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A DRM receiver for a DXERS DIARY listener  View Printable Version 
Saturday, February 20 2021

I am happy to announce that Trans World Radio (TWR) has come forward to provide 1 DRM receiver to a listener of DXERS DIARY who will be selected through a lucky draw.
We will take listeners who send reception reports about DXERS DIARY, shortwave radio logs, band scans to DXERS DIARY in the next two months from today.
DXERS DIARY program can be heard in KTWR 13800 kHz DRM Mode from 10.26 to 10.56 UTC on Sundays.
You can send reception report, shortwave radio logs, band scans to dxersdiary@gmail.com
N. Arun Kumar, VU2BBF
Producer & Presenter
DXers Diary, KTWR


Encore - Classical Music on Radio Tumbril - Schedule Change  View Printable Version 
Saturday, February 20 2021

Regular Broadcast times of Encore are: 
11:00 - 12:00 UTC Saturday 6070 kHz Channel 292 to Europe - Simulcast on 9670 kHz

23:00 - 00:00 UTC Saturday 7570 kHz to the US and Canada
01:00 - 02:00 UTC Sunday 7780 & 5850 kHz to Europe US and Canada - New Simulcast
03:00 – 04:00 UTC Monday 5950 kHz WRMI to the US and Canada
17:00 – 18:00 UTC Sunday 9670 kHz Channel 292 to Europe
22:00 - 23:00 UTC Sunday 3955 kHz Channel 292 to Europe
13:00 - 14:00 UTC Tuesday 15770 kHz WRMI to Europe, east coast of US and Iceland.
21:00 – 22:00 UTC Friday 6070 kHz Channel 292 to Europe. (One hour later than usual up to and including 12th March.)
Our email is  encoretumbril@gmail.com. Informal reception reports as well as those requesting eQSL welcome.
The website is www.tumbril.co.uk where we show transmission times and frequencies, the playlist for the most recent programme, more information about Radio Tumbril, and the email link.
This week's programme starts with Bach's Sleepers Awake, then Steve Reich's Wind and Brass and, falling back in time, part of the Sonata in D Minor by Domenico Scarlatti.
The setting of Psalm 119 by Heinrich Schütz next, followed by some solo piano fragments from Anatoly Lyadov.
The programme concludes with part of Ned Rorem's Mallet Concerto, and the first movement of Beethoven's Symphony No. 6.
Channel 292 can be pulled live off the internet if the reception is poor in your location. Easy to find their site with a google search.
A very good site for online SDR receivers all over the world is: http://kiwisdr.com/public/  Click the 'Map' button in the top left of the screen.
Thank you for spreading the word about Encore - Classical Music on Shortwave on Radio Tumbril.
Brice Avery - Encore - Radio Tumbril - Scotland


Wolfgang Bueschel: Cuba observations  View Printable Version 
Saturday, February 20 2021


CUBA Nothing heard or RadioCom 13700BAU - nor 13740BEJ kHz outlets
on Febr 19 at 15.13 UT.

13700.005 kHz S=5-6 signal in NY state eastern US, of TOM BS roarer
Kostinbrod Sofia in Bulgaria.

RadioCom RHC heard on 9535.002BEJ, 9650.003BEJ, 11760 kHz Bauta, and
also South America sces 15140BAU, and 15230 Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250 kW
outlets towards Brazil target.

15700even CRI Latin American relay at Quivican Cuba RadioCom site,
English commentary of EU - Iranian deal about atomic weapon programs
in Iran and Israel sub-marine rockets ... 15.34 UT S=9+30 or -48dBm.
73 wb


Radio Algeria International new frequencies  View Printable Version 
Friday, February 19 2021

There are changes to the programs and frequencies in Algeria:
JILFM 531 KHz changed to Radio Algeria International, and CHAINE 1 891KHz also changed to Radio Algeria International.

(Amine Ferhane (2021-02-19) via Ydun's Medium Wave Info https://mediumwave.info/news/ via Mike Terry via WOR io group)


Ascolti AM Treviso 19 febbraio  View Printable Version 
Friday, February 19 2021


7780 19/2 0654 The Overcomer Ministry,USA-Okeechobee1 Px rel. E 45533
9385 19/2 0655 WEWN Radio 1, USA-Vandiver Px rel. info ID E 45533
9420 19/2 0656 Voice of Greece, Avlis Px Gr 55555
9535 19/2 0657 Radio Ndarason Inter., Woofferton Px Kan 55555
9570 19/2 0658 Deutsche Welle, Issoudun Px Hau 45444
9610 19/2 1056 Radio Taiwan Inter., Paochung Px M 15522
9700 19/2 1100 R.New Zealand Pacific, Rangitaiki TS ID Nx E 25522
9975 19/2 1106 KTWR GUAM Do You Know, Agana Px rel. Mon 35533
11660 19/2 1107 Voice Of America, PHL-Tinang Px M 44544
11690 19/2 1158 AWR KSDA, Guam-Agat Px rel. jingle ID E M 45544
12095 19/2 1159 FEBC Radio Manila, Bocaue Px rel. Lao 35533

73 da N. Marabello
QTH Treviso, Italia
Ant.: filare 6 metri


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