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576 South Africa .. new one!  View Printable Version 
Saturday, October 21 2017



TP's For Saturday, October 21, 2017 Victoria B.C.  View Printable Version 
Saturday, October 21 2017

Full report to follow - listened from 1350 until 1430 (even when the band was still rocking...) audio on no less than 40+ channels - lots of 2nd/3rd tier JJ, Koreans and Chinese aplenty...
I would have called it a low average September morning at best... and this is October.

Drake R8 / NRD525
Flag W/NW - ALA100

Colin Newell - SYSTEMS UVic - Victoria - B.C. CANADA --

> On Oct 21, 2017, at 7:21 AM, Dennis Vroom <vroomski@ymail.com> wrote:
> Listened from 1256-1417 utc. TP's signals this morning heard throughout the MW band.
> 567 JAPAN, JOIK, Sapporo, NHK1 10/21 1256 weak signal man in JJ. //594 JOAK. Fair at 1347.
> 594 JAPAN JOAK Tokyo, NHK1 10/21 1257 very good signal with man in JJ..
> 603 REP KOREA, HLSA Seoul, 10/21 1259 poor with female speaker.
> 702 JAPAN, ? NHK2 10/21 1322 NHK2 station with weak signal //774 JOUB.
> 747 JAPAN JOIB Sapporo, NHK2 10/22 1324 weak briefly with heavy KXTG splatter.
> 774 JAPAN, JOUB, Akita, NHK2 10/21 1301 good with EE lessons.
> 828 JAPAN, JOBB, Osaka, NHK2 10/21 1312 fair with EE lessons. Leandro De Vincenti . Masterpieces.
> 972 REB. KOREA HLCA Dingjin, 10/21 1328 fair with music. KUFO splatter.
> 1044 CHINA, CRI Changzhou, 10/21 1407 weak signal with man in JJ.
> 1134 JAPAN, JOQR Tokyo, NCB 10/21 1331 fair with a lot of laughing and JJ talk.
> 1206 CHINA, RGD Yanji, 10/21 1412 fair with man/woman in KK? Asian music.
> 1287 JAPAN, JOHR Sapporo, HBC 10/21 1333 weak with man in JJ. Moderate splatter.
> 1323 CHINA, CRI Huadian, 10/21 1336-1343 in and out weak signal. Not NHK1. Assuming CRI.
> 1566 REP OF KOREA, HLAZ, Jeju, 10/21 1310-1312 fair to good signal.
> 1575 THAILAND, VOA, Ban Phachi, 10/21 1345 very weak with woman in Asian language.
> Best regards,
> Dennis Vroom,
> Kalama, WA
> JRC NRD 545 + Drake R8B
> NW ewe 310°
> Long wire 339'
> Random wire 380'
> Solar Indices SF=76 A=8 K=2
> Local Sunrise 1437 utc


TP's For Saturday, October 21, 2017 Kalama, WA  View Printable Version 
Saturday, October 21 2017



S. AZ TPs Oct. 21--poor  View Printable Version 
Saturday, October 21 2017

Poor conditions this Saturday morning, nothing heard above "very
poor/poor" levels. Local sunrise at 1332 utc. The whole band took a dive
from about 1300-1330 utc with hardly anything heard. There seemed to be
a slight sunrise enhancement for a couple minutes.

594 Japan assumed 1318 utc male talk very poor

747 Japan 1239 utc male talk very poor; 1335 utc male talk very poor/poor

774 Japan 1246 utc male/female talk very poor; 1337 utc male talk very

972 S Korea 1249 utc male talk very poor/poor; 1329 utc talk, music very

1134 Japan assumed 1252 utc male talk very poor

1566 S Korea 1237 utc male talk very poor/poor; 1340 utc female talk
very poor/poor


558-Radio Fiji One English ID  View Printable Version 
Saturday, October 21 2017

Still going through the file review for the August Rockwork 4 DXpedition, and still coming up with a few surprises. Most TP-DXers know that 558-Radio Fiji One is the native language program in Fiji, while 900-Radio Fiji Gold is the English program (which Theo recently assured me is being heard very well in NZ, despite the fact that it apparently never showed up for us on the Oregon cliff).

With the rejuvenated 558-Radio Fiji One pounding in on most days with potent-level island music it was already a great improvement over past DXpeditions, but while reviewing the August 8th recording I was able to come up with a Radio Fiji One English ID for the first time in 9 years of TP-DXing (at a near S9 level to boot) at 1315 UTC on that exceptional morning, at the 27 second point
This was the first English that I have ever heard on RF1 (after about 18 receptions), so it was quite a surprise.

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)


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