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Masset DXpedition loggings Jan 5 - 15th Part I-II  View Printable Version 
Thursday, January 19 2017



612 Radio Taiwan International  View Printable Version 
Thursday, January 19 2017

612 RTI, 1000kw, officially turned off (permanently, I believe) in September when Typhoon Megi destroyed the Lukang transmitting site.

-Chris Kadlec
Seoul AM Radio Listening Guide


Masset DXpedition loggings Jan 5 - 15th Part II  View Printable Version 
Thursday, January 19 2017

Apparently I broke the law with going over the 35 kb limit in my reporting
from Masset. May I ask how one can know when they approach or go over 35
kB??? Anyway, I'll repost in 2 more sections:

693 CHINA unid, Jan 13 1600 - Chinese language speaker, at good level with
FM frequencies being announced. I wonder abut Shaanxi Weixing guangbo.
200 kW listed in Xianyang. I'll need to double check. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

711 SOUTH KOREA Seoul 500 kW KBS 1 HLKA, Jan 9 1454 - I'm feeling
nostalgic this morning with both NHK 1 and KBS 1 playing American oldies,
such as Moon River earlier, etc. Asia appears to be wide open this
morning!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

729 VIETNAM Dong Hoi 200 kW Da Tieng noi Viet Nam (VoV 2), Jan 13 1559 -
Pretty certain this is who I heard around 15:50 UTC. In the clear and
fairly strong with a language I strongly suspect is Vietnamese. Gradually
faded and cochannels JOCK (Nagoya 50 kW with NHK 1 programming) and less
commonly Pyongyang Bangsong in North Korea (Samo with 50 kW and //3250)
was also heard. But according to PAL, they state that N Korea is no longer
on this frequency. Unfortunately SW // was off the air from15:00 on
5925. Rechecking around 16:05, there's an English lesson here. That
might help with the ID. Program seemed to have finished at 16:14 leaving
dead air. Yes, that has to be them, as I note in PAL that, 'English
lessons have been noted at 1600 UTC'. Should be quit certain, then!.
(Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

738 SOUTH KOREA Gyeongsan 100 kW KBS 1 HLKG, Jan 10 1712 - Very good
reception, with minor cochannel interference. // to 711 and many other
channels on this very good morning to Korea. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

774 CHINA unid, Jan 13 1732 - Time pips at 17:30, then announcing FM
frequencies, but faded into cochannel music. Pretty clearly heard, so will
post for expert opinion. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

819 NORTH KOREA Pyongyang 500 kW KCBS, Jan 7 1551 - Actually, for a change,
very enjoyable EZL music by a female vocalist. Confirmed // to SW 2850.
Very good level, besides mild splatter from 820. No sign of any jamming.
Also measures on exact frequency. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

819 NORTH KOREA Pyongyang 500 kW KCBS (Joson Jung-ang Pangsong), Jan 10
1704 - Superb reception with nice clean audio and a rather enjoyable Korean
chorus. Minor splatter from 820. Korea (and China) both came in very well
this morning. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

830 HAWAII Honolulu 10 kW KHVH, Jan 12 1623 - Good reception with traffic
issues in Honolulu. TC earlier for 6:21 AM. Faded replaced mostly with
KSDP, Sand Point AK. Another ID at 16:25. Newsradio KHVH.
(Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

850 ALASKA Nome KICY, Jan 7 1134 - I recorded 850 overnight to see what I
could here. Using a NW BOG. Quite an amazing assortment. What really
amazed me was how the ionosphere would change propagation. At this time,
KICY was coming in very well in Russian, giving an email address and postal
address in St. Petersburg, Russia. Before, and within about a minute, it
swung over to KHHO, Tacoma WA...almost 180 degree difference with overnight
Fox Sports Radio feed (FS1). Disappointing that they gave no legal IDs,
apart from earlier in the evening. At other times, I also heard KOA from
Denver (earlier in the evening). Overall, a fascinating exercise!.
(Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

850 ALASKA Nome 50 kW KICY, Jan 7 1650 - Very good reception with
inspirational music, then ID after the TOH. A good Alaskan morning.
'Going to the Rock' at 17:03. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

910 CANADA Drumheller AB 50 kW CKDQ, Jan 7 1704 - Excellent reception with
a Ukrainian Christmas carol (what caught my attention!), and Christmas
wishes to those following the Julian calendar, and best wishes to a
particular lady by the DJ, and an attempt to give a Christmas greeting in
Ukrainian. Not very successful at that! Then back to C&W music.
(Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

