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SWB issue 2006 now available for download  View Printable Version 
Sunday, July 10 2022

Highlights from this issue:
- QSL information and SW-logs.
- [nordx] en blandad påse DX-historia
- Radio notizie https://aer.org.es/Radionotizie
- Radio Finland Timeline
- [WOR] Dxsignal.ru -- audio archive saved
- [WOR] Try these tough Asian DX catches
- [nordx] YOUTUBE VIDEO: 50 Years of Radio Luxembourg
- Tropical Bands Monitor July update, Anker Petersen
- European private SW stations July 1 update, Stig Hartvig Nielsen
- World Heritage Grimeton Radio station
- SAQ audiovideos
- HAM RADIO 2022, pictures by Christoph Ratzer
- EDWARD KUSALIK - My first QSL and how it began.....
- SDXF:s nyhetsbrev
- VOA Shortwave Relay Station at Poro in the Philippines, Adrian Peterson
- The law on the regulation of the activities of foreign agents in the
Russian Federation. RUS-DX
- RWM (broadcasting frequencies 4996 kHz, 9996 kHz, 14996 kHz, QTH - Moscow
region, Taldom.) RUS-DX
- The radio broadcast was handed over to the Chinese without a fight. RUS-DX
- ABC turns 90!
- Solving the mystery of VOA unscheduled broadcast on 15440 kHz: Jose Jacob,
- Re: [WOR] A22 Shortwave Frequency List
- The deputies decided not to immediately deprive the media of a license for
violating the law on fakes. RUS-DX
- DX nostalgia by Ronny Forslund


SWB issue 2005 now available for download  View Printable Version 
Sunday, June 26 2022

Highlights from this issue:
- QSL information and SW-logs.
- July 2022 Program Schedule for Texas Radio Shortwave
- Note in the magazine ?Teknikens Värld med Flyg? Nr 2 1954
- Re: [nordx] [WOR] A New Era of Jazz Programming Begins at VOA
- [WOR] History of Radio in Colombia, first half of Century XX
- Marine Receiver ? Philips BX-925A HF Receiver
- The departure of foreign content also does not affect the operation of the
radio. RUS-DX
- [nordx] QSL-samlingar - via WOR
- HAM RADIO 22, Friedrichshafen - pictures
- Microsoft banned Russians from downloading Windows 10 and 11 from the
official website. RUS-DX
- A Russian court banned the site of the French radio RFI. RUS-DX
- DX nostalgia by Ronny Forslund


SWB issue 2004 now available for download  View Printable Version 
Sunday, June 12 2022

Highlights from this issue:
- QSL information and SW-logs.
- En bra story om Sven Elfving.
- R-399 "Katran" The best receiver of the USSR. RUS-DX
- [WOR] FCC to Consider Expanding FM Radio to 82-88 MHz, Replace TV Channel
- DUX DX-BOK från 1951
- ?Jazz from the heart of America?, VOA, June 3, 2022
- [WOR] NASWA FRENDX archive
- The largest and most powerful radio transmitte rin Raduzhny, is planned to
be closed. RUS-DX
- 25. Sonnenzyklus übertrifft Vorhersagen. A-DX
- The US State Department urged not to disconnect Russia from the Internet.
- Ruselectronics will supply equipment for radio broadcasting to Kazakhstan.
- Roskomnadzor announced the restriction of the work of Proton VPN and other
services. RUS-DX
- What to do if the VPN is not working? And what services are still running?
- NEW HISTORY MATERIAL AT <http://www.ontheshortwaves.com/>
- [mwoffsets] uploaded new article about finding offsets using KiwiSDRs
- [DXplorer] Radio Garden
- The Shared Apex Loop Array
- Tropical Bands Monitor, June update. DSWCI
- [nordx] Nyheter från Radiomuseet i Göteborg
- [nordx] Dansk radios rige historie
- Svensk DX-are, Stig Dahlberg, kan ha flest länder verifierade
- SM i DX-ing 1961
- Eddystone 750 (S750)
- DX-spalten KV-DX i Radio och Television
- Interesting article: Airspy youloop
- Apportkastare / The "Lucky Launcher II" Dummy Launcher
- Two interesting QSL?s from the past.
- DX nostalgia by Ronny Forslund


SWB issue 2003 now available for download  View Printable Version 
Sunday, May 29 2022

Highlights from this issue:
- QSL information and SW-logs.
- Pertti Äyräs - RIP
- Sonja Persson avliden. RIP
- Sonja Persson, short history
- A brief History of DX Window
- SDXF new information
- [nordx] COHIRADIA projekt för att bevara historiska radioband på MW, LW
eller SW
- Scripts for AWR Wavescan by Adrian Peterson, IN. Via WOR
- [WOR] The Sun is waking up
- Re: [WOR] Bird Calls on Shortwave Radio
- The Ministry of Industry and Trade did not rule out parallel imports of
radio equipment.
- NEW HISTORY MATERIAL AT <http://www.ontheshortwaves.com/>
- [WOR] No WRTH A-22 updater
- Kiwi SDRs - a brief reminder, New Zealand Radio DX League
- 18th Edition of the Global Radio Guide (Summer 2022) Now Available
- Facebookgruppen Gamla DX-are och andra radiointresserade
- [WOR] A different DX race.
- DX nostalgia by Ronny Forslund


SWB issue 2002 now available for download  View Printable Version 
Sunday, May 15 2022

Highlights from this issue:
- QSL information and SW-logs.
- Sveriges DX-Forbund - QSL och vimplar
- Re: Shortwave Revival a Non-Starter? The Authors Respond - Radio World
- The black hole ?spoke?: new creepy sounds from space have been published.
- Listen to Internet radio in Excel RUS-DX
- [WOR] Radio HF Internet Newsletter, May
- The Loop-on-Ground Antenna For The Noise Challenged. Radio Timetraveller
- Morse telegraph machine: an incredible story about the artist and his
invention #77 Object stories. RUS-DX
- 32nd edition of the "Broadcasting in Russian" Handbook RUS-DX
- [WOR] Radio`s Greatest Broadcasts
- Australia?s ABC Prepares for 90th Birthday Celebrations. Australian
- Modification to Perseus SDR to Use an Eternal Clock by Mark Goldberg W7MLG
- Testbericht Winradio WR-G69DDCe Excelsior Ultra gegen den Mittelklasse SDR
- WOR: Radio Free Asia?s New QSL
- Review of the Electronic Specialty Products ? Model DD-103 Universal
Digital Dial. SWLing Post
- WOR] Ukrainian Radio Announcement
- Möbius loop antenna. NORDX
- Two Teens, a Ham Radio, and Operation Deep Freeze. Rodney Johnson
- 'Blue Danube Network', via Wolfgang Büschel
[WOR] BBC News statement on World Press Freedom Day
[WOR] old-school technology makes sense in a war
[WOR] EiBi English Extracts as of May 3, 2022
[WOR] European, Private SW Stations, May 1 edition
- Tropical Bands Monitor 2022. Anker Petersen
[WOR] Landowners Warned of Potential Liability of Up to $ 2,000,000 for
Pirate Radio Operations on Their Property. By
https://www.lexblog.com/author/doxenford/ on May 5, 2022
- DX nostalgia by Ronny Forslund


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