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WWFD 820 Becomes First All-Digital AM Station  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, July 17 2018

There will now be just digital hash where the AM signal would have been.
But the rush into this ignores some important points -

1. How many car radios are capable of receiving these transmissions ? My
understanding was that carmakers were reducing, not increasing the HD
capability as standard equipment because it hadn't caught on.
2. How many listeners are driven off by the low range AM signal - which
will continue and perhaps be worse - and not by analog
3. How many people actually listen on AM anyway and would this change them ?

I predict this adventure will fail.

Russ Edmunds
15 mi NW Phila
Grid FN20id

AM: Modified Sony ICF2010's (3) barefoot w/whip
FM: Yamaha T-80 & T-85, each w/ Conrad RDS Decoder;
Onkyo T-450RDS; Tecsun PL-310 ( 4); Sony XDRS3HD;
modified Sony ICF2010's (2) w/APS9B @ 15';
modified Sony ICF2010 w/whip

On Mon, Jul 16, 2018 at 9:37 PM, Les Rayburn <les@highnoonfilm.com> wrote:

> Hereâs some news that Iâm not sure how to feel about:
> https://news.radio-online.com/cgi-bin/rol.exe/headline_id=n35675
> 73,
> Les Rayburn, N1LF
> 121 Mayfair Park
> Maylene, AL 35114
> EM63nf
> Member WTFDA, IRCA, NRC. Former CPC Chairman for NRC & IRCA.
> Elad FDM-S2 SDR, AirSpy SDR2, SDRPlay RSP-2 Pro, Sony XDR-F1HD [XDR Guy
> Modified], Dennon TU-1500RD, Sangean HDT-1X, Ray Dees RDS Decoders, Korner
> 9.2 Antenna, FM-6 Antenna, Kitz Technologies KT-501 Pre-amps, Quantum
> Phaser, Wellbrook ALA1530 Loop, Wellbrook Flag, Clifton Labs Active Whip.
> âNothing but blues and Elvis, and somebody elseâs favorite songââ
> _______________________________________________
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> IRCA@hard-core-dx.com
> http://montreal.kotalampi.com/mailman/listinfo/irca
> Opinions expressed in messages on this mailing list are those of the
> original contributors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the
> IRCA, its editors, publishing staff, or officers
> For more information: http://www.ircaonline.org
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WWFD 820 Becomes First All-Digital AM Station  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, July 17 2018

Les, I think the point you miss here is that this station was a rimshot as an analog for the DC market and the HD signal won't hold in DC anyway

Russ Edmunds


Blue Bell, PA

Grid FN20id


When it Rains it pours)  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, July 17 2018

Thanks for passing Roy's loggings on Mark, plus
his noting that Mauritania may not be on.

I've been doing some summer TA hunting here in
western Canada, and 783 would seem an obvious
target, as I've at least detected a carrier from
936 with the right offset for Agadir. But, no
sign of 783, even with 936 there.

As for audio....nothing yet to match Nigel
Pimblett hearing Benin-1566 in Alberta (also a summer time phenomenon).

best wishes,


At 15:57 2018-07-17, Mark Connelly via IRCA wrote:

Basically, as some of us know, if you can avoid
static-crash nights, there is still a lot of DX
to be heard in the heart of summer. This is
especially true when talking about southerly
targets enjoying greater length of darkness.

Not sure how the whole "DX season" thing got
started. I suppose some parts of the country
such as the Deep South and parts of the Midwest
have nearly continuous thunderstorm
activity. In the northeast and the northwest
you can sometimes pick your spots for relatively noise free success.

Gary DeBock running Down Unders from OR and WA
would be the West Coast version of your Cape Cod summer DX, Roy.

