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Jen's Noise Fest, for August 6th is up & ready  View Printable Version 
Monday, August 07 2023


Sent: Monday, August 7, 2023 at 06:18:04 PM GMT+1
Subject: Jen's Noise Fest, for August 6th is up & ready

Hi Glenn, I hope everything's fine. Thanks

My annual look at the bands & artists that are appearing at this year`s Rebellion-festival.


Jen In The " Smash It Up '' Rad

73'' & 33 ''

Keep Rock'in on Unique all this summer through.
HF & Live Digital Stream.

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Stations heard in Reinante, NW of Spain  View Printable Version 
Monday, August 07 2023


Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain

Log in Reinante, NW of Spain
Sangean ATS 909X, Tecsun PL-880, cable antenna, 8 meters.

ALGERIA, 15110, Ifrikya FM, Bechar, 0801-0819, 02-08, French, news, id.
“Ifrikya FM l’actualité”, “Ifrikya FM la voix africaine”. 35433.

ANTARCTICA, 15476usb, LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, Base
Esperanza, 1842-1917, 05-08, male, female, Spanish, comments, id.
“Uniendo Voces”, “LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel…”, songs.

AUSTRIA, 7330, Radio Joystick, Moosbrunn, 1023-1043, 06-08, German,
comments, songs. 25432.

BOLIVIA, 3310, Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cotapachi, 0113-0124, 03-08, Quechua,
comments, Bolivian songs. 15421.

Also heard 2352-2358, 04-08, Quechua, comments. 15421.

4985, Radio Brasil Central, Goiania, 0505-0552, 07-08, Brazilian songs,
“Madrugada Musical”. // 11815. Teletype QRM. 32332.

6010, Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, 0505-0531, 03-08, Brazilian
songs. 15421.
Also heard 0529-0627, 05-08, Brazilian songs, id. “Inconfidencia”,
program “Memoria Nacional”. 25432.

6180, Radio Nacional da Amamzonia, Brasilia, 2046-2057, 05-08, Brazilian
songs. 35433.

15190.1, Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, 1950-2007, 01-08,
Portuguese, comments, identification, at 2002 “A Hora do Fazendeiro”.

COLOMBIA, 5910, Alcaraván Radio, Puerto Lleras, 0504-0533, 07-08,
religious comments, Colombian songs. 15421.

CUBA, 4765, Radio Progreso, Bejucal, 0342-0348, 05-08, Cuban songs.

5930, World Music Radio, Bramming, 2011-2028, 04-08, songs in English,
id. “WMR”. 25422.

5970, Radio 208, Hvidovre, 2005-2016, 05-08, rock and pop songs in
English. 15422.

FINLAND, 11689.9, Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Virrat, 2001-2017, 05-08,
Finish, comments, songs in Finish and English, id. “Scandinavian Weekend
Radio”. 15422.

GERMANY, 6130, Radio Europe, Alphen, 0617-0634, 02-08, songs in English,
id. “Radio Europe, sixty-one thirty”. 35433.

INDONESIA, 3325, Voice of Indonesia, Palangkaraya (presumed) 2007-2026,
04-08, unreadable comments, extremely weak. 15411.

MEXICO, 6185, Radio Educación, Ciudad de México, 0620-0636, 06-08,
songs, music. 25432.

6060, Radio Delta International, Elburg, 2001-2027, 05-08, songs, id.
“You are listening to Radio Delta International”, English, comments,
“radiodelta.am”. 35433.

7705.3, FRS Holland, 1910-1925, 06-08, English, comments, songs in
English, id. "The Free Radio Service Holland in your dial". 45444.

NEW ZEALAND, 11725, Radio New Zealand International, Rangitaiki,
1947-1958*, 05-08, English, comments, id. “This is Radio New Zealand
International now closing this frequency…”, “This is New Zealand”,
interval signal, close. 35433.

PERU, 4775, 0053-0059, 02-08, Peruvian songs. 25422.
Also heard 2351-0006, 04-08, Peruvian songs, Spanish, comments. 25322.

VANUATU, 7260, Radio Vanuatu, Port Vila, 0604-0702, 05-08, male,
Bislama, comments, Island songs, more comments by female and male, id.
at 0627 “Radio Vanuatu”, more songs and comments, at 0859 drums,
interval signal, news by female and male.

