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Catholic Shortwave Stations
in the Americas

By Michael Dorner
Catholic Radio Update #62, May 8, 2000

Most Catholic shortwave is in the Americas, including some very old pioneer Catholic Radio that, although they may now concentrate on their AM and FM stations, are still on the shortwave band.
These pioneer stations go back to the very beginning of shortwave broadcasting.
However, even though Latin American Catholic shortwave stations generally operate on the international shortwave bands (a few still operate on the old tropical bands, but these are falling into disuse) and identify these frequencies as such, these stations do not really program for other countries, for an international audience. They cover their national territory, particularly areas inaccessible to AM and especially FM coverage.

Freq Call Station Pwr City, local tx hours
3235 OAW3A Radio Luz y Sonido 1 Huanuco, Peru 0500-2100
3255 ZYF533 Radio Educadora 1 Crato, Brasil 09-1400, 19-2000
3300 HCJX6 La Voz del Santuario 1 Baños, Ecuador 0500-2000
3360 HCVB7 La Voz del Upano
Macas, Ecuador 0545-2200
3380 TGCH Radio Chortis 1 Jocotán,Guatemala 06-08,16-2330
3395 HCOT1 Radio Católica 10 Santo Domingo, Ecuador -0100
4775 ZYG207 Radio Congonhas 1 Congonhas, Brasil 0500-2200
4785 ZYG790 Radio Caiari 10 Porto Velho, Brasil
4800 OBX7C Radio Onda Azul 1 Puno, Perú 0400-2300
4825 ZYG868 Radio Cançao Nova 10 Cachoeira Paulista, Brasil 24hr
4835 HJAM Radio Buenaventura 1 Buenaventura, Colombia 0530-2400
4835 TGTZ Radio Tezuhetlan 5 Cobán, Guatemala 0600-2200
4835 OCX2E Radio Marañon 1 Jaén, Perú 0500-2200
4835 OAX7T Radio Sicuani 1 Sicuani, Perú 0430-2200
4845 CP72 Radio Fides 5 La Paz, Bolivia 0645-2300
4850 HCAV3 Radio Luz y Vida 3 Loja, Ecuador 0500-2230
4865 ZYD649 Radio Alvorada 5 Londrina, Brasil 0400-2400
4870 HCVB7 La Voz del Upano 5 Macas, Ecuador 0545-2200
4885 ZYG362 Radio Clube Paranense 5 Belem, Brasil 0500-0200
4886 OAX5X Radio Virgen de Carmen 8 Huancavelica, Perú 0500-2100
4915 HJRI Armonias del Caqueta 3 Florencia, Colombia 0500-2200
4925 CP114 Radio San Miguel 5 Riberalta, Bolivia 0500-2200
4940 OAW8A Radio San Antonio 1 Atalaya, Perú
4945 ZYG525 Voz do São Francisco 1 Petrolina, Brasil 0800-0100
4950 OBX7I Radio Madre de Dios 5 Puerto Maldonado,Perú 0530-2100
4965 OAZ7B Radio San Miguel 1 Cuzco, Perú 0400-2100
5020 OBX9K Radio Horizonte 15 Chachapoyas, Perú 0600-2100
5020 OAX5Y Radio San Cristóbal 1 Ayacucho, Perú
5025 OAX7Q Radio Quillabamba 5 Quillabamba, Perú 0500-2200
5030 HCRP1 Radio Católica Nacional 10 Quito, Ecuador 0500-2100
5030 OAZ2A Radio Los Andes 5 Huamachuco, Perú
5035 ZYG853 Radio Aparecida 10 Aparecida, Brasil 0700-0300
5040 HCVB7 La Voz del Upano 10 Macas, Ecuador 0545-2200
5050 HCFF1 R Jesús del Gran Poder 5 Quito, Ecuador 0445-2000
5305 O---- Radio La Inmaculada 1 Santa Cruz, Perú 1500-2130
5470 OBX1M Radio San Nicolás 5 Rodríguez de Mendoza,Perú 06-21
5950 CP60 Radio Pío XII 5 Siglo Veinte, Bolivia 0600-2200
5965 HCVB7 La Voz del Upano 10 Macas, Ecuador 0545-2200
5995 CP41 Radio Loyola 1 Santa Cruz, Bolivia 0600-2200
5999 HCVB7 La Voz del Upano 10 Macas, Ecuador 0545-2200
6030 CE603 Radio Santa María 10 Coyhaique, Chile 0500-2300
6045 OCY4H Radio Santa Rosa 5 Lima, Perú 24 hr
6055 CP90 Radio Juan XXIII 3 San Ignacio, Bolivia
6080 CP229 Radio Tarija
Tarija, Bolivia
6085 CP229 Radio San Gabriel 5 La Paz, Bolivia 0450-2200
6105 ZYE971 Radio Cançao Nova 10 Cachoeira Paulista,Brasil 24hr
6135 CP32 Radio Santa Cruz 10 Santa Cruz, Bolivia 0500-2100
6135 ZYE954 Radio Aparecida 25 Aparecida, Brasil 0700-0300
6155 CP12 Radio Fides 10 La Paz, Bolivia 0645-2300
6160 ZYE245 Radio Río Mar 10 Manaus, Brasil 0900-0100
7140 I---- Radio Maria 5 Spoleto, Italy --inactive
9625 CP-- Radio Fides 15 La Paz, Bolivia 0645-2300
9630 ZYE954 Radio Aparecida 10 Aparecida, Brasil 0700-0300
9675 ZYE971 Radio Cançao Nova 10 Cachoeira Paulista, Brasil 24hr
9695 ZYE245 Radio Río Mar 75 Manaus, Brasil 0900-0100
9820 ZYE--- Radio Nove de Julho 10 São Paulo, Brasil --c.p.
11855 ZYE954 Radio Aparecida 1 Aparecida, Brasil 0700-0300
Multp DZN Radio Véritas Asia 250 Manila, Philippines†
Multp WEWN Radio Católica Mundial 500 Birmingham, USA 24 hr†
Multp HVJ Radio Vaticano 500 Vatican City 24 hr†
Multp S2WD R adio Renascença Intnl 1 100 Lisbon, Portugal --inactive†
Multp KJES KJES 50 El Paso, USA --split†

† international service
All times are local, not UTC, and should be considered approximate because there are often changes because of various events


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