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  Radio Oriente, 6410v kHz  DX news

Radio Oriente, Yurimaguas, heard on 6410 kHz on October 8, 2001, until closing at 2310 UTC.
Very strong signal, but unclean and impossible to stabilize in SSB.
Maybe Oriente also on 6643 and 6423 kHz where I have noted stations with similar problems.
Listed on 6188v kHz, where it has been off the air. Announcing 6190 and FM 95.7 MHz.
Björn Malm, Ecuador, in HCDX partner SWB, October 8, 2001

Radio Oriente, Yurimaguas, one of the most widely heard Peruvian shortwaver, established on March 13, 1966, at Calle Comercio No.17, in front of the main square, Plaza de Armas.
The first transmission was made from the transmitting plant at Kilómetro 4 on the Yurimaguas-Tarapoto highway, operating on 1420 kHz medium wave under callsign OAX8Z.

The creation of this pioneer broadcasting society in Yurimaguas was performed thanks to the initiative of two brothers: Jorge Chu Ruiz and Emilio Alberto Chu Ruiz, with a clear commercial format, but also including participation from the different social classes.
"Radio Oriente S.A." had the following initial stockholders: Max Benzaquen, Juan Antonio Yap, Ricardo Arevalo Flores, and Carlos Murayari.

On February 15, 1977, Monseñor Miguel Irizar Campos of the Vicar Apostolic of Yurimaguas acquired the majority of the stocks and authorities of "Radio Oriente S.A.".
On December 27, 1977, it was transformed into a Limited Responsibility Commercial Society.
During 1978 the station was inactive because the transmitting plant was re-installed on Avenida de Las Américas and the studios were also re-located at Calle Sargento Lores No.207 in downtown Yurimaguas.
As the new location proved to be inconvenient, the studios were moved again to Calle Progreso No.112, where they maintain their definitive address until now.

On January 1, 1980, Radio Oriente began the shortwave operation on 3285 kHz in the 90 meter tropical band, licensed under callsign OAX8I.
The shortwave broadcast was added in order to cover efficiently the whole Department of Loreto and also the Department of San Martin.
The station had operated on 3285 kHz during the experimental transmission for about one year, equipping with a "Petrick" brand transmitter of 1 kW output, but as result, they learned two serious matters.
First, before sunrise and after sunset it was noticeably interfered from an Ecuadorian broadcaster, Radiodifusora Cultural "La Voz del Napo" on 3280 kHz.
Secondly, the 90 meter band transmission could not get enough coverage for the audience living in the remotest villages.
To solve these technical problems, the shortwave outlet changed the frequency from 3285 kHz to 6190 kHz at the beginning of 1981. Since then, Radio Oriente became one of the few regional shortwavers, officially authorized to broadcast in the 49 meter international band.

In 1988, the ownership was wholly transferred to the Vicar Apostolic of Yurimaguas for the purpose of cultural orientation, education and Christianity promotion.
Naturally, Radio Oriente has continued to play an important role as a medium of social communications, broadcasting news, information, sports, entertainment, music, and social service, for both the rural and urban population. Therefore, the station has identified itself as "la onda popular que mejor se escucha" (the people's best heard station) since the foundation.

Technical Information: OAX8Z 1420 kHz: was equipped with "Petrick" brand transmitter, TRX-1000 model (1kW) + a 1/4 wave omnidirectional vertical antenna (52 meters high above the ground) from 1977 to 1991.
The license was cancelled on October 1, 1996.OAX8I 6190 kHz: is equipped with "CCA" brand transmitter, AM-5000F/HR model (5kW) built on September 24, 1990 + a 1/2 wave dipole antenna (25 meters high above the ground).
The shortwave outlet was formerly equipped with "Petrick" brand transmitter, TRX-1000 model (1 kW). OCW8Y 100.1 MHz: is equipped with "OMB" brand monaural transmitter (0.25 kW) + 20 meters high antenna.
The FM outlet is actually on the air here, but the official assigned frequency is 101.1 MHz.

Transmitting plant: Local Seminario Diocesano Situado a 4.5 kilometros, Distrito de Yurimaguas, Provincia de Alto Amazonas, Region Loreto, Peru. (studio and transmitter are connected by coaxial cable.)

Studio: Calle Progreso No.112, Yurimaguas, Provincia de Alto Amazonas, Region Loreto, Peru.

Information by Takayuki Inoue Nozaki, Japan, March 1998
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