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Log Roberto Pavanello  View Printable Version 
Sunday, September 12 2021


  666  8/9 22.32 R. Barcelona - SS/Catalano ID e pubblicità locale buono
  738  9/9 17.04 R.N.E. R.1 - Barcelona Catalano NX reg. Catalunya suff.
 1008 10/9 22.25 ERA - Kerkira Greco MX suff.
 1080  5/9 22.34 R. Huesca - SS ID e sport locale buono
 1260  6/9 22.34 R. Murcia - SS ID e pubblicità locale buono
 1350  8/9 22.50 Z100 - Milano IT MX suff.
 1449 10/9 16.30 RAI 1 - Belluno IT NX reg. Veneto suff.
 1566  8/9 22.45 Vahon FM - Den Haag Indostano MX suff.
 1575  9/9 16.30 RAI 1 - Genova IT NX reg. Liguria suff.
 1602  7/9 22.34 R. Ontynient - SS ID e pubblicità locale suff.
 1636  8/9 22.20 R. Mi Amigo - Dutch MX suff.
 1655  8/9 22.25 R. Witte Raaf - Dutch MX suff.
 4750  6/9 16.35 Bangladesh Betar - Dhaka Bengalese buono
 4870  6/9 22.15 R. Mystery 21 - EE MX buono
 4885 11/9 23.10 R. Clube do Parà - Belem PP MX buono
 5015 11/9 22.00 R. Deltrack - EE MX buono
 5140  5/9 16.25 Charleston R. Int. - EE MX ottimo
 6120 12/9 08.40 R. Casanova - EE MX suff.
 6140 11/9 16.30 R. Onda - Bruxelles PP MX buono
 6180  9/9 16.00 Deutscher Wetterdienst - Hamburg Tedesco meteo buono
 6185 10/9 16.55 R. Piepzender - Zwolle Dutch MX ottimo
 6210 11/9 16.50 R. King SW - EE MX buono
 6262  5/9 16.30 R. Fox 48 - EE MX suff.
 6270 11/9 22.30 Cruisin R. - EE ID e MX ottimo
 6305  5/9 16.20 R. Merlin Int. - EE MX suff.
 6380  5/9 19.05 R. 319 - EE MX buono
 7140  9/9 15.50 VOBME - Asmara Tigrino MX suff.
 7330  5/9 10.00 R. Joystick - Bad Kreuznach Tedesco ID e MX ottimo
 9610 12/9 09.00 AWR - Firenze IT Obiettivo DX by Roberto Scaglione ottimo
 9635  7/9 16.30 R. Mali - Bamako Vern. talk buono
 9665 11/9 23.00 Voz Missionaria - Camboriu PP predica suff.
10000  9/9 22.25 Obs. Nac. - Rio de Janeiro PP ID e ora suff.

Roberto Pavanello
Vercelli / Italia


CRI loses interest in broadcasting to W Europe  View Printable Version 
Saturday, September 11 2021

wb recently enumerated a number of languages, some European, but not all
of them, that were converted by CRI to music. Related but vague: From
Radios du monde on disgraced FB today 11 hrs ·

Radio Chine Internationale ne centre plus ses émissions sur ondes
courtes vers l'Europe occidentale. Les émissions européennes viennent de
se terminer. Il faut dire que la Chine avait déjà marqué son intention
de recentrer ses activités vers les autres continents, dont l'Afrique.

Il y a quelques années, ce fut le cas pour les émissions sur ondes
moyennes : Lors de l'arrêt de son relais via les émetteurs de BCE à
Marnach , la Chine avait clairement dit qu'elle ne souhaitait pas
remplacer l'émetteur, malgré les offres qui avaient été faites.
Ses installations à Shtermen, au sud du centre émetteur de Radio Tirana
à Cerrik en Albanie, ont continué de fonctionner jusqu'à la fin du contrat.

Les seuls investissements réalisés ont consisté à la modernisation de
son relais en Afrique : Bamako héberge ainsi le principal émetteur à
ondes courtes permettant à RCI de diffuser ses programmes à travers tout
le continent africain.

Largement impliquée économiquement dans la région, la Chine veut
également contrôler, par tous les moyens, son image par le biais de
l’influence médiatique.

