, Radio Mali, Bamako, 1857-1909, 02-11, English Saturday magazine, news and comments about Mali, female, male. Strong QRM from Romania on 5990. 32432.

9635, Radio Mali, Bamako, *0800-0810, 01-11, tuning music, id. in French, Vernacular comments. 25422.

MEXICO, 6185, Radio Educación, Ciudad de México, 0550-0602*, 01-11, Spanish, theatre play, Mexican songs. 24322.

SUDAN, 9505, Voice of Africa, Al Aitahab, 1646-1707, 30-10, French, news, comments, East African songs. 24322.

ZAMBIA, 5915, Zambia NBC, Radio 1, Lusaka, 1800-1820, 30-10, English, news, comments, advertisements, at 1817 Vernacular comments, African songs. 14321.
Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain

Logs in Reinante and Lugo
Tecsun S-8800, cable antenna, 8 meters


LRA 36 QSL 40th anniversary  View Printable Version 
Monday, November 04 2019

ANTARCTICA, 15476, LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, Base
Esperanza, received via e-mail, QSL about special 40th anniversary
transmission, 20th October 2019. They replayed in 14 days.

Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain


SWLDXBulgaria News November 3-4  View Printable Version 
Monday, November 04 2019


AUSTRIA Reception of Oesterreichischer Rundfunk in 49mb on November 4:
0600-0720 on 6155 MOS 300 kW / non-dir to WeEu German Mon-Fri, very good
0600-0710 on 6155 MOS 300 kW / non-dir to WeEu German Sat/Sun Winter B19

FRANCE(non) Manara Radio Int. via TDF Issoudun, November 4
0700-0800 on 13710 ISS 100 kW / 170 deg to WeAf Hausa, good:

GERMANAY(non) Dandal Kura Radio Int. via MBR Nauen on November 4:
0700-0800 on 13590 NAU 125 kW / 185 deg to CeAf Kanuri, good signal
NO SIGNAL of Pan American Broadcasting via MBR Nauen, Nov.3
1430-1445 on 11800 NAU 250 kW / 094 deg to SoAs English Sun
1930-2000 on 5930 NAU 250 kW / 165 deg to N/ME English Sun

IRAN Unscheduled program of VIRI IRIB / PARS TODAY in French on November 4
0623-0633 on 11875 SIR 500 kW / 255 deg to NWAf French, fair signal plus QRM
at same time 11880 MOS 300 kW / 175 deg to EaAf Arabic Adventist World Radio

KUWAIT Radio Kuwait in English on badly drifting frequency in 19mb on
November 4:
till 0800 on 15434v KBD 250 kW / 310 deg to WeEu English, instead of nominal
Something`s always very wrong at Radio Kuwait Kabd Sulaibiyah transmitting


NUMBERS STATION Good signal of E11 Oblique in 41mb, November 4
0640-0649 on 11450 unknown secret tx site to Eu English USB mode

RUSSIA Reception of GTRK Adygeya / Adygeyan Radio on November 3:
1900-2000 on 6000 ARM 100 kW / 188 deg to CeAs Adygeyan Sun, weak

TURKEY Reception of TRT Radio Recep Erdogan in 31/25mb, November 4
till 0602 on 9525 EMR 500 kW / 105 deg to WeAs Turkish, fair signal
from 0717 on 11540 EMR 500 kW / 105 deg to WeAs Turkish, poor+STANAG
from 0942 on 15175 EMR 500 kW / 105 deg to WeAs Turkish, good signal

U.K.(non) Follow The Bible Ministries ENC-DMS Woofferton, November 3
1830-1858 on 6180 WOF 300 kW / 114 deg to N/ME Arabic Sun, good signal

USA Reception of WEWN-1 Global Catholic Radio in 31mb, November 4:
till 0902 on 9385 EWN 250 kW / 085 deg to WeAf English, fair signal
NO SIGNAL on 9470 EWN 250 kW / 355 deg to SEAs English, 0900-1300UT
At same time 9470 URU 100 kW / non-dir to EaAs Kazakh PBS Xinjiang.


73! Ivo Ivanov
More information on the shortwave listening hobby,
please visit to http://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com

QTH-1: Patreshko, Bulgaria
Receiver: Afedri SDR
Software: SDR-Console v2.3(using remote connection)
Antennas: various Inverted V and beverage antennas.