940 HAWAII Waipahu 10kW KKNE, Jan 11 1403 - Finally, a decent signal from
Hawaii and my all-time favourite Hawaiian, with Hawaiian music. A pleasant
change from the abrasive talk radio (ESPN on KFIG Fresno). Heard only on
the ALA 100 aimed NE/SW, and surprisingly not on the SW aimed DKAZ. At
14:53, however, it's the DKAZ which is pulling in KKNE with ID, and 'All
Hawaiian, all of the time'. Good reception, but faded within a minute or
two and now co-channel by the sports station. Then again KKNE totally
dominates by 14:57. I love the ionosphere!!! KFIG returned for the TOH
and mentioned a legal ID, given as KFIG Fresno CA. Also strong when they
fade in. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

940 HAWAII Waipahu, Oahu 10 kW KKNE, Jan 12 1611 - This is the best opening
to Hawaii so far on my trip by far. Perhaps KKTN has not yet gone to day
power on 930, but it's not a big issue. Minimal splatter. Very strong.
I've noted a number of other Hawaiians during a quick band sweep, as well.
(Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

972 CHINA unid, Jan 8 1720 - A Chinese speaker totally dominating the
channel. HLCA was not even audible for a time, before coming back to about
equal strength. PAL lists 3 stations, but 1 is only 1 kW, the other
(Harbin) is supposed to be off at 15:00, while the 3rd 100 kW station has
no programming details (Henan RGD, Zhengzhou). Interesting!.
(Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

972 VIETNAM (TENT) Quang Ngai 10 kW Dai Tieng noi Viet Nam, Jan 8 1651 - A
highly tentative log. Language sounds very much Vietnamese to me.
Cochannel to usually dominate HLCA, but sometimes rivaling in strength.
Another possibility is Indonesia. I see a 50 kW RRI Programa 1 in
Surakarta listed. I'm now leaning to this as the most likely. I'll be
interested in hearing the TOH! Also suffering from major splatter from 980
CKNW presumably just before the TOH (as usual!!!). Whomever was on 972
faded down mostly by 17:00. Darn!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1017 TONGA Tongatapu 10 kW A3Z Tongan BC Commission, Jan 13 0647 - When
tuned in at 6:43 UTC, almost armchair copy. What a treat, but short
lived. Fades to almost nothing, and then improves again to decent levels.
Modulation seemed better tonight. Superior reception to 1098 so far.
Heard best by far on the SW DKAZ. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1017 TONGA Tongatapu 10 kW A3Z Tongan Broadcating Commission, Jan 10 0647 -
PAL lists the name as, 'Call of the Friendly Islands, Radio 1'. Wonder
whether they still use this wonderful name? It's needed in today's world.
In any case very nice reception at tune in. A little undermodulated
compared to 1098 Majuro, but carrier seems every bit as strong!.
(Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1035 CHINA Multiple transmitter sites CNR 1, Jan 9 1615 - I count 47 CNR 1
sites on my PAL. Clearly they don't sync very well, as I'm hearing a
growl, and clearly out-of-sync transmitters. Also a 1 kHz tone. Not sure
where that comes from. Otherwise good reception. Low powers listed.
Mostly 10 kW senders, although several others at 1, 25 and 50 kW.
(Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1098 MARSHALL ISLANDS Majuro 25 kW V7AB, Jan 12 0712 - Great reception
except for terrible splatter from a very powerful IBOC sation on 1090
(S9+40 signal). Take them away, and it would be near armchair copy. Did
fade to nothing for about 30 seconds, then back again. 'Lean on me' at
07:15. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1098 MARSHALL ISLANDS Majuro 25 kW V7AB, Jan 10 0541 - Surprisingly good
reception, besides 1100 splatter, presumably from KFAX San Francisco (which
itself is marred by IBOC splatter from 1090 kHz. Syncs easily with my Auto
Sync on the Perseus making listening enjoyable. EZL music when checked
again at 05:53. Noticed that Tonga on 1017 was also coming in pretty
well. At 06:00 seemed to be carrying Radio Australia news. Seems like
stations are starting to fade in 1188 JOKP is coming in really well. Again
besides the splatter, perfectly listenable. Located in Hokkaido, so stands
to reason it would be first to fade in. 1098 is very nice at 06:20 with
islands music. Love it! Booming in at 06:43! Armchair. I'm picturing
Colin in Hawaii enjoying them right now on his lanai!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1098 MARSHALL ISLANDS Majuro 25 kW V7AB Radio Marshalls, Jan 13 0701 - ID
for BBCWS news. Often at very good levels besides minor splatter. BBC
news ID at 07:06, then back to local programming in presumed Marshallese.
Lower modulation, so I can't make out what is being said. Music is better
modulated, and back to islands type music at 07:07:15. At 07:13 recheck,
VERY strong S9 + 10 dominating the channel, and splatter is not too bad.
Still that lovely south seas music! Continues to improve with S9 + 20
signal at times at 07:37 UTC. Very nice!!! I recorded overnight. At
08:00, I'm pretty sure that the news is from ABC for the first minute, and
then over to the BBC? Overnight, the signals were best until about 09:00,
and then began to fade, but not completedly. At 11:17 sounded like a hymn,
or possible anthem? Could not hear any further programming after 11:18, so
might have left the air (to dead air) from that point. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1098 PHILIPPINES Cagayan de Oro 5 kW DXCL Sonshine Radio, Jan 9 1624 - I'm
suspecting Sonshine Radio here. Took me a while to figure out,but there's
a huge carrier, and several cochannels, all fairly weak. Of course, it
must be the OC for V7AB. So a tentative logging only. Style is Filipino.
Multiple stations, however, making it difficult to figure things out. I
see carriers on 1098.001 (the main OC), 1097.987, 1097.992, 1097.995, and
1097.997 in addition. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1116 AUSTRALIA Brisbane 17/6.3 kW 4BC, Jan 8 1730 - Fair reception at this
late hour with talk format. Still best on my NW wire over the SW DKAZ.
Conditions have only now just started to fade after a very nice dawn
enhancement!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1170 ALASKA North Pole KJNP, Jan 7 0623 - One of my favourite local Alaskan
stations, with 'moccasin telegraph' For example, 'your favourite wife' to
her trapper husband, etc. Great reception at times, but occasionally
fading down to be replaced by lower 48 station(s). (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1170 SOUTH KOREA Gimje 500 kW KBS Hanminjok Bangsong, Jan 9 1637 - Very
strong, and no sign of KJNP initially. Parallel to heavily jammed 6015
SW. Korean assumed. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


