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Stations heard in Reinante  View Printable Version 
Thursday, September 03 2020


4885, Radio Clube do Pará, Belém, 0640-0655, 30-08, Brazilian songs. 15321.

4985, Radio Brasil Central, Goiania, 0645-0654, 30-08, songs. 15221.

CONGO, 6115, Radio Congo, Brazaville, 0532-0548, 30-08, French and Vernacular. Very weak. 1521.

ERITREA, 7120, Voice of Broad Masses, Asmara, 1805-1815, 29-08, Vernacular comments. 13221.

5950, Voice of Tigray Revolution, Addis Ababa, 1802-1810, 29-08, East African songs. 24322.

3955, Offshore History Radio via Channel 292, Rohrbach, 1840-1900, 31-08, English, songs, comment about Radio Caroline history, id.at 1859 “Radio Channel 292” 25322

6115, Radio SE-TA 2, Hartenstein, 1815-1902*, 01-09, German, comments, songs. Radio Congo QRM from 1815 to 1830. 13221

9670, Offshore History Radio via Channel 292, Rohrbach, 1730-1755, 31-08, songs, identification: “Offshore Radio”, English. 34433.

MEXICO, 6185, Radio Educación, Ciudad de México, 0650-0658, 30-08, music. Very weak. 15311.

5940, Radio Classic Sunday via radio Onda, 1623-11710, 30-08, songs, Dutch, comments, id. “Radio Classic Sunday”. Very weak. 15321.

7700.1, FRS Holland, 1810-1905, 30-08, pop songs, English, comments, id. “FRS Holland”, German. 35433.

ZAMBIA, 5995, Zambia NBC, Radio 1, Lusaka, 1750-1755, 29-08, Vernacular comments. Very weak. 15321
Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain

Logs in Reinante
Tecsun S-8800 and PL-880, cable antenna, 8 meters.


Ascolti da Como.... tanti !!!  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, September 02 2020

Intanto quelli in cui ho usato il Barlow associato alla MLA-30+.

27 AGOSTO 2020 2020:
5140kHz 1635UTC 35443 Charleston Radio International in EE
6150kHz 1251UTC 25332 Europa 24 in tedesco
9730kHz 1618UTC 45343 Voice of Vietnam in EE
11815kHz 1405UTC 55455 China Radio International in EE
11825kHz 1430UTC 45444 Reach Beyond Australia in EE
15580kHz 1400UTC 35444 VOA relay Botswana in EE
15790kHz 1332UTC 55444 China Radio International in EE
17660kHz 1240UTC 45444 Radio France Internationale relay Madagascar in FF

28 AGOSTO 2020:

Tutti da casa con antenna loop magnetica MLA-30+ accoppiata allo stilo del ricevitore con una bobina tranne (*) ascoltata con il solo stilo telescopico sempre dentro le mura di casa. Interessante notare come il Barlow surclassi il Degen 1103 (vecchio modello senza DSP) in queste condizioni; il segnale di Radio Habana Cuba era perfettamente intelligibile col ricevitore sudafricano, mentre il rumore di fase del PLL del Degen rendeva l'ascolto appena sufficiente e poco gradevole.

6005kHz 1032UTC 25343 SRF1 in tedesco (via Shortwaveservice) 6070kHz 2013UTC 45444 Channel 292 in tedesco
6070kHz 2100UTC 35444 Radio Tumblir - Encore in EE
6150kHz 2040UTC 25433 Shortwaveradio in tedesco
11650kHz 1020UTC 55555 Radio Romania Internationale in FF (//13790)
11760kHz 2140UTC 25444 Radio Habana Cuba in spagnolo (*)
13790kHz 1017UTC 55545 Radio Romania Internationale in FF (//11650)
17570kHz 1118UTC 45544 China Radio International in ceco
15580kHz 1620UTC 45344 VOA relay Botswana in EE, QRN per forte temporale

29 AGOSTO 2020:

6160kHz 1833UTC 25333 Shortwaveradio - px Scorribande in italiano
11940kHz 2000UTC 55454 Radio Exterior de Espana in spagnolo
17615kHz 1102UTC 45444 Radio Saudi in arabo

30 AGOSTO 2020:

5140kHz 1825UTC 35433 Charleston Radio International in EE
6095kHz 0819UTC 45344 Radio Classic Sunday in olandese
6150kHz 1450UTC 25443 Shortwaveradio - px Scorribande in italian
7700kHz 1845UTC 15221 Radio FRS in olandese (tentativo)
9610kHz 0900UTC 55354 AWR - px Obiettivo DX in italiano (QRN per un fortissimo temporale)

31 AGOSTO 2020:

6070kHz 1700UTC 24332 Channel 292 in EE (programma speciale dedicato alla chiusura delle emittenti offshore olandesi)


6115kHz 1800UTC 23232 Radio SE-TA 2 in tedesco

Quelli in cui ho utilizzato il Kenwood R-600 o lo FRG7.