Hard-Core-DX mailing list


Yoruba Nation Shortwave Radio  View Printable Version 
Monday, August 07 2023

Instead here in THS the signal from the Yoruba station was for the first time good with 25+ db above the noise.... 2027z 

On Sunday, August 6, 2023 at 10:21:52 PM GMT+3, Hector (Luigi) Perez via Hard-Core-DX <hard-core-dx@hard-core-dx.com> wrote:

Nothing heard on R. Yoruba down here in Puerto Rico. Using a dipole ante and a JRC JRD-525
Hector (Luigi) Perez KPR260-SWL

    El domingo, 6 de agosto de 2023, 03:17:23 p. m. GMT-4, Lúcio Bobrowiec via Hard-Core-DX <hard-core-dx@hard-core-dx.com> escribió: 

4940kHz, 4940, Colombia/ Venezuela; 05/08/2023, 0909 – 1014 male: “Estación 4940”, religious content by male: “la palavra revelada…la palavra és la verdad…capitulo 4 versículo 16,,,perdio su vida el epirito…los muertos del espiirito, no teniam ninguna comunhao con Dios…Genesis capitulo 8…Apocalipse 2 – 9…” At 0949 female announcements, male ID: “…por la onda corta, 4940kHz en 60 metros”, music slections, at 1000 male unreadable talks, religious music. Exceptionally clear, good signal. At 0941 first signs of weakening of signal; at the end of the listening it was already well degraded (LOB-B) .https://on.soundcloud.com/qNjMd

17735kHz Yoruba Nation Shortwave Radio via Woofferton, UK; 05/08/2023, 1900 – 1925 at tune in hi life music, at 1906 male in unknow language talks (some English words heard). Maybe by the deficiency of my rx, YNSR suffered most of the time strong QRM from R. Voz  Missionária spurious, but had sometimes without this problem; when there was no such QRM, the signal looked fair and clear but with some het (LOB-B).

5952kHz, R. Pio XII, Bolivia, 05/08/2023 some checks at 2300 - 2330, noticed that usual het wich must be this station after 2 weeks silent; no audio, (LOB-B).

Tecsun 310et 
Wire 14m,  dipole 18m 
Embu SP Brasil

Enviado do Yahoo Mail no Android
Hard-Core-DX mailing list


Yoruba radio station 17735 kHZ  View Printable Version 
Monday, August 07 2023

New Yoruba Nation radio station on 17735 has not been head in Thesaloniki on Sat 5th 20z+ Instead it has been hard well Sunday 6th on 2052 10 minutes before s/off with 25 db over the noise as checked with PL330 On 5th a small kSDR search revealed no reception on the E Europe (GR Rom )  with poor in Sparta only  . but with better signals towards E Europe with nearly marginal in Italy
External reception with the smartphone https://drive.google.com/file/d/16CuZH5yzqAtfuGEUrGUlTEqHMt90M_-k/view?usp=sharing ; that kills the noise if any

Zacharias Liangas

Music Producer Greek Music Refuge / Dangdut  and Beyond via R Angela 5130kHz
GMR: 5130 0230-0300 every Sat   /D&B 0350-0400 Friday the 4th week of month

Hard  core DXer https://youtu.be/8VJ__oppkLs the pool
https://bit.ly/3OZixtr ; disclaimer on my writinghttps://linktr.ee/zliangas ; all my pages

Hard-Core-DX mailing list


KWT USAGM Kuwait al-Dschahra suburb 1548 kHz R Sawa Arabic  View Printable Version 
Sunday, August 06 2023


Here in Finland it sounds quite strong:


Alex Miatlikov kirjoitti 6.8.2023 klo 1.03:

Radio Sawa's traditional frequency 1548 kHz (USAGM Kuwait) is now used by
Radio Farda. MWlist shows 1630-2330 UT for it.

Hearing it now with clear ID 'Radio Farda' via Kuwaiti SDR
http://9k2ra-1.proxy.kiwisdr.com:8073 , but the signal is weak, which is
rather strange.

Hard-Core-DX mailing list


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