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Wolfgang Bueschel: Brasil observations  View Printable Version 
Thursday, June 16 2022


BRAZIL At 22.16 UT June 15 nothing noted on 6180v kHz which is empty in western Europe, but Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia was instead in BrasPort on 11780.007 kHz poor S=5-6 in central EUR.

11815.023 kHz R Bras Central, S=5 poor at 21.27 UT.

11895.271 kHz R Legiao da Boa Vontade, BrasPort at 21.29 UT, poor S=4 signal.

15189.949 kHz poor S=4 signal of Rádio Inconfidencia at 22.02 UT.

9550.088 kHz R Boa Verdad, poor S=3-4 under threshold at 20.58 UT

Glenn, your jumping Brazilian Hobby favorite station from R Voz Missionaria is now on its way much upwards, at 21.03 UT measured on

9669.490 ... .510 kHz - shift some 20 Hertz up and down. S=7-8 at 22.40 UT on 9669.492 kHz settled here around.

9818.855 kHz R 9 de Julho, Sao Paulo SP, poor S=4 signal, 9820even QRM of co-channel CNR2 from Xianyang RTC #594 bcast center

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 15)


Thursday, June 16 2022



Channel 292 airs two new TRSW shows on Saturday, June 18: TRSW Prime: Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys at 0900 UTC on 6070 kHz, and TRSW Old Time Radio: Suspense at 1800 UTC on 3955 kHz.

There are special eQSLs for each of these shows, available for reception reports covering at least 20 minutes of each, emailed to texasradiosw@....


Bob Wills is known as The King of Western Swing for adding his Texas touch to popular dancehall music.  During the hour, we’ll play these songs by Bob and His Texas Playboys:

Bluer Than Blue
Bring It On Down to My House, Honey
Corrine, Corrina
Drop Me Off At Bob's Place
Good Old Oklahoma
I Ain't Got Nobody (And Nobody Cares for Me)
I'm a Ding Dong Daddy (From Dumas)
Ida Red
Liza, Pull Down the Shades
Miss Molly
New San Antonio Rose
Right Or Wrong
San Antonio Rose
She's Killing Me
Sitting On Top of the World
Steel Guitar Rag
Sunbonnet Sue
Who Walks In (When I Walk Out)
Whoa Babe.


Suspense was a radio series broadcast on CBS from 1942 through 1962.  One of the great radio shows of the Golden Age of Radio, Suspense, was subtitled "radio's outstanding theater of thrills.”  The show usually featured leading Hollywood actors of the era.  Our digitally restored shows are from August and June 1942.--
Terry Colgan N5RTC
Austin, Texas USA


Radio Pravda dlja Rossii schedule change  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, June 15 2022


hf-transmitter@web.de @Radio22_HF posts on Twitter 14 June:
"Due listeners feedback and summer propagations on HF we increase our
schedule on 13600khz (high power) and cancel 6070khz for the moment.
Please take note off the attached broadcast schedule."

The schedule chart shows:
9670 kHz Wednesday and Friday at 0500 UTC (low power) [viaCh292 Germany]
13600 kHz Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 1500 UTC (high
power) [via Moosbrunn, Austria]

and email radioprawda@outlook.com (note spelling)

(Alan Pennington via bdxc-news io group)


Wolfgang Bueschel observations  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, June 15 2022


GREECE/CHINA Checked the 9420 kHz channel this Tuesday June 14:

9420.02 kHz strongest signal here in western Europe, S=9+15dB Greek folk
music from Avlis site observed at 13.05 and 14.15 UT June 14 check.

But underneath two(!) China mainland bcast outlets noted in
Athens, Delhi, Hiroshima, and Tokyo Japan SDR locations in Perseus net,

9420.000 even CNR6 Beijing #491 bcast site; in Mandarin 6165 kHz,
best in Tokyo Japan target

and also

9419.999 kHz CNR13 Uyghur outlet of Lingshi bcast center RTC #725,
scheduled 10.58-15.00 UT, best in Delhi India South Asian subcontinent.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 14)

INDIA 9949.806 much odd fq channel of AIR Kingsway outlet in Baluchi
language, S=9+10dB at 13.15 UT on June 14, scheduled 12.30-13.30 UT.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 14)

KOREA REP OF [South] 9105even EoH VoH Seoul in Korean, but rather
western smooth soft English music program selection
{is exactly my taste in music, wb.},
S=9+5dB signal noted remotedly in Tokyo Japan at:

13.36 UT 'My Way...' song by Frank Sinatra,
13.41 UT 'Falling In Love With You ...' by Elvis Presley,
13.43 UT 'Wonderful World ...' by Satchmo.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 14)


Stations heard in Friol, NW of Spain  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, June 15 2022


3310, Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cotapachi, 0022-0031, 14-06, Quechua,
comments. 25322.

4885, Radio Clube do Pará, Belém, 0412-0455, 14-06, relaying Radio
Bandeirantes news. 25422.

6180, Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia, 2031-2046, 13-06,
Portuguese, comments, Brazilian songs. // 11780. 25322.