22/8 2125UTC 7810kHz 35333 SOH Shound of Hope in cinese
22/8 2138UTC 5995kHz 35333 Radio Mali in FF
22/8 2205UTC 6390kHz 35322 Radio Joey (pirate) in EE
22/8 2237UTC 5995kHz 35333 Radio Mali in FF
23/8 0900UTC 9610kHz 55545 AWR Radio Voce della Speranza in italiano
23/8 1655UTC 5940kHz 25332 Radio Onda in portoghese
23/8 2124UTC 15805kHz 45444 World Music Radio, ID in spagnolo
23/8 2203UTC 9265kHz 25332 WINB Red Lion in EE
24/8 0057UTC 9265kHz 25332 WINB Red Lion in EE
24/8 0126UTC 7780kHz 25332 WRMI in EE
26/8 2350UTC 9265kHz 35443 WINB Red Lion in spagnolo
1/9 1032UTC 6115kHz 15331 (tentativo) Radio SE-TA 2 in tedesco

Davide - IW2NZR


Ascolti AM Treviso, IT 1 settembre  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, September 02 2020


3955   1/09  2028 KBS World Radio, G-Wofferton Px D 55555    
3975   1/09  2029 Shotwave Radio, D-Winsen Mx Px E 35533  
3985   1/09  2030 Radio Belarus I., D-Kall-Krekel info ID Px F 45543 
3995   1/09  2032 HCJB Deutschland, Weenermoor Px rel. D 35333
5140   1/09  2033 Charleston Radio International,D-? Mx E 35543
6195   1/09  2047 Voice Of America, BOT-Selebi-Phik Mx E 45555
9690   1/09  2049 Radio Exterior Espana, Noblejas Px Es 45544
9920   1/09  2052 Radio Thailand, Udon Thani Px Th 45555
11930  1/09  2053 Radio Marti'- Greenville Px Es 45544
11965  1/09  2054 World Christian Broadc. MDG- Mahajanga Px rel. E 45544
12095  1/09  2102 BBC WS Radio, Ascension Nx  E 45554
13845  1/09  2103 WWCR University Network, Nashville Px E 35533
73 da N. Marabello 
QTH Treviso, Italia 
Ant.: filare 6 metri


Wolfgang Bueschel log  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, September 02 2020


NIGERIA 7254.935 Powerful S=9+5dB across Atlantic Ocean signal this Sept
2nd morning, noted in remote SDR rxs at MI and NY states in North America,
at 06.20 UT Hausa program scheduled, much FUNNY radioannouncer presenter in
the studio in progress.

GUATEMALA 4054.989 Radio Verdad Chiquimula, S=8 noted in Detroit MI remote
rx, 05.44 UTC on Sept 2.

BRAZIL 4885.025 R Clube do Pará Belem tent, S=6-7 at 05.52 UT.

5939.508 tent. R Voz Missionaria, tiny under threshold string visible,
S=3 or -103dBm at 06.04 UT.

6134.819 tentat. R Aparecida poor and tiny S=4-5 signal, at 06.14 UT.

USA 5085even again excellent audio quality ?remained,
WTWW Lebanon TN, S=9+15dB in MI and NY states.
Song "We Are Family ..." at 05.56 UT on Sept 2nd.

5829.986 WTWW Lebanon TN, fone/fax numbers given at 05.59 UT
to TX switch-off at exact 06.00:40 UT. S=9+15dB strong at Detroit MI and
Rochester NY remote rx units.

NEW ZEALAND 5945.003 kHz R NZi from Rangitaki, En scheduled 0559-0658 UT
S=9 or -73dBm signal in eastern US states. Weather report for tomorrow, ...
thunderstorm etc. at 06.07 UT given.

MALI 5995even RTVM Bamako in French language, S=8 at 06.08 UT.
Talk by female round.

SAO TOMÈ two different fq alignements on STP Pinheira.
6080.027 odd fq USAGM VoA English to Africa target 04-07 UT,
S=9+10dB stronger signal than BBC EN from Ascension Isl 6005 kHz S=9.

6180even fq ! STP Pinheira Sao Tomé in French, same strength like
6080v VoA En, 06.17 UT on Sept 2nd.

MEXICO tentat. 6184.970 poor and tiny - ? only exciter on air ?,
R Educacion Mexico D.F. ?, - in MI & NY at 06.19 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 2)


New monitored Schedule of AIR Mumbai on MW from 1 Sept 2020  View Printable Version 
Wednesday, September 02 2020


Channel A  (100 kW) : Samvadita Channel 1044 kHz AM / 1035 kHz DRM.  Sign on  6.00 am  Sign off 11.00 pm IST
Channel B  (100 kW) : Asmita Channel  558 kHz AM / 549 DRM.   Sign on 5.50 am Sign off past midnight (0020?)  IST

For the record, AIR Mumbai started round the clock transmissions in AM & DRM on 24 Mar 2020 when the National Lock down due to COVID 19 was announced. Normal programs were cancelled and the following programs were broadcast.

A Channel: AIR  Live News 24x7 on 1044 kHz in AM Mode  & DRM on 1052 kHz

B Channel: Vividh Bharati  on 558 kHz on AM Mode & DRM on 567 kHz

Interestingly  Vividh Bharati Service from Mumbai also continued  on its normal  frequency of 1188 kHz (50 kW)  in parallel but only broadcast as usual from  5.55 am to 11.30 pm

This arrangement continued till 31 Aug 2020.


Jose Jacob, VU2JOS


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