783 hasn't shown much here either lately. What
is there is probably Spain / Syria instead of
the usual Mauritania flamethrower.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION
South Yarmouth, MA

-----Original Message-----
From: roybarstow@hotmail.com [CapeDX] <CapeDX@yahoogroups.com>
To: CapeDX <CapeDX@yahoogroups.com>
Sent: Tue, Jul 17, 2018 11:44 am
Subject: [CapeDX] When it Rains it pours

Pulled into the parking lot of the local beach
(Menauhant) on 7/14/18 and set up the mini-loop and other gear.
Checked the compass heading and that was at 120
Degrees and happened to be the sweet spot for the night.

Not much for Argies this session but Africa was producing.

0000 UTC Ant. 120

680 Brazil - Sao Luis - Woman in Portuguese
then some ascending tones and ID. and back into
talk. Good and all alone under Boston.

860 Brazil - CBN, Rio - A little music to ID.
w/ man and woman alternating talk. USB

940 Brazil - Rio - Good on top.

1150 Brazil - Sao Paulo - This is super radio -
On top at the time then into news.

1179 Mozambique - EP da Zambezia - Quelimane -
Group singing. Weak to fair. S 3-4 // 1206

1206 Mozambique - EP de Inhambane - Fair at S
3-5 - Man in Portuguese then singing as above,
w/ long song. S-6 end of file - // 1179

1220 Brazil - Global - last part of file at S-8.

0005 120 D.

720 Unknown - At 0006:04 rooster crow and ID.
- Sounded like he said, in Paraguay and believe
heard 2 pips then mu sic for 1/2 minute and the
man talking again. On top but along w/ noise.

0018 120

610 Brazil - Talk, game.

650 Brazil - R. itatiaia- Timoteo - With game // 610 which was under WSRO.

700 Brazil - All talk - Presume - Nossa.

720 Unknown - May be the same station as
previous file and playing Mariachi type music. Spanish - USB

945 Unknown - Weak w/talk or music. Also on
other files. To weak to know language.

0030 120

595 Music but weak. // 612

621 Spain - Fair and under them African type music w/ drums.

630 Brazil - T - Rio - Under pro with
Portuguese talk, fan fare, some music between talk and Brazil mentioned.

648 Botswana - T - With group singing along
with drums.Heard on other files and the lead
singer would emphasis certain words.

760 Brazil - Good on top.

828 AFS - Magic 828 - Music fair at S-5.

1026 Mo zambique - Some Portuguese talk into
music. S 5-6 2.600 filter on 1026.300

1060 Brazil - Portuguese w/game - R. Grande presume.

1179 Mozambique and Spain mixing.

1206 Mozambique - Last part of file w/music // 1179 and 1026

0045 120

864 Egypt - Fair

1206 Mozambique - Portuguese talk between 2 men. // 1224

1224 Mozambique - As above but weaker.

; 0048 120
Note when hands on and find good reception may tape at that time.

Ok besides Botswana had bits of talk on 765

0100 120

700 Argentina - T - 5+1 pips but weak. Also may
have been them on 1030 but Argentina absent it seems.

936 Morocco - Mid-East music in good.

981 Algeria - S-6.

; 0115 120

600 Brazil - 2 woman in Portuguese - 4 pips
heard, last one higher pitch - Cuba on top.

620 Brazil - Game going on with lots of
fanfare, party noises, sirene etc. - I would say
Fortaleza as 1645 MLZ beacon off Sao Paulo not in.

700 Many stations on this channel - Brazil best last part of file.

720 USB - Brazil mostly on top w/ others. These
2 frequencies could hold some good DX but 710
can get in the way. So at an auspicious date will make a trip to Chatham.

0145 & nbsp; 170 Deg.

After hearing the Minute Man under 570 NY moved the truck. Not much.

910 PTR - WPRP - Ponce on top with music and ID.

That's it.

Noticed no 783 on a file. So went back over all
the files and could not even find a string on the waterfall for 783.

So something going on with Mauritania it seems.

Take care,
Roy Barstow - Falmouth - OLD CAPE COD


Posted by: roybarstow@hotmail.com

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When it Rains it pours)  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, July 17 2018



WWFD 820 Becomes First All-Digital AM Station  View Printable Version 
Tuesday, July 17 2018



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