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Good ground, great signals

Ground Zero for your receiver
Why bother about a ground connection? Well, the better ground you have, the more signal will flow through your receiver's front end. And the more signal that flows, the more you will hear.
--

Grounding is key to good reception
What's ground? A discussion on how to improve your reception by improving your grounding. -- Read more --

Effective ground system step by step
Shawn Axelrod. How to set up a simple, yet effective, ground system that can be installed in a short period of time with a minimum number of tools. -- Read more --

Great ground with kitten litter
Bentonite is great for getting an excellent conductive ground. Bentonite? That's the stuff used in clumping kitty litters.
--

Better ground with conductive cement
Clayton Hallmark. You can improve your ground by embedding a rod in conductive cement. -- Read more --

Use as many radials as possible
You don't have to bury all those radials
Avoid copperweld for radial systems

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