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Jen's Unique Radio, Australia live cast for Nov 20  View Printable Version 
Monday, November 21 2022


>From Jen:

Hi, Here's my Nov 20 Birthday to me & the world from 18 to 23 UT Sunday
Here's the recorded link.

Next week is my Thanksgiving/Friends-giving
UT Thurs 24th 1700 to 2100 UT or UT Sun 27th 1800 to 2200 UT
Will let everyone know in a few.

We`re on Unique Radio`s Digital Stream.

So thanks for blowing out the candles with me; my special was
all forms of music, and a special
Jen's favorites with commentary set.

73" & 33''

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...sleeping in bed with CNR13 !!! (pictypo&adds )  View Printable Version 
Sunday, November 20 2022



As you can see in the photo and you surelyknow the correct freq of CNR13 is 9420


There fore the story is written this way:

9420 at 1330 with a long political program on CNR13 mentioning Chinese Europeanrelations [Zhongguo Europa mentioned  ] witha  more than 10 minutes  talk then referred to Nigerian Chineserelations  . China was also mentioned as “Hǝlk” whle theregion was pronounced as ‘Sinzang’ continued with various other talks that bypassthe ToH at 1400. In th meantime  CNR17 on9630 aired some operas with short song identifications

I was continuing to listen to the talks onCNR 13 when  finally was sleeping until1530 when the Chinese program was aired They were Identified as  “Yīshī Guangbo Jiemu”.  

Signal was nearly steady and clear in the mosttime  at 1330 with minimal fading whileat 1530 QSB was deeper and medium-fast…

This is one f the very few stations that transmitcontinuously in shortwave with limited sign off times!  20/11/22

[ A true story. DXing sometimes helps for   sleeping. Reception  system as in the attachedphoto https://app.box.com/s/vy42lojguymlyoywa0er9j44a6wpjtkx ]


to add: (1)this station is on of my beacons in shortwaves with nearly alwaysgood signal.
(2) the Antenna part shown is a bundle by 11+ 15 m with a balun and connects intothe SDR. Alternatively there is a wire-wounded carton cylinder that covers the radio’santenna .   The wires ends are connected into the doubleantenna system.

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�tf-8?q?Logs in the THS mountain for 13/11 #2  View Printable Version 
Sunday, November 20 2022

A few in MW
1278  Ukraine prg 1  2214 with news about Ukraine and Belorussia . In  Russain or like (Ukrainian? ) reference to Zelenski but bad music audio mixing Contiues with referring to Putin UK  Lavrov and Vietopetrovska Oblast Also good in Cypriot kSDR
but not so good in E Europe kSDRs ID at 2300This log is after a message in WOR https://groups.io/g/WOR/topic/95031817#143066
1215  on 2215 further to a previous reception on 9/11  (unlogged but  just recorded with -45dbm  ) the pirate from Athens once again strikes with continuous dedications voice-overs with folk songs  of the 70-80s  in background including some gunny or bad comments . this is the worst example for the Greek amateur radio in MW …Good signal with short time deep fades
1044 Duffy (not Duck!)  2230 airing a song from Demmy Roussos for anyone he knows him https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demis_Roussos
1476  Expecting to listen to R Keralam  but not any signal here ar 2240 S20 in Qatar kSDR
In Qatar kSDr many Hindi stations are heard with at least fair signal in the MW band
9999 Arabic station with chants  2245 It seems radio Mayak stops on 22 ? They are usually heard  here with good signal

Zacharias Liangas
Hard Core Radio monitor and gear tester

https://bit.ly/3OZixtr ; disclaimer on my writing
https://bit.ly/34NEBpc ; why SDR is better
https://linktr.ee/zliangas ; all my pages

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9395 kHz 02.30-03.00 UT WRMI AWR Wavescan with 1985 year interview by Jonathan Marks and Victor Goonetilleke 4S7VK on R Neth  View Printable Version 
Sunday, November 20 2022


Surprise, surprise, very very emotional memories came to my mind.

USA 9395 kHz WRMI Sun Nov 20 at 02.30 UT S=9+35dB powerhouse signal heard
in Alberta-CAN:

AWR Wavescan program. Old SWL memories of 1974 / 1975 came back into my
mind. On 9395 kHz I listened to today's AWR Wavescan program, with contain
of Jonathan Marks and Victor Goonetilleke interview recording for
Radio Netherlands Media Network DX px of 1985 year.

A decade earlier in 1975 I had visited Victor 4S7VK in Piliyandala / Mount
Lavinia beach on his wedding party with Niromi and also exchanged DX hobby
information about the Philips(?) 10x100 kW and 100 kW transmitter units
of SLBC Colombo in Ekala site and small 35 kW Collins unit of Voice of
America tx unit at the Ceylon island.

Victor's voice in the interview was also as clear and present as I met
him 48 years ago and could later accompany him on some of his European
trips to Basel, Vatican, Salzburg, Dusseldorf, Hilversum and DSWCI
club conventions in Denmark.

9395even kHz WRMI relay of Adrian's AWR Wavescan hobby program noted
22 kHz broad wideband audio at 02.47 UT, Jonathan/Victor interview of 1985
Tamil war conflict in 1985, bigger Tamil audience content: Talk on
Tamil, Sinhala, Hindi, Urdu different language family history.

Dutch colonial era history on Ceylon island centuries back.