Masset DXpedition loggings 5 - 15 January Part III  View Printable Version 
Thursday, January 19 2017

Here are the remainder of my B-Log loggings:

1179 JAPAN Osaka 50 kW MBS, Mainichi Hos JOOR, Jan 8 1708 - I'm quite
certain this is Osaka just booming in with fill music (Dr Zhivago at
17:09:45). PAL states they are off the air on Sundays from 1700 to 1948).
Perhaps this is what's meant by that! A major dawn enhancement this
morning. By far the strongest I've heard since my arrival on the 5th.
Cochannels are weakly heard, likely China (Hubei RGD). (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1188 UNID Unid, Jan 14 1634 - An interesting channel. Not Chinese so who?
Checked PAL for possibilities. Sounding very South Asian, so I wonder abot
CRI from Xuanwei listed in Hindi with 300 kW from Xuanwei. I could hope
for India direct from Mumbai with 50 kW. Note the SW frequency is not
correct! PAL lists // 10330. Not used for a long time. Definite Indian
music noted at 16:42 cochannel with more usual JOKP from Kitami, Hokkaido,
but the Hindi sounding station is dominating! Unfortunately, by 17:00 it
was all JOKP, with only a weak cochannel, so nothing noted at the TOH.
Someone faded up by 17:01, but does not sound Hindi. Of course, CRI Hindi
should have ended at 16:57. I didn't think the format fitted CRI, though.
Addendum: I will seek some guidance here. On listening to the clip
again, I no longer think this is 'Hindi sounding', but rather more a play
or opera (sleep deprivation this morning!!), so I'm suspecting that it's
only FEBC in Seoul (HLKX). (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1206 CHINA Yanji Jilin 200 kW Yanbian RGD, Jan 13 0659 - Almost good
reception at 06:56 tune-in on measured 1205.963. Frequency measures
properly forYanbian RGD, but I'm not so sure of the language and it's still
daylight in China. So if not Yanbian, then who? Rechecked at 07:09 and
yes, it is Asian, so likely Korean. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1287 JAPAN HBC, Hokkaido Hoso Sapporo 50 kW JOHR, Jan 8 1737 - Very strong
signal with rock n' roll music. PAL lists them off on Sundays 17:30 to
19:00, but still on, although went from one song directly into another
(Japanese female vocal). Perhaps they mean local Sundays, as I presume it
is Monday local in Japan now. A presumed log, as no ID heard.
(Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1296 UNID unid, Jan 9 1639 - Wonder who is responsible for a very loud 1
kHz tone. I can hear some weak talk in the background, but ruined by the
tone. Something may come up at 17:00, I'm thinking. I'm actually hearing
the same tones on 1368, 1584, and several other channels. Nope, same tone
continues after 17:00. Curious. I wonder if it's from NHK 1, as it's
still quite strong well after 17:00, and channels appear to coincide with
NHK1 frequencies. Some, like 594, however, had no tone. Hmm. At 19:15,
I'm seeing 1512 with same tone. No NHK 1 there, just NHK2. The mystery
continues. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1323 CHINA CRI x 2, Jan 15 1555 - An interesting mix of 2 Chinese
speakers. They each fade up and dominate. The Russian speaker is very
easily heard and ID'd and finished their broadcast at 15:55, but then the
other CRI, which sounded like they were giving Chinese language lessons,
then ID'd in an oriental language (not English) with mentions of CRI. The
Russian language transmitter is in Shuanghyashan, Heilongjiang with 200
kW/beamed northeast, while the other CRI is from Huadian, Jilin with 600
kW/ aimed almost due south, in Korean. After 16:00, in the clear in
Mandarin, I think. Interesting, that the transmitter left the air at
16:01:55!. Many thanks to Chris Kadlec in Seoul for providing information
regarding this frequency. PAL is a little unclear about this. I know that
my copy had the Korean CRI broadcast ending at 14:00. Incorrect of course!
(Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1340 CANADA Vanderhoof, BC 1kW CIVH, Jan 8 1714 - 'Valley Country' ID and
'Justin Bieber free zone (!)'. Excellent level. Just faded up over
another Canadian station which were talking about tax policies of past
Mulroney governments. 3 other BC MW stations listed. Another Valley
Country ID at 17:17. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1386 JAPAN 4 x 10 kW NHK2, Jan 7 1441 - Lengthy sign-off at 14:40 tune in.
Seems Japan has returned to pretty good levels this morning, compared to
yesterday. Cochannel, weakly, is audible. Not sure who, yet.
(Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1458 ALASKA Homer 10kW KBBI, Jan 7 1458 - Dead air at S9+40. Cochannel
CJDC Dawson Creek audible with C&W music and ID just before TOH. Crash
start into NPR's Weekend Edition. No local IDs for KBBI. (Salmaniw,Masset,

