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By Earl Cunningham, K6SE
Topband Antenna mail list, November, 2000

Gerry Kersus, W1GD posted a message about a problem matching his Pennant antennas using the transformer described in the July 2000 issue of QST. Using his Autek RF-1 analyzer, he measures an SWR of over 3:1, either with antenna or with a 900 Ohm resistor as the load for the transformer.
Although the 34/8 turns ratio of the transformer theoretically should match a 900-Ohm load to 50-Ohm coax, several others have mentioned this same "problem" to me. W7IUV has tried numerous transformer designs, but he says that the one described in the QST article is the only one that makes his Flag antenna "come to life" and perform as it should, and without hearing compuiter "birdies" (which are apparently picked up by the feedline when using his other experimental transformers).

Two transformer manufacturers are now selling the transformer made exactly according to the QST article, with many apparent happy users:
Bob, K1FZ makes the KB-5 transformer for Pennants, Flags, etc., and can be contacted via e-mail at
Jay, WX0B sells one made by George, K0FF. Jay can be contacted at or you can visit his Web site at

Until a better transformer that performs as well or better than the one described in the QST article surfaces, I recommend that you stick with the 34/8 turns ratio on the Amidon FT-140-43 core and ignore any SWR results.
W1GD also mentioned that his Pennants were 28 feet long. The correct dimension, from the point to the vertical side, is 29 feet.
Anyone using EZNEC version 2 or 3 that wishes to look at all of the designs (Pennant, Flag, Diamond and Delta), send me a request via direct e-mail to and I'll send the EZNEC model files to you.
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