QTH-2: Sofia OK2, Bulgaria
Receiver: Sony ICF-2001D
Antenna: 30 m. long wire


SWLDXBulgaria News November 2-3  View Printable Version 
Sunday, November 03 2019


ARMENIA(non) Reception of Trans World Radio India via Yerevan, November 3
1530-1600 on 7550 ERV 300 kW / 100 deg to SoAs English Sat/Sun, weak/fair.
Again wrong frequency announcement: 9300 kHz(A-19) instead of 7550 kHz(B19)

FRANCE Reception of Radio France International in Fulfulde on November 3:
1300-1301 on 17660 ISS 500 kW / 180 deg to WeAf French, instead of Fulfulde
1301-1330 on 17660 ISS 500 kW / 180 deg to WeAf Fulfulde Sat/Sun, fair/good

FRANCE Reception of Mini-Transat La Boulangère via TDF Issoudun, November
1500-1600 on 17800 ISS 250 kW / 250 deg to NWAf French/English AM, weak
1500-1600 on 17825 ISS 250 kW / 250 deg to NWAf French/English AM, poor


GERMANY(non) Radio Joystick The Charlie Prince Show via MBR Moosbrunn,
November 3
1100-1200 on 7330 MOS 100 kW / 283 deg to CeEu German 1st Sunday, very good


GERMANY(non) New unknown religious program via MBR Nauen on November 3:
1600-1700 on 6120 NAU 125 kW / 128 deg to N/ME English Sun, good signal

GERMANY(non) New unknown religious program via MBR Tashkent, November 3
1630-1730 on 5945 TAC 100 kW / 090 deg to CeAs English Sun, weak signal:
1630-1730 on 6040 TAC 100 kW / 163 deg to SoAs unknown Sun blocked by CRI
at same time 6040 URU 500 kW / 308 deg to WeEu Russian China Radio Inter.

GERMANY(non) Reception of Voice of Oromo Liberation via MBR Nauen,
November 3
1700-1730 on 9610 NAU 100 kW / 144 deg to EaAf Afan Oromo Fri/Sun, good


ROMANIA(non) Reception of IRRS EGR/UNR via RADIOCOM Saftica, November 3
from 1030 on 9510 SAF 100 kW / 300 deg to WeEu English Sun, fair signal:

ROMANIA(non) Reception of AWR Wavescan#557 via RADIOCOM Saftica on
November 3:
1200-1230 on 9510 SAF 100 kW / 300 deg to WeEu English Sun, fair to good


SECRETLAND(non) Reception of From the Isle of Music via SPL Secretbrod,
November 3:
1500-1600 on 9400 SCB 100 kW / 030 deg to EaEu English/Spanish Sun, very
good signal


TAJIKISTAN(non) B-19 schedule of Voice of Tibet in 31mb
1230-1236 on 9899 DB 100 kW / 131 deg to CeAs Tibetan
1236-1244 on 9886 DB 100 kW / 131 deg to CeAs Tibetan
1244-1305 on 9876 DB 100 kW / 131 deg to CeAs Tibetan
1305-1335 on 9884 DB 100 kW / 131 deg to CeAs Tibetan
1330-1400 on 9814 DB 100 kW / 131 deg to CeAs Tibetan
1335-1400 on 9876 DB 100 kW / 131 deg to CeAs Tibetan

TAJIKISTAN(non) Reception of Adventist World Radio via Dushanbe on
November 3
1530-1600 on 6155 DB 100 kW / 125 deg to SoAs English, NOT Wavescan#558,

USA Frequency change of WRMI-3 in 49mb from 5800 to new 6060 kHz, November
2100-0100 NF 6060 YFR 100 kW / 160 deg to LaAm English Dly Supreme Master
0100-0200 NF 6060*YFR 100 kW / 160 deg to LaAm Spanish Tue-Sat RAE
0100-0200 NF 6060*YFR 100 kW / 160 deg to LaAm English Sun/Mon WRMI
* co-ch same 6060 BAU 100 kW / 010 deg to ENAm Spanish R.Habana Cuba



73! Ivo Ivanov
More information on the shortwave listening hobby,
please visit to http://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com

QTH-1: Patreshko, Bulgaria
Receiver: Afedri SDR
Software: SDR-Console v2.3(using remote connection)
Antennas: various Inverted V and beverage antennas.

QTH-2: Sofia OK2, Bulgaria
Receiver: Sony ICF-2001D
Antenna: 30 m. long wire


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