1548 AUSTRALIA Brisbane 4QD 50 kW 4QD ABC Central Queensland, Jan 15 1637 -
A modest DU opening. Noted a few on the X-band, weakly, and 4QD is coming
in reasonably well now with talk show. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1548 AUSTRALIA Emerald 50 kW ABC Central Queensland, Jan 9 1651 - Good
reception, but lots of splatter from 1550, especially when it fades. Talk
show format. A pretty decent DU morning, as well. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1566 CHINA Longjing, Jilin 25 kW Yanbian RGD, Jan 9 1513 - For a while,
presumably this station was equal or even over the usual super powerful
HLAZ. Measured on 1566.039, while HLAZ was on 1566.002, and another
carrier seen on 1565.994. A strong Chinese morning. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1566 SOUTH KOREA Jeju 250 kW FEBC HLAZ, Jan 9 1929 - Trumpet IS and into 30
min Korean program. PAL lists TWR. Same trumpet at the end of the
program. At 20:00, gave call-sign in presumed Korean phonetically, and
continued with religious programming. Exceptionally strong this morning!
Major fade down by 20:30, however. Barely audible by 21:00.
(Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1575 JAPAN Misawa 600w AFN, Jan 9 1711 - Nice ID for AFN, and back into
music. Significant splatter from lower side. No, it's not 1570, but a
HUGE signal from HLAZ on 1566! Local ads at 17:15. Gave 2 PSAs for local
community agencies, giving phone numbers of 226-4128 and 226-7273. I'm
presuming it's Misawa. Very strong at 17:20 recheck. Jingle for 'serving
America's best' at 17:30. 3 carriers noted. The main on, presumably
Misawa is on 1575.001, and there are 2 others on 1574.988 and 1575.037.
Still audible at 19:13 recheck (and 1566 HLAZ still booming in!). At
18:15, ad for Misawa auto center. Occ deep fades, but often returns with
surprising strength. At 19:00, marred by HLAZ changing beams resulting in
a significant splatter and inability for Sync to function properly. Gave
up at 19:12, with strength still there!. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1610 USA Westport WA WQEL572, Jan 10 1641 - ID clearly heard, at least the
572 part. Licensed in 3 places under this call in WA, but most likely
Westport, Grays Harbor WA. Licensed to WA Dept of Parks and Recreation.
Marine weather. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1611 AUSTRALIA Unid, Jan 7 1648 - Noticed a notch in the secondry display
on the Perseus. 3 carriers are present: 1610.897, 1611.000, and
1611.023. None beyond a very subtle muddle of audio. Virtually no DU
reception today. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1629 AUSTRALIA Unid, Jan 6 1459 - A mishmash of carriers here, with weak
audio heard. At least 7 carriers noted on 1628.913, 1628.951, 1628.984,
1628.987, 1628.989, , 1629.000 (seems to be gone when rechecked at 15:17),
1629.027, and 1629.035. One almost sounded like machine generated, so I
wonder about the possibility of a Japanese Traffic Information network
that's shown in PAL. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1650 USA Astoria WPZQ660 OR Department of Transportation, Jan 8 1541 - Good
reception with frequent mentions of Oregon coast including Astoria with
marine weather. By 15:45 faded down, and replaced by highway information,
which is likely from WA DOT. An interesting 'bycatch'! After 16:00, noted
a true TIS station sometimes at pretty decent levels, but then faded down
with KFOX, Torrance CA in Korean dominating. A fascinating channel. At
16:30, I counted 9 carriers, which I'm certain are TIS stations on the west
coast. 1649.972, .977, .980, .983, .986, .988, .995, .997 and 1650.010.
Whew! The TIS I'm hearing refers to building evacuation, etc. Then, 'You
are listening to' ?. May be Coos Bay, OR. 'Thanks for listening. You
are listening to....'. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1650 USA Vashon WA WQHK904, Jan 9 1440 - Once again, coming in well this
morning. 'Thanks for listening' 'Remember 1650 is the place to go'.
Earlier I heard '904' which corresponds with this TIS, which is located in
King County, WA. Vashon Park District. My TIS lists 3 transmitters for
this callsign, including one on a water tank on Vashon Island. Not sure
whether this is the same TIS I heard yesterdy or not. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1656 AUSTRALIA Bundaberg Queensland 0.4 kW 4UCB Vision Network, Jan 9 1521
- I'm thinking this is the station sometimes coming in at fair level.
Presumptive, as it does not sound like the Voice of the Australian Chinese,
which I've often heard here, nor the Greek or Arabic stations listed.
Multiple carriers seen, though on 1656.023, 1656.002, 1655.997 and very
weak 1655.994. Sometimes fading up to almost good level. (Salmaniw,Masset,