SLBC studio move in WW II in 1941 to avoid the Japanese power.
Jonathan's e-mail address given at 02.55 UT, then followed French
Carribean Martinique music piece played in AWR Wavescan program end.

73 wb df5sx

CUBA RHC quick report of tonight.

Missed in 02.00 to 03.20 UT monitoring 4765 BEJ, 5025 and 5040 Bauta
outlets, missed 9535v Bejucal Spanish, missed RHC 22 and 19 mb outlets.

At 02.40 UT heard only RHC in English on 6000QUI and 6165BAU kHz.

RHC Spanish on 9650.001 kHz from Bejucal with much increased signal since
last week to state. I guess another 2 x 50 kW TX combination is now in use;
or the old USSR made curtain mast combination has been refurbished
at Bejucal site again after the hurricane disaster. S=9+10dB in Alberta.

And tonight much much poor threshold signals on 11670BAU, 11760BAU,
11850QUI. Nothing of RHC heard in 22mb nor in 19 mb tonight.

Others heard like 9264.986 kHz WINB Red Lion. 9330.060 kHz WBCQ.

Surprise on French Issoudun bcast center site happened, like center 'E'
transmitters in Issoudun are now put away / out of service
(Kai Ludwig mentioned recently)
9490 EVEN Frequency for Jeff's R República relay in Spanish on different
Issoudun transmitter center unit now, much stable fq signal noted tonight
at 02.22 UT.

9355.006 THA VoA Burmese via Udon Thani Ban Dung site, S=8 at 02.17 UT
9664.918 BRA Voz Missionaria in Portuguese at 02.24 UT.
9710even CHN CRI Spanish from Kashgar site, S=9 in Doha Qatar SDR unit
remotedly at 02.25 UT.
6184.968 MEX R Educacion Mexico D.F. at 02.31 UT in Alb-CAN S=9 signal
6195even UAE Much stronger in Alberta noted BBC London in Dari via
ENC Al Dhabbaya bcast relay site, S=9+15dB(!) at 02.36 UT
9775.002 BOT USAGM Botswana VoA English sce relay, S=9+15dB proper
signal in Edmonton remotedly at 03.01 UT, news report
of UNO Climate conference end results happened on
Egyptian beach resort tonight.
9818.875 BRA Brazilian Portuges '9 de Julho' px only poor S=6 at 03.03UT
9974.998 USA KVOH Rancho Simi CA state sermon program - about Jesus,
S=7 signal at 03.04 UT.
9955even USA WRMI relayed R Prague Spanish sce news at 04.06 UT,
panoramica obsovar estrellas y astronomica, and data
exchange between Czech Rep and Poland. S=9+15dB.

Wider open window even in 19 meterband from 03 UTC onwards,
15720 NZP despite rather poor on threshold winter signal level.

Among countless China mainland SW transmissions in 41 to 19 mb, heard
15210.003 kHz AIR Bangalore in Burmese from India, fair S=7 signal
at 03.19 UT, after Nepalese sce til 03.15 UT, noted
AIR Burmese requested at 03.15-04.15 UT in B-22 season.

73 wb df5sx

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, November 18, 2022 3:10 PM

Subject: Re: [HCDX] Glenn Hauser logs November 17, 2022

CUBA Approx. 12-13 UTC heard two 49 mb RHC outlets,
6000 kHz // hx 12000 kHz from Quivican 250 kW unit,
and 6100 kHz from Bauta site,
both S=8 in MA state and Alberta Canada SDRs.

At 13 UT checked also other RHC Spanish requested:
9534.996 kHz 100 kW to CeAmerica, from Bejucal and
9710even 50 kW Bejucal to Antilles, Trinidad, in northern SoAM,
11760even Bauta site non-directional signal
steep angle Caribbean target transmission,
13740even and 15140 kHz from Bauta site and
15230even Quivican outlet
all on air on Friday Nov 18.

73 wb df5sx

----- Original Message -----
From: Glenn Hauser via Hard-Core-DX

Sent: Friday, November 18, 2022 2:36 AM
Subject: [HCDX] Glenn Hauser logs November 17, 2022

CUBA [and non]. 6000, Nov 17 at 0635, only RHC English on air,
S9+20 undermodulated but sufficient. 6165 is also on but Spanish!
S9/+10 with ACI from 6160- WBCQ. Another season of these being too
neighborly. (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)
_ Hard-Core-DX mailing list

Hard-Core-DX mailing list


Jen's annual Birthday Special for all Celebrating UT Sun Nov 20 at 18-22  View Printable Version 
Saturday, November 19 2022

From Jen:

Nov 20th is my annual For ALL B-day show, so celebrate with me,
or if you are having a birthday this month or next, starting
Nov 20 UT Sun 1800 until 2200 UT.

We`re on Unique Radio`s Digital Stream.

So blow out the candles, all forms of music, and a special
Jen's favorites with commentary set.

Also it would nice to communicate with those also having a B-Day.
Come in and say Hi, and I will announce that you are having a
birthday, for this month & next.

In our live chat room.
then click on connect, then web chat

Please put in the following to access the room.
For nick: name or like me radionutresss
Then next line channel, that's the following:
and you are in the room.

So I hope to see you.

73" & 33" and happy Birthday to you & me, see you then.

PS: If you want, you can bring the matches.

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