9550.1, Radio Boa Vontade, Porto Alegre, 2021-2027, 13-06, Portuguese,
religious comments. 15321.

9818.8, Radio 9 de Julho, Sao Paulo, 2014-2033, 13-06, religious
comments, Portuguese. 14321.

11815, Radio Brasil Central, Goiania, 0905-0937, 14-06, Brazilian songs,
id. “Radio Brasil Central”, program “Brasil Sertanejo”. 35433.

Also heard at unusually early time 0403-0445, 15-06, Brazilian songs,
program “Madrugada Musical”.Strong signal. 45444.

11895.3, Radio Boa Vontade, Porto Alegre, 2035-2050, 13-06, religious
comments, Portuguese. // 9550.1. 13421.

15189.9, Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, 1957-2029, 14-06,
comments, id. “Rede Inconfidencia de Radio”, at 2001 program “A Hora do
Fazendeiro”. 25322.

6070, CFRX, Toronto, 0440-0520, 14-06, English, news, comments. Strong
QRM from Channel 292 with “The Overcomer Ministry” on the same
frequency. 11421.

3330, Time Signal Station CHU Canada, Ottawa, 0428-0435, 15-06, time
signals, male, identification and time voice announcements in French and
English each minute. 25322.

7850, Time Signal Station CHU Canada, Ottawa, 0425-0434, 15-06, time
signals, male, identification and time voice announcements in French and
English each minute. 25422.

14670, Time Signal Station CHU Canada, Ottawa, 0846-0853, 14-06, time
signals, male, identification and time voice announcements in French and
English each minute. 35433.

4940, Unknown relaying Fuerza de Paz, 0431-0507, 15-06, Spanish,
religious comments and songs. 15321.

4765, Radio Progreso, Bejucal, 0301-0307, 14-06, Spanish, comments. 45444.

5025, Radio Rebelde, Bauta, 0432-0507, 14-06, Spanish, program “Portada
Rebelde” news, sport news, weather report, “Portada Cultural”, at 0500
program “Nosotros”, Cuban songs. 45444.

5930, World Music Radio, Randers, 0440-0457, 14-06, songs, id. “World
Music Radio”. 22422.

15700, World Music Radio, Bramming, 1445-1506, 13-06, pop songs, id.
“WMR, World Music Radio”. // 25800. 24322.

25800, World Music Radio, Marslet, 1435-11616, 13-06, pop and Latin
American songs, id. “WMR”. 25422.

ECUADOR, 6050, HCJB, Pichincha, 0221-0227, 15-06, Quechua, comments. 35433.

6090, Voice of Amhara State, Addis Ababa, 1830-1846, 13-06, Vernacular
comments, East African songs. 25322.

6110, Radio Fana, Addis Ababa, 1833-1847, 13-06, East African songs,
Vernacular comments. 35433.

7110, Radio Ethiopia, Geja Dera, 1635-1648, 13-06, Vernacular, comments.

Also heard 0413-0425, 14-06, Vernacular comments. 25422.

Also heard *0355-0412, 15-06, open with East African songs, at 0400
Vernacular, mentioned “Ethiopia”, news, comments. 24432.

5920, HCJB Germany, Weenermoor, 0502-0523, 15-06, religious songs and
comments, German. 25322.

6085, Radio Mi Amigo International, Kall Krekel, *0659-0712, 15-06, time
signals, English, id. “Radio Mi Amigo...” pop songs in English, oldies.

6180, Deutscher Wetterdienst, Pinneberg, 0602-0610, 14-06, German,
weather report. 35433.

5995, Radio Mali, Bamako, 0600- , interval signal, female, French, id.
“Radio Mali, la Radio Nationale de Mali…”, program “O Son du Coq”, “O
Son du Coq de Radio Mali”, news, comments, African songs. 35433.

9635, Radio Mali, Bamako, 1615-1638, 13-06, Vernacular, comments. 35433.

NETHERLANDS, 5955, Sunlite Radio, Westdorpe, 0416-0433, 14-06, pop
songs, id. “Sunlite”. 35433.

4775, Radio Tarma, Tarma, 0021-0032, 14-06, Peruvian songs, Spanish,
comments. Strong and clear signal today. 35433.

4955, Radio Cultural Amauta, Huanta, 0022-0031, 14-06, Spanish,
comments. Very weak. 15321.

7260, 0540-0559* 15-06, after three days of absence heard today here in
Friol, very weak, best on 7259 due to minimize strong interference from
Voice of America on 7265. Island music and comments by female. 12421.

11835 (3945 3rd harmonic), *0559-0710, 15-06, strong carrier, barely
audible signal today, songs, comments.

ZAMBIA, 5915, Zambia NBC, Radio 1, Lusaka, 2004-2017, 13-06, Vernacular
comments. 25322.

Also heard 0407-0427, 14-06, Vernacular comments, African songs. 25422.

Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain

Logs in Friol, NW of Spain
Tecsun S-8800 and PL-880, cable antenna, 8 meters.


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