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Ascolti AM Treviso 26 marzo  View Printable Version 
Sunday, March 26 2017

6070  26/3 900  Radio DARC, AUT-Moosbrunn Px Dx D 45555
9790  26/3 903  AWR Europe, Nauen Px "Obiettivo DX" It 55555
6070  26/3 1002 Radio BCLNews, via Channel 292 -Rohrbach Px "Studio DX 717" It 35523

73 da N. Marabello
QTH  Treviso, Italia
Ant.: filare 9 metri


�tf-8?q?Log Manuel Méndez  View Printable Version 
Saturday, March 25 2017

COLOMBIA, 5910, AlcaravÃn Radio, Puerto Lleras, 0522-0533, 22-03, Latin American songs. 14321.

ECUATORIAL GUINEA, 5005, Radio Nacional, Bata, 0520-0550, 22-03, Spanish, male and female comments. Very weak, audible on LSB. 14321.

GUATEMALA, 4055, Radio Verdad, Chiquimula, 0523-0532, 22-03, religious songs and comments, English, best on LSB. 14321.

LIBERIA, 6050, ELWA Radio, Moronvia, 0650-0715, 23-03, religious songs, English, religious comments, at 0700: ÂSix hoursÂ. 14321.
Manuel MÃndez
Lugo, Spain

Logs in Lugo
Tecsun PL-880, Sony ICF SW-7600G, cable antenna, 8 meters


5969.96 New Brazilian station? heard via webSDR Radio Sao Paulo  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, March 21 2017

5969.96, New Brazilian station? heard via webSDR Radio Sao Paulo

BRAZIL, new station?, a station is on air in the frequency that previously occupied Radio Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte, 5969.96 kHz, this station is transmitting music continuously, specially classic music, whit some identification such as something like: "Cala FM", "94.9 Sao Paulo". Perhaps is the same site and transmitter of Radio Itatiai, but the programming is completely different to the Radio Itatiaia.   
Hear March and 21 many hours in the air. Signal 35433 to 25422.
Manuel MÃndez
Lugo, Spain


�tf-8?q?Radio Piraña International on air, hea �tf-8?q?rd via remote webSDR in Sao Paulo, Brazi  View Printable Version 
Monday, March 20 2017

Radio PiraÃa International on air, heard via remote webSDR in Sao Paulo, Brazil,
SOUTH AMERICA, 6930.00, Radio PiraÃa Internacional, 0705-0724, 20-03, songs, Abba song and others, Spanish, comments, id. âRadio PiraÃaââ, identation song, mail address: ârpi@radiopirana.comâ. Weak to very weak. 15311. (MÃndez)

Heard via webSDR in Sao Paulo.
Manuel MÃndez
Lugo, Spain


Ascolti AM Luca Botto Fiora  View Printable Version 
Monday, March 20 2017

Ascolti AM
(orari UTC)
+++ Ascoltata per la prima volta.

6070 04.03.2017 1700-1715 D R. Sylvia-CH292, GG, IDs OM. Co-ch CRI. SF-IN +++
6070 18.03.2017 1900-1915 D SM R. Int.-CH292, EE, oldies e IDs. SF-BN +++
6070 19.03.2017 1400-1415 D 8Radio-CH292, EE, IDs OM. SF-BN +++
11550 18.03.2017 1830-1845 F R. Publique Africaine, FF, IDs OM-YL. SF +++
13680 19.03.2017 1435-1505 ZMB Vo Hope Africa, EE, IDs OM. SF +++
15420 18.03.2017 1800-1815 MDG R. Itahuka, Kirundi, nxs OMs. BN +++

JBA - Portante-Carrier
IN - Insufficiente-Poor
SF - Sufficiente-Fair
BN - Buono-Good
MB - Molto Buono-Very Good


SWL I1-0799GE Luca Botto Fiora
QTH Rapallo (Genova) - Italia
G. C. 44Â 21' 15.2" N / 9Â 13' 37.8" E


R7 Drake (R7)
VR5000DSP Yaesu (VR)
PL-660 Tecsun (PL)
Loop in ferrite di 75 cm ACA modificata per LW-VLF
Dipolo 24 metri
Isolatore di linea
Balun su ferrite
(per loop MW-VLF)
Preamplificatore RF K0LR-WA1ION autocostruito (escludibile)
(per dipolo HF)
Eliminatore di QRM MFJ 1026 modificato W8JI (escludibile)
Preamplificatore RF kit LX1456 NE (escludibile)
Splitters 0-1000 MHz a 2 vie GBC
ICD-BX800 (R7)
ICD-B500 (VR)
ICD-BX112 (PL)


(Mac OS X 10.6.8)
Audacity 2.1.0 (acquisizione-conversione audio)
DXToolbox 4.4.0 demo (propagazione)
HourWorld 3.5.1 demo (orologio mondiale)
Multimode 6.6 demo Black Cat Systems (UTEs)
TimePalette 6.3.1 demo (orologio mondiale)
(Android 4.1.1)
Daylight World Map (orologio mondiale)


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