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  Radio LTC, Juliaca, 5005v kHz  DX news

Radio LTC, Juliaca, heard on new 5005 kHz at 0012 on 4 April 2002 with the program "Noiticias LTC".
Gives ID as "Radio LTC desde Juliaca... LTC, tres frecuencias, una sola señal"
This station has earlier been heard on 5032 and 6011 kHz.
Rogildo Fontenele, Bolivia, 4 April 2002

Radio LTC heard with fair signal on 5005.28 kHz on 5 April 2002 with "LTC Noticias" at 1003. Many ids and station promos.
Paul Ormandy, Australia, 5 April 2002

Radio LTC ("La Transmisión Correcta"), Juliaca, sent a handwritten letter on blue letterpaper in three months.
V/s Julio Nunez Paredes, administrador.
The QSL was sent through Carlos Gamarra Moscoso at Radio La Hora, who fixed it in connection to a visit in Juliaca, 350 km distant from Cusco. He adds that Radio LTC is not practicing to reply any reports from listeners abroad, but that he can assist if IRCs are enclosed (preferred instead of dollar bills which easily can be stolen).
With this info an earlier e-mail with a verification text from a Peruvian station is now understood. The mail gave no idea from which station the verification came and my mail questions have not given any result. That mail was signed by Maria Luisa Nunez Aspilcueta, administradora.
Radio LTC uses the name "Radio La Transmisión Correcta S.C.R.L.". Says their MW-frequency is 1100 kHz and FM 102.7 MHz, in addition to shortwave "official" 6010 kHz.
Jan Edh, Sweden, via HCDX partner SWB, 4 Nov 2001

Radio LTC, in Juliaca, Peru, has moved to 6011.3 kHz from 5980 kHz.
Officially the frequency is announced as 6010 kHz, and said to be "audible all over Peru".
The programme consisted of ads, comunicados and sports from Juliaca. Even ads for companies in Arequipa.
ID as "Radio L.T.C. desde Juliaca, Perú" or, during the sport programme, "L.T.C. La Transmisión Correcta, el equípo ganador".
Björn Malm, Ecuador, via HCDX partner SWB, May 24, 2001

This station was heard during 1996-97, occasionally as far away as Europe, but mostly in Latin America. Its frequency then, 5890 kHz, was often blocked by stronger international transmitters.
Its name, Radio LTC, comes from the owner's initials, and stands for Leoncio Torres Coalla.
hcdx news desk, June 4, 2001

This new Peruvian outlet, heard in May, 1996, on 5980 kHz, was first reported as Radio NT6 by Horacio A. Nigro, should correctly be "Radio LTC".
The station was commonly identified itself "Radio Comercial Collao" on the air, but after the change of ownership, the company was re-named as "Produccion LTC Leoncio Torres Calla" and it identifies itself "Radio LTC".
S/on with the following announcement: "Desde la ciudad de Juliaca, capital de la integración andina, Produccion LTC mediante Radio Comercial Collao inicia su transmisión en la frecuencia de OBX7Z 1100kHz ampulitud modulada."
The canned ID, which I confirmed and recorded at that time, may correct HAN's report : "Cubriendo el Altiplano y el gran sur, Ud. recepciona la calidad y potencia de Radio LTC, noticia instent, información puntual, llena programación especialísima. Siga con nosotros, que nosortos seguimos trabajando para Uds. Radio LTC desde el Jirón Unión 242, Teléfono 322452, Fax 322570, Juliaca, Peru."
I believe that the official station name is "Radio Comercial Collao", but nowadays it is locally called "Radio LTC", where LTC is derived from the owner's name, Leoncio Torres Coalla.
I am not sure that this new SW outlet is officially assigned here on 5980 kHz, but I remember that Radio Panamericana already returned its SW broadcasting license and its authority of frequency to MTT (Ministerio de Transportes y Telecomunicaciones), so it is possible that Radio LTC may have a temporal broadcasting license on 5980kHz.
Administrator: Hector Ambrosio Olivera.
Address: Jirón. Unión No.242, Juliaca, Departamento de Puno, Peru.
Takayuki Inoue Nozaki, Relámpago DX, May 17, 1996

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