1656 AUSTRALIA Melbourne 0.4 kW Rythmos AM, Jan 13 1630 - Quite good
reception with ads to 16:30 and into Greek music. Presumed it's them, as
there are no other stations that would fit. Probably the best heard on
this DXpedition. A very good morning. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1663.5 JAPAN Maritime reports, Jan 13 1634 - Weakly heard until 16:35 with
Japanese, presumably marine related forecasts. I've heard them before, but
always night to pick up these flea powered transmitters. I notice that
Osaka is listed at 50 w, but not on at this time. No powers listed for the
other possible stations: Nagoya Harbor Radar or Tokyo Martis.
(Salmaniw,Masset, BC)

1701 AUSTRALIA Brisbane 0.1 kW Radio Brisvaani, Jan 6 1505 - 3 almost equal
carriers noted on 1701.023, 1701.066, and 1701.092, but with Hindi music
dominating. Nothing terribly strong on this modest Asiatic/DU mix this
morning. (Salmaniw,Masset, BC)


TP 18 Jan Victoria version  View Printable Version 
Thursday, January 19 2017

Conditions continued to decline this morning, particularly at
sunrise, but there were a couple of big gun audios just the
same. All seemed to be Asian.

pretty darn good audio (all of it understandable by a native speaker,
at least briefly):

back to normal

Reasonable audio at times during the period (much of it
understandable by a native speaker, though often battling w/splash or noise):

not today

not so reasonable audio, occasional words or phrases in splash or
noise could be understood by a native speaker:

774 JOUB woman, "next time...bye" 1259UT, pips on the hour. Came
back very quietly 1543UT with s/off chimes

Burbles in the splatter and noise (if lucky, language might be
guessed at by cadence of talk, or parallel established by changes in
talk or music)

594 woman talking, Japanese inflection 1328UT
747 JOIB end of English lessons //774 1259; also wispy s/off chimes at 1343UT
1566 slow fade up to 1604UT with vocal music.

Strongish het, no or "near imaginary" audio (either undermodulated or
ravaged by splatter)

972 seemed to be Asian

best wishes,



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