Une présence par les ondes courtes, mais également en FM et par la
création de bureaux et de centre de production dans différents pays.
Des stages de formation sont organisés, à grande échelle, pour former
les journalistes africains en Chine.

Google translation edited and improved by gh:

China Radio International no longer focuses its shortwave broadcasts on
Western Europe. European broadcasts have just ended. It must be said
that China had already indicated its intention to refocus its activities
on other continents, including Africa.

A few years ago, this was the case for medium wave broadcasts: When
shutting down its relay via BCE's transmitters in Marnach ,
China made it clear that it did not want to replace the transmitter,
despite the offers that had been made.

Its facilities in Shtermen, south of Radio Tirana's broadcasting center
in Cerrik, Albania, continued to operate until the end of the contract.

The only investments made consisted in the modernization of its relay in
Africa: Bamako thus hosts the main shortwave transmitter allowing CRI to
broadcast its programs throughout the African continent.

Largely involved economically in the region, China also wants to
control, by all means, its image through media influence.

A presence via shortwave, but also vis FM and by the creation of offices
and production centers in different countries. Large-scale training
courses are organized to train African journalists in China.

(Glenn Hause via WOR io group)


Last remaining medium wave in North Macedonia  View Printable Version 
Saturday, September 11 2021

The last remaining medium wave in North Macedonia [810 kHz] has failed
at least since August 14, 2021. According to gossip from the region, the
cause in this case is external.

Accordingly, the transformer station of the broadcasting station Ovce
Pole was damaged by bush fires. The repair or replacement of the
destroyed system parts is solely in the hands of EVN Makedonija, the
responsible network operator.

This would mean that the medium wave would be as good as empty during
the day in Thessaloniki as well. The stations on 972 and 1368 kHz, which
can still be heard quite well there, are two of the medium wave pirates
who are practically permanently active in Greece and ignored by the
authorities. (translated from radioeins.de via mediumwave.info)


Wolfgang Bueschel log  View Printable Version 
Saturday, September 11 2021


UT morning log Sept 11

USA   WBCQ at 06.12 UT 3265 and 7490 kHz both nil. 4789.981 S=9+10 or
-66dBm at NY Perseus SDR server unit, and 6159.944 religious ? weak and
tiny -103dBm signal.

ETHIOPIA  7110even Gedja VoETH intruder into nominal 40m Ham Radio band
morning fade-out signal in Athens Greece SDR remotedly: 05.52 UT much
weak and tiny, and

ERITREA  7140.020 Asmara still on air, similar fade-out weak signal near
threshold ... nothing on 7180.020 kHz though.

NIGERIA  7254.940 Proper signal noted into NY Perseus SDR unit, much
early today at 05.55 UT on Sept 11. S=8-9 or -79 to -81dBm strength at
06.09 UT in regular Hausa language. In Athens remotedly at 05.55 only
weak S=6 or -96dBm.

KUWAIT  5959.887 R Kuwait Kabd in Arabic, scheduled daily 02.55-09.00
UT,  weak fade-out in Europe at 06.03 UT, S=4 or -104dBm tiny signal.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb  df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 11)


Friday, September 10 2021

AT 8 P.M. ET ON 5950 KHZ

The broadcast is at 0000 UTC on September 12.

Radio Merlin was part of Texas Radio Shortwave’s Series 1 Europirate
relays and was asked to produce a new program.

Reception reports must be sent directly to the station at
radiomerlin@blueyonder.co.uk. TRSW won’t issue an eQSL for the broadcast.

Stations to be relayed on WRMI in the coming weeks are:

September 18-19 = Crusin’ Radio (UK)
September 25-26 = Offshore History Radio (The Netherlands)

October 2-3 = Radio Monique International (The Netherlands) *
October 9-10 = Radio Blackstone International (The Netherlands)
October 16-17 = Charleston International Radio (Germany) *
October 23-24 = KR1 (The Netherlands)
October 30-31 = Cupid Radio (UK) *

November 6-7 = Radio Pamela (UK)
November 13-14 = Radio Jingle Bells (Germany)
November 20-21 = Free Radio Service-Holland (The Netherlands) *
November 27-28 = The Vault (Somewhere in Europe).

December 4-5 = Atlantic 2000 International (France) *

*Returning content provider with